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BASKETBALL WIVES ~Love Vs. Spalding~


Nalanie Pov

My Birthday Party

The glass pitcher on the long table was thrown in Anastasia direction "b**** I'll f*** yo ass up talk some more s*** about my man come on im muf***ing daring you b****." I held on to Isis as she struggled to get to Ana and snatch her bald; "b**** whatsup we can square the f*** up right now." Ana screamed as she slipped off her shoes, Matt grabbed her around her waist begging her to leave it alone. "Nah this hoe talking s*** about you boo Im not gone let her ass continue being slick at the mouth." And with that one quick move Isis was on top of Ana delivering her combo punches while ana pulled hair and scratched. As security came to break up the fight I sat down picked up my drink and gave a toast to my self. "Happy birthday to me"..........

PAUSE Lets back track to how we got to this fight REWIND.......

Run it Girls
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