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The Last Hood Tale 07.29.13


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Run it!!

Run it

i love the fact that they really didn't trip off what Cam and Tariq do. I think its because they got to know them before all of that so it doesn't alter their opinion of them. So sweet. Aww they all cuffed and booed up and s***. Run it!!

run it, but how do you put an url into a story? like a picture or something


“I’m a drug dealer.”

Maiko’s eyes fluttered and then stayed wide open, “I’m sorry what?”

“I’m a drug dealer.” Tariq repeated with his head low.

She didn’t know what to say, I mean what can you say to that? “So like, what? You’re on the corner all day?”

“Hell naw! I’m the boss. Well, me and Cal are.” He looked at her. Studied her face for anything else than besides what was written over it.

Maiko couldn’t even begin to comprehend. Being a drug dealer was the last thing she had thought about. “Oh.” Was all she could say.

“Oh? That’s all you could say?” he looked at her.

She shrugged, “I mean, what else do you want me to say?”

“I don’t know. Jump up, curse me out, tell me I’m a horrible person.” He threw his hands up.

Maiko looked at him plainly, “But you’re not a horrible person.”

“I am.” He hung his head.

She got up and kneeled before him, taking her face into her hands, “Hey, you’re not a horrible person. What you do isn’t right, but that doesn’t make you a horrible person. You still have a loving and caring heart and at the end of the day that’s all that matters.”

“Yeah?” he looked into her eyes.

She smiled and nodded, “Yeah.”

Without another word being said, Tariq seized her lips with his. After making out for a little, he picked her up and placed her on his lap in his recliner. He began to kiss her neck and down to her chest. This was it, they were about to become one. All of a sudden he stopped.

“What, something’s wrong?” Maiko asked.

He shook his head, “Naw, I just think that our first time together should mean more.”

“It does though.” She smiled as she cupped his face in her hands.

Tariq looked at her puzzled, “How?”

“Because, I’m right where I wanna be with exactly who I wanna be with.” She smiled and kissed his lips softly.

He couldn’t help but to smile himself, “Let me find out you running game on me for the D!”

They both laughed and continued to kiss until she broke it. “We could go into the bedroom though.”

“No doubt.” Tariq chuckled and he carried her to his bedroom to her surprise.

“I can’t believe you’re a drug dealer.” Malaya voiced.

Cal chuckled, “I can’t believe you thought I was an escort. Although that wouldn’t be a bad idea.” He laughed some more.

“That is not funny, okay?” she gave him a look.

He looked at her as he put his arm around her, “Awww, what’s wrong? My baby don’t wanna share her man for money?”

“Damn right! Or for free either.” Malaya countered.

Cal fell into a fit of laughter. “Aye it’s all good baby, I wouldn’t do that to you.” He gave her a sensual kiss on the neck.

“Stop it, this is not a time for sex.” Malaya stated matter of factly.

He looked at her with a straight face, “Oh yeah? Then what is it time for? Cuz if it ain’t time to fck it’s time to be up.”

“So what you trying to say?” Malaya folded her arms.

He folded his, “I’m saying that I wanna make love to my lady if she quit frontin.”

“What makes you think I’m frontin?” she asked.

He looked at her, “So you not frontin? Talm bout you don’t want all this lovin, when I know you do?”

“That’s what I’m saying.” She smiled.

Cal chuckled as he rubbed her bare thigh, “Well, if you won’t tell the truth….i know my lil buddy will.”

“Oh really, and who is your li--” she was cut off by him rubbing her clit. She couldn’t deny it, she wanted him. She was frontin big time and like usual he called her bluff.

He kissed her neck, “Why don’t you say we move this to the bedroom?”

Malaya nodded and followed him to his bed.

oh man please let these girls be down for them ... last thing thsey need is too be less focus
run it

I think things are getting a lil more serious than anyone planned. SO now its making Tariq and Cal question their plans and Maiko and Malaya question them. Lol I think the guys should tell the girls the truth. Its clear Cal is feeling Malaya alot and if they wanna know if this connection they have is strong, then they have to tell em. Run it!!


Run it


"That's fckd up what happened to Boog." Cal voiced as he turned off the news.

TQ shrugged as he brought some bricks to the table, "He shouldn't have fckd up. Now come on so we can bag this sh*t up."

"Yo, you think us havin girls is fckn with our big picture plan?" Cal said grabbing a face mask before sitting at the table.

TQ screwed his face and shook his head, "No, why would it?"

"I don't know. It's just sh*t feels different now. Kinda like we slacking a bit." He opened one of the weed bricks.

TQ mulled it over, "Naw, I'm still focused. But if you wanna give up on the plan over some pussy, I'll send you a postcard from the top." He laughed.

"Aye, fck you nigga!" Cal laughed as well. "I'm not givin up sh*t, 'specially over no girl man."

TQ looked at him, "Did you just say girl man? I swear, you must really like this one. I don't think you've never referred to a female anything other than a b*tch. Oh, no wonder you feelin different nsh*t. Pussy must be good." He laughed again as he placed some coke on the scale.

"Aye, what can I say. Shorty ain't loose like these other hoes. She different man. But I'm sure you understand. With Maiko and everything." Cal smirked to himself while opening another brick.

That was a touchy subject with TQ. He hadn't seen her in two days since that night. Needless to say, it was really bothering him. "I mean, she cool and everything. But she can't make me lose focus or nothing."

"Oh, so she ain't let you hit yet." Cal joked.

TQ was done with the conversation, "Aye less talking and more breakin aiight?" He shook his head a little.

"Yeah aiight." Cal responded only because he could sense that his partner was now tense. He knew when to stop and now was that time.

"So, y'all didn't fck?" Malaya tried to grasp the story that Maiko just told her over lunch.

Maiko shook her head, "No, we don't know each other enough."

"So what do you talk about every day that y'all together, the weather?" She was baffled.

Maiko shook her head again, "No, we talk about a lot of things. He just won't tell me what he does."

"What he does? What, like his job?" Malaya asked for clarity.

Maiko nodded, "Yeah, he said he doesn't think I can handle it and he doesn't want me to have to. What do you think that means?"

"We'll, it could either mean that he's one of three things: a stripper, a prostitute, or a drug dealer." Malaya informed.

Maiko thought it over, "He once said him and Cal are business partners. Do you know what he does?"

"Oh my gosh. No I never even asked him. Damn, they prostitutes!" Malaya held her head as she mildly hyperventilated.

Maiko rolled her eyes, "Girl, you don't know what they do. But it can't be too good if they won't say what it is."


i mean tariq should jst tell her what he does , cuz he obviously likes her .. so just be real . .


Run it

run it

Run it!

Tariq is getting on my nerves with this s***!! I understand why he doesn't want to tell her, but then I don't. Is he scared she won't see him the same when she finds out?? Cal is a lil rough around the edges. Lol I like him and Malaya. Midnight shouldn't trust Boog's ass.


Maiko and Tariq were laid on his plush bed. It was her first time ever being in his apartment. He was thankful he had cleaned up the day before. Nothing was out of place, he had spent the night before at the trap. He only went home to shower and change for their date.

The kissing was intense and they'd managed to get half of their clothes off.

That's when Maiko broke the kiss, "Wait, wait."

"What, what's wrong?" Tariq panicked. He thought something was wrong by her reaction.

She shook her head, "Nothing. It's just, you don't think we're rushing this? I mean, we barely know stuff about each other."

"All the deep talks we had and we don't know anything about each other?" He sat up and looked down on her.

She covered her face and then looked at him, "I mean, like the basic stuff. Like where you work, do you have an STD, h--"

"Hol up hol up, STD? Naw mama, I'm always clean. I go every six months to get checked even if I haven't been with anyone. And as far as my job goes, you don't need to worry your pretty lil head about all that." He placed a soft and sensual kiss on her lips.

She smiled and it faded, "But still, it would make me feel a whole lot better if you told me."

"I can't." He said simply.

She looked at him, "Why? Is it that bad? You think I can't take it?"

"No, I just think you can't handle it. And I don't want you to have to either. So, it's best you just forget about it." He reasoned.

She was confused, "What? Why can't you tell me?"

"I just don't want to." He said sternly.

She sighed and sat up, "Well, I don't think we should do this just yet then."

"If that's how you feel." He shook his head and got up, getting dressed. He picked up her clothes and put them on the bed for her.

She was confused and sad and just didn't know how to feel. Was she really ready to give up on what they had so far because he won't tell her what he does for a living?

Maiko couldn't think let alone decide if this would be the end or not. "Fine."

She got up and started to put on her clothes. He then proceeded to take her back home.

"You probably think I'm like all the others now." Malaya said laying on Cal's chest.

He chuckled a bit, "if I thought that, you wouldn't even still be here by now."

"Damn, you like that?" She raised up laughing.

He nodded and smiled, "Yup, I be kickin hoes out."

"So I'm different?" She asked.

He smiled, "Something like that."

"What you mean?"

Cal laughed, "Why do girls always do that?"

"Do what?" She proped herself on her elbow.

"Try to make a guy make them feel special. Wasn't it implied when I said you would've been gone but you're still here? Y'all always want a nigga to tell you that you special. Always lookin for validation. Well, I don't do that sh*t. So you gon be assed out." He looked at her and laughed.

She smacked her lips, "But do you think we always do that though? It's because of y'all steady tellin we're not good enough. So when we are, we need to know that we are."

"That's fckd up." Cal continued to laugh.

Malaya nodded, "Real fckd up."

She positioned herself back in his arms and he closed his eyes. She sighed loudly.

"What?" He asked.

She twirled her hair, "Do you have any ice cream?"

"Why?" He stifled a giggle.

She looked at him, "Because I want some."

"Yeah, vanilla." He closed his eyes again.

She got up and put on his tshirt and went in his kitchen for ice cream.

"Yo Midnight, I swear I ain't fckn with them no more. I'm just tryna be down with you, the whole hood gotta eat right?" Boog spoke from a chair sitting in front of Midnight's desk.

Midnight chuckled at that, "The whole hood gotta eat huh? I never heard that before. That's actually quite clever. But I don't trust yo ass and by the looks of your face, them niggas ain't trust you either."

"Those were some small time niggas. You the big fish in this pond Midnight." Boog was really tryna sell it now.

Midnight shook his head, "The more you talk, the less I like you. Let me tell you a little story in history.

Back in Ancient Rome, their favorite pass time was watching men fight to the deaths in the arena. Those men were known as gladiators, slaves really, but gladiators nonetheless. But there was one in particular that went against the odds no matter what was thrown at him. He rose up against Rome, along with the other gladiators and killed millions of Roman soldiers and residents fighting for their freedom. Yet and still, the Romans kept underestimating him and his army. After all the people, the pride, the money that they lost they still thought of him as just a slave."

"So, what are you saying?" Boog followed him with his eyes.

Midnight looked down at him, "I never underestimate my opponent."

did she say sex on the beach?? coming from miss innocent? 0.o ooh u know the saying watch for the quiet good girls..
i feel him not answeering the question could affect the relationship down the road but he probably knows she wouldnt give him the time of day if she knew he hustles in the streets... or maybe she might be that ride or die
hey people can surprise ya
as for cal ole dude know how to throw down in the kitchen? ayy thats wassup that is a plus
i think its hella funny how they both experiance the same thing
run it

Tariq still avoided the question!! Is he scared to tell her the truth? Does he just want to protect her or not have her look at him differently because of what he does?? I hope he tells her soon. Cal and Malaya are very freaky huh?? I like them tho. I love a man who cooks!! So thumbs up for Cal. Run it!!

Run it


"So what do you do exactly?" Maiko smiled at her new beau sitting across from her.

They were on their fifth date in two weeks of that faithful day outside of the bank.

He smiled back, "Why do you keep asking that question?"

"Cause, you always deflect when I ask it." She sipped her wine.

They sat in the middle of the room it seemed like. They were at this small little poetry and jazz spot. If you didn't know about it, you wouldn't find it.

He chuckled a bit, "No I don't."

"You do! Why won't you tell me?" She leaned forward.

Tariq looked in her eyes, she was so pure. He couldn't put her in any type of harm. "If I told you..." He paused.

"What, you'd have to kill me?" She responded sarcastically and then smiled.

He kept a straight face, "Don't talk like that aiight?"

"Ummm okay, I was only joking." She looked at him strange.

He was tensed now, Maiko was supposed to be his little getaway from reality. A serenity in the midst of chaos. Refuge in the middle of the storm if you will.

"So my guy tells me that your girl wants to do a double date." Tariq laughed at the fact. He wanted nothing to do with double dates. His cover would really be blown. Plus, he liked the time him and Maiko spent alone. Four was a crowd.

She nodded and scrunched her nose, "Yeah, I'm not feeling it though."

"Stole my thoughts." He smiled and grabbed her hand gently.

Maiko smiled and blushed. Every time he touched her she got butterflies. His touch was so sensitive, warm, and genuine.

"Where you wanna go after this?" He intertwined their fingers. He had an idea of where he wanted to go, but letting her choose would be wiser.
She shrugged, "It's up to you."

"Nooo mama, I asked you." He leaned forward with a concerned and persistent look.

She giggled, "Why I gotta choose?"

"Cuz," he smiled mischievously through the candle light, "If I choose, you might be mad at me."

"Why would I be mad?" She quizzed.

He smiled, "Because you're a good girl."

"Where you tryna go?" She looked at him weird

Tariq paused a moment and sat back and laughed, "I'ma be good mama. You ready, or you want another drink?"

"Yeah, I'll take another." She smirked.

He nodded, "Another wine?"

"Sex on the beach." She locked in on his eyes.

They shared the most intense stare. It was almost as if they were having a conversation of the minds.

A smile spread across Tariq's face, "Let’s go."

"Fck you looking all googly eyed for?" Cal joked with Malaya as they chilled in his apartment.

He had made dinner for the two of them. Some steak, potatoes, and mixed vegetables slightly glazed with caramel. He was a chef in the kitchen thanks to his mother. He was the only child and his mother was hell bent on passing down family secrets. May he be a boy or not, he was getting his ass in that kitchen.

Malaya burst with laughter. Mainly because she was too full to hold anything in. "I was just about to ask how you learned how to cook, jerk!"

"Don't worry about where I learned, just know I do. Cuz Lord knows if it was left up to you, we'd stay in restaurants." He teased her and laughed.

She had never learned how to cook really. With her being the baby of four girls, all the cooking got passed to her two older sisters. Whom of which were both married with kids, all gaining unwanted weight. The only course she was thankful to learn was breakfast and simple dishes. The likes of being tacos, grilled cheeses, and burgers.

She playfully mushed him, "But you ate the hell outta my three cheese omelet and cinnamon pancakes though!"

"Hell yeah baby, them s***s were good as s***! But it's only right for the little that you do know how to do is hella delicious. You've had time to perfect it." He laughed.

She jumped on his lap and playfully hit the side of his head, "Stop making fun of me!"

"I'm not!" He gripped her firm and ample ass. "It's just that I'd rather you just know how to make certain things and them being the best things I've eaten in the world. Than you knowing how to make everything and have to feed it all to the dog for him to suffer." He fell into laughter.

Malaya couldn't help but laugh along with him. "But you don't have a dog." She pointed out.

"Damn, you right. Bae you want a dog?" He laughed again.

She laughed and tried to get up, "Oh my gosh, stop playing with me!"

"Aye, where you goin?" He held her firmly in place. "Gimme kiss."

She obliged, "I'm tired of you playing with me." She spoke between kisses.

"You sure?" He asked as he deepened the kiss, moving his fingers between her legs.

She didn't stop him, "Mmhmm."

"Well maybe, you'd want me to stop?" He gently moved her panties to the side and grazed her clit with his pointer and middle finger. "You want me to stop?" He stared into her pleasure stricken face as her hips rolled with his fingers.

"Noooo." She bit her bottom lip.

Run it!!!


Run it

lol she talking bout how he aint gona get in but she over there getting ready she a fool :P
and dam thats how u know they got good heads on their shoulder they aint being hella shady to that boog dude.
and they treat their soldiers good too! s*** if i had to do that lifestyle i'd work for em!
run it

Damn Cal and TQ don't play!! They got that nigga scared for his life!! Lol Tariq and Maiko are soo f***ing cute tho! I like how Maiko talking about he not coming over, but she gettin ready for a nigga!! SO CUTE!! Lol Run it!!


"Sooooo..." Malaya beamed at Maiko while closing the salon for the night.

Maiko had no clue what this was leading to. She hadn't taken her eyes off TQ long enough at the restaurant to even see that her friend was on a date herself. "What?" She questioned.

"How was your weekend?" Malaya shouldered her purse.

Maiko shrugged even though flashes of Tariq were flooding her memories, "It was good. I got approved for my business loan."

"Really?" She was happy for Maiko. She knew how much she wanted to own her own salon. "That's huge boo, congrats!"

Maiko nodded as they both walked towards the front, "Thanks. Oh, and I ran into that guy from the club."

"Cal's friend?" Malaya inquired even though she already knew as she locked the door.

Maiko nodded, "Yeah, Tariq."

"Oh, so you found out his real name?" Malaya questioned even further.

"Yeah, I have this big wine bottle at my house. Wanna come and drink it with me?" Maiko invited, knowing that they would never leave the parking lot if she hadn't told Malaya everything she wanted to know.

Malaya nodded, "Hell Yeah!"

"Yo Cal, what the fck?! Put that sh*t away!" TQ mugged his partner.

Cal lowered his weapon and mugged TQ back, "Fck all the bullsh*t T! This nigga been stealing money from us! Thought we wasn't gon find out b*tch?! Huh?!" Cal hit the guy with the barrel of the gun across his face. "He think we stupid!" Cal was pissed, he hated being made a fool of.

"Well now he know we not. Ain't that right, Boog?" TQ nudged him with his foot, then looked at Cal, "Aye, put the fckn gun away."

Cal smacked his teeth, "Nigga for what?"

"Cuz I don't know about you, but I ain't tryna catch no case out here. Guns can be traced." TQ reasoned.

Without a word, Cal placed the gun back in the back of his jeans. "Fck nigga." Cal punched Boog square in his nose, breaking it, causing him & the chair he was tied to fall back.

"Now Boog," TQ started as he knelt down beside him. "You know you fckd up right?"

Boog was trying to steady his breaths, he never knew he could be so scared of other grown men. He just remained silent, that seemed best. Especially with Cal having a happy trigger finger.

Cal kicked him in his wounded side, "He asked you a fckn question!"

"Yes! I fckd up!" Boog answered full of pain.

TQ shook his head, "I mean, why would you wanna steal from us? We don't cheat y'all, we make sure everybody eating, y'all get holiday bonuses. Sh*t we're an average corporation over here, and you try to steal from us?!" Even though TQ seemed calm on the outside, he was furious. He wanted to dead this nigga and pay for the funeral. He hated being cheated out of something that was his. And then being made a mockery of at that.

"Yo, what the fck we gon do with this nigga? If I'm around him any longer, they gon be singin 'A Closer Walk With Thee' over his dead body." Cal wasn't about the talkin bullsh*t and frankly that's why him and TQ remained friends. TQ was the calm and he was the storm.

A single tear managed to slip from Boog's eye, "I'm sorry."

"I'm sure." TQ spoke and rose from the ground. He still hadn't figured out what to do with him. But what do you do with rats? "send his ass to Midnight. Do some recon. Maybe he'll redeem himself.....if he don't get found out."

Cal smiled smugly, knowing he was being sent to his death sentence but only at someone else's hands. He walked over to Boog, taking out his knife. Boog saw it and tensed up. "Get yo punk ass up!" Cal cut the duct tape and pulled him up roughly. "Don't fck up again." He pushed him on his way.

Boog hurriedly ran out of the empty warehouse, thankful for his life. He had learned a lesson never to cross the two bosses again.

Maiko's phone rang just as she was drying off, "Hello?"

"Hey love, what you up to?" Tariq spoke smoothly into the phone.

She instantly grew a huge smile, "Just got out the shower."

"Mmmm, a sight I'd like to see." He laid back on his bed, placing his right arm behind his head.

Maiko rolled her eyes while keeping her smile, "That's too bad, cuz it'll take a while before you see that sight."

"Damn like that?" Tariq chuckled, planting a big smile on his face. He was only joking. More than anything, he wanted to see her response. So far, she was still far from being in the basic b*tch pile.

Maiko nodded, “Yup, just like that.”

“Yo, calm down mama. I was just playing with yo cute ass anyway.” He continued his laughter.

She put on her robe and sat on her bed, “Cute?” she was just playing with him, but she never liked to be called cute.

“Damn Maiko, you beautiful baby. That’s what you wanna hear?” he went to his closet and pulled out a shirt and some shoes.

She rolled her eyes but kept her smile, “Only if you mean it.”

“And you know I do, so quit playing with a nigga.” He smiled as he pulled out some sweats.

Maiko laughed, “So what you doing?” she began to lotion her body with some coco and shea butter.

“Getting ready to come see you.” He spoke while slipping on some Jordans.

She smacked her lips, “Boy please. You not coming over here!”

“And what if I do?” he smiled grabbing his leather jacket and car keys.

She fought to hide her smile as she held the phone for a while, “Good luck getting in.”

Tariq fell into laughter as he popped the locks on his Benz, “I’m lucky baby, you ain’t know?”

“Goodbye Tariq.” Maiko rolled her eyes.

Tariq smiled as he started the car, “See you soon.” He ended the call and pulled out of his designated parking spot in his apartment complex.

Maiko looked around and then rushed to get into something chill but sexy. She knew how close he lived and with him already on the way, she only had 15 minutes at best to get ready.


wow! what are the chances they end up on a date at the same time and place! best friends for sure !
run it

TQ and Maiko put a smile on my face when i read their parts they are too cute. Maiko finally coming around and expecting the fact that she likes TQ.

Cal but be a gentlemen to Malaya cause malaya looks likes she plays no games what so ever. i hope both their dates go well.