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How Could You Do This To Me.?

Chapter 1:
*With Derrick at 9:00pm*

"babe I swear I don't know that girl." <a href="">derrick</a> told <a href="">Shelly</a> as she walked behind him yelling about the girl <a href="">Sandra</a> she met today and who claimed her and derrick were dating.
"stop playing with me derrick. she has a picture of you two together from the other day so how do you explain that.?" shelly yelled.
"come on now baby she could have made those pics just to make you mad. you know im with you and only you I promise. now I have to go to work so imma see you later." with that derrick kissed shelly and walked out the house, drove off and went straight to Sandra's house. he walked around to the back to her window and begam throwing rocks at her window to get her attention. after ten minutes Sandra came to the window.
"what are you doing her derrick.?" she whispered.
"I had to see you baby. can you come out.?"
"yea. meet me at the front door." derrick did as she asked. derrick and shelly had been together all their lives and when he met Sandra he began to wonder what he was missing since he basically been with the same girl fifteen years. he wanted to explore his options and still keep the love of his life and maybe even future.
as Sandra walked out the door derrick could tell something was bothering her.
"hey baby how was your day." he said going to kiss her but she turned her face.
"why didn't you tell me you were already in a relationship.?" she asked.
"what are you talking about.?" he asked trying to play like he didn't know what she was talking about.
"that girl derrick if you are with her don't string me along and make me grow feelings just to get hurt."
"baby I promise its only you. that girl is my ex that just wont leave me alone."
"don't lie to me derrick."
"im not. now come here I got til ten before I have to go to work so come here and lets chill." she did so and they sat cuddled up on the rocking chair talking and just enjoying each other's company.
derrick knows shelly's friends live near here but he didn't care he was at peace and didn't want to ruin the moment.
he's loving living his double life.
run it or dump it.!!!