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Watch The Behind The Scenes To "Fine China"

Watch The Behind The Scenes To "Fine China"
Want more of Chris’ new video “Fine China”? Chris takes you on the set and behind the scenes of his “Fine China” music video. Watch it below.

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  • amazing song lyrics are on point!!!!MJ TRIBUTE
    by cbrezzyluvr on ápr 10, 2013 du30 2:02du
  • Chris Brown is my inspiration to dance. Dancing makes me feel better about myself and not let anyone get to me. He is absolutely amazing at it, and his vibe is mad high when he does dance! I would love to meet him. Despite his past, who cares? It was a mistake, his PAST so people need to stop living it in. He can't change it, and it was mad long ago. They need to drop it and focus on how amazing he is and how wonderful he makes people. Well bye Christopher Maurice Brown<33 Love Tahira LaKeisha Gardner. Tahira is said like Tyra.
    by Chrisbreezy1432 on ápr 10, 2013 de30 9:09de
  • hes such an inspiring dancer! im a dancer myself i just love the energy and how he just has fun with it :) <3
    by melissabrown01 on ápr 5, 2013 du30 11:11du
  • I SO LOVE to Chris doing what he loves. He's AMAZING! He's Perf<3
    by _thatsSOkiraa on ápr 5, 2013 du30 2:02du
  • I really love this
    by Sherbet on ápr 4, 2013 du30 9:09du