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After eating they dropped me off back to the crib and it is now 10:30 pm and my legs sore af from all that walking we did in the mall. Soon as I reached the door my phone rung.....My bestfriend.
"Yooo" I said sitting on one of the yard chairs outside my house with my bags on my lap.

"Wyd my beautiful bestfriend, how was shopping?" She said in a good mood.

"Goooood...why you so happy?" I said weirdly

"Javon-" she said about to go on but I cut her off
"You still talking to that nigga? Did you ever tell him the truth?" I asked quickly remembering she has time and I really want to know.

"No." She said lowly

My bestfriend and this guy Javon been talking for a year now. He really likes her, but she never let it get serious because shes has a flaw as well. I guess it sounds better that wat " a flaw" but unlike me she never got a surgery, hormones; nothing. So she technically is half boy right now.

"Do you like him Tia? If you do you know its wrong even if you dont its still wrong..." I said after taking a long pause to think.

"Yes, I like him and how is it wrong I just want him to stay around and I know if I tell him its gone be some jerry springer s*** and he gone end up not talking to me dawg. Why I hadda be born like this fool?" she said now getting emotional which rarely happens so I know she really affected by it.

"Hey, were special remember that. You sounding like me right now you MY Dr.phil you pose to be giving me advice." I said trying to make laugh...that was a fail though so then I said "Look Tia if he meant to stay aroung when you tell him he gone understand, you necessarily have to tell him now he not finna see you good when you get out you could even try to get surgery and hormones so it'll be less...ya know" I said not trying to get in depth with this conversation but good enough to understand..

"Yeah..I gotta go, love you" she said
"Love you too..hope I helped" I replied right before she clicked but for some reason I feel like I didnt but I knew I couldnt. It seems easy get surgery and you good but even then you still f***ed up i thought to myself.

All them thoughts when away once I put my key in my door and walking in this nigga still here s*** aint gone be pretty in a min !


------------------- The Next Day -------------------------------------
Woke up looked at my clock 12:30 PM soon as I got up my phone vibrated its was Royal I knew we was supposed to hit up the mall.
"Hey girl" I said
"We still going to the mall?" she asked
"Yeah" I replied
"So in 20 minutes ill be there? You dont mind my girl Tasha to slide do you?" she said
"Nah" I said
"Aight bye." she replied then hung up.

I needed to get out anyways, I haven't talk to my mom the whole night. So I got up picked me out a nice but simple outfit and laid it across the bed. Then enetered the bathroom which is in my room then hopped in the shower got out did my hygiene thing, hair and put my clothes on then my phone rung.

"Hello?" I answered.

"You ready?" Royal said

"Yeah, ill be out there in a min" I replied than hanging up placing my phone in my hand bag walking down the stairs to see this nigga here AGAIN. My mom looked at me I exchange no words and walked out the door.

She just dont get it I thought to myself then getting Royals cherry red dodge magnum.

"Hey yall" I said as we drove off
"Hey yo tasha this my girl zooey" Royal said driving
"Wassup" Tasha said
And the conversation stayed basic until we go to destination....

The Mall.

When we got there .....
After shopping throught the whole mall, we all got what we want to wear so we stopped by the food court and went into a restaurant.

"This place is nice asf" Tasha said scanning the place
"It is" I agreed

Royal was seated next to me and I happen to look over shes texting and I was able to make out only a little of what she composed.

"Guess who im with" it said then the rest of the msg was unreadable.

After a quick glance at Royal I looked up to see a boy, something about this nigga caught my attention. Besides his nice milk chocolate brown skin drowning in tattooes covering every inch of his body and his dreads so neat sitting in the back of him I couldnt help but glance look away and glance again so he wouldnt notice I was looking. Not noticing Royal staring at me.
"Think hes cute?" she said Tasha lookin clueless but she knes I knew exactly what she was talking bout.
"He aight" I lied trying to smooth it over.
"You should talk to him,unless you want me to talk for you" Royal said
At that split second im wondering why she keep trying to push him on me why I cant just LOOK at someone.
"Nah, im good" I said and meant every word she could see I wasnt gone budge so she got up and went on her own. Came back and there was the number sittin infront of me "Dre" I read his name. In a way I was kind of glad she went then at the back of my mind im kind of skeptical.

Should I talk to this guy?

Dont like this update but its gone get better !
Run it or dump it?

lol clicked when i saw transgender was the titled because the pic im using for my work in progress is of a transgender , wasnt sure how accepting ppl would be but im glad to see more writers acknowledging their existence... Run It! <3

Part TWO

"Zackery come sit down and eat your breakfast" that bastard said with a smirk on his face.

Early in the morning and he wanna start with this bulls*** I thought to myself.

"Yo dont start wit that today, you know my name is zoeey and IM your daughter not ya son aight?" I said demanding

"You see this denise thats exactly why we shouldnt have bought her that expensive ass surgery and the hormones to go wit it she already acting like a b****" he said to my mom but looking directly at me.

"I am who I am, this s*** is really starting to piss me off now. If you always wanted a son make one but i am a girl! Why cant you f***ing understand that ?!" I said getting irritated.

"Who the f*** do you think your talking to? Denise control YOUR daughter" he said getting up like he was about to hit me. But I knew he wouldnt with my mom around, he never does
"What the f*** are you gone do? What you getting up for?" I said pushing his buttons but I didnt give a f*** i was heated.

But he said nothing, and right after I turned my back to go back up to my room I felt a cold slap come upon my left cheek. All I could think about is this nigga got balls to hit me infront of my mom. But when I turned it WAS my mom who hit me. I didnt even have to comment my facial expression gave it all like are you f***ing serious did you really just hit me for this nigga ?

"Didnt I tell you to watch your mouth? He is still your father" She said to me "And this is OUR daughter when you gone accept that?" She said looking towards him.

"What is he doing here anyways? You let him back in?" I asked aggravated but curiously.

"Man im gone" He said walking passed us and out the front door, slamming it.

"Good, LEAVE" I said motioning my hand to the door.

"You got the nerv- she began to say but i cut her off.

"I got the nerve? After what he did to me that MAN beat me all because of the sex I chose to be, the one I felt was right for me! I have to sit in therapy twice a week because I almost killed myself because of this nigga ! And you expect me to respect him? You can wait on it! And you slapping me showed me you took up for him!" I yelled then walking up the stairs hoping she wouldnt follow behind me.

3 Months without seeing him after the incident and then she all of a sudden letting him in? Thinking everything peachy got me and life f***ed up I said to myself as I enetered my room shutting the door behind me and locking it.

That f***ed up my whole day so I decided to stay in.

****I know this one is a little boring but I got something in mind if you guys just run it, the next update is gonna be LIVE !(; How many run it I get the juicier it gets ! ******

Lol I like this it started off interesting already and I can tell this story is going to be full of drama which I love. What the hell did Tia do to get put in jail and I like her and Zoeey's relationship you can tell tia is truly her friend.

Run it! can't wait to read more.

My bad for it being short ! & There was a typo wit the lyrics in the beginnin f*** it doe enjoy (:

Run it ? How many I get depends on me writing the next part so give me your honest opinion.

**Chapter One **

Zoeey's P.O.V
"f*** them fake friends, where ya REAL friends at ? We dont like to do too much explainin, story stay the unless I change it" I woke up to my iphone ringing loud as f***. "Who the f*** could this be" I said to myself then checking the caller ID and from the look of the number I knew it was my bestfriend the only one who can understand my situation, the one i come to for advice, my personal Dr.Phil. I rapidly answered.

"Hello?" I said

"Thats what we do now, answer on about the 5th ring" She said causing me to smile I haven't heard from this girl in about a month.

"Nah, man girl i had to think about who this was for a sec I just woke up" I said still with a smile across my face

"You know they give me time in here, you also know im the only one thats gone be calling from a number like this" She said defensive

"Anyways how you been man? Why you aint been called?" I said changing the subject

"Giiirl a b**** tried me a month ago, I guess cause Im quiet they felt like they could f*** wit me in here, but I put it to her ass now all these hoes on they knees now!" she said then laughing afterwards

I laughed to. "You know you gotta be good in order to get out Tia so just chill let em hoes act up, you tryna get out that s*** right?"

"You right but you know how I feel when it comes to respect forreal, like thats key."she replied

"I know,how about summer just started and b****es already on twitter talkin bout how its gone be a party at the end of this week" I said keeping her updated.

" And you going?" she said curiously
"I mean I dont see why not, my friend Royal said its gone be LIVE and we posed to be shopping for it too" I said

"Today? All I gotta say is Royal,Coyal,Doyal whatever the b**** name is....Remember no b**** is loyal so dont be telling her s*** about you. I dont care if she give you a life story about her these b****es out here ruthless remember thats why you had to move 2 years ago" she said giving a speech

"No tomorrow and I know, I know you tell me this all the time" I said laughing thinking about when she said "Royal,Coyal...etc"
"Aiight well um I gotta go time done ranned out and this b**** rushing me, ima beat- then the phone clicked.

I laughed but at the same time prayed Tia did not beat who ever rushing her ass because then that means her phone calls will be revoked for another month. Climbing out of bed with my hello kitty pajamas on and walking downstairs to the smell of pancakes. Going into the kitchen to see my dad "Hey son" he said sitting down at the table with a fork in one hand and a knife in the other while my moms in the kitchen. Not this again-

Run it i want to no more