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Finding Love

<a href="">I</a> sat comfortably on the front porch that mild morning as the sun bathed my skin in its golden beauty. I closed my eyes just as it was peeking over the tops of the trees and even behind eyelids it's light could still be seen. "Quite an early morning for you isn't it Faye?" I opened my eyes to see my Grandma Sweets sitting in her rocking chair over by me.

"Oh mama Sweets, I've missed you. The last time I saw you was when I your funeral. You died when I was 16.." I said faltering at the end. "I know baby, and I've missed my little hummingbird as well. You know I always talk about you to God, saying that you were the sweetest little thing and to keep you in his loving arms." she replied softly; she then stopped rocking in her chair and looked at me with soft eyes. Just as Faye was about to speak, the front door opened and a tiny face poked out. 'Auntie Faye?' Faye turned to see her niece <a href="">Ny'ann</a> rubbing her eyes; "Morning beautiful, how'd you sleep?" Faye said picking her up and kissing her little cheek. "Okay..had a nightmare though." she said baby like. "Oh well that's not good, but hey how about a girl's day out today would that make you feel better?"

"Yes! Let's go to the park!" Ny'ann said happily, Faye laughed again at Ny'ann. "Okay then pretty girl we'll go to the park, first lets get washed up and have some breakfast." Faye said setting the little girl down, "okay!" she said happily before rushing back inside. Faye looked back at the now empty rocking chair before saying, "I love you mama Sweets."

After getting Ny'ann and herself fed, washed and clothed Faye drove them to the park. It was a little early but the park was busy as people were either playing or having barbeques. Faye had packed a little snack for Ny'ann in case she got hungry; some cut up apples and grapes with her favorite graham crackers and a juice box. She watched cautiously as Ny'ann ran back and forth on the small playground. "Ne-ne don't fall sweetie!" Faye called out; Ny'ann played up until lunchtime, it took Faye several minutes to get her to calm down. "So Ny'ann about your nightmare..what was it about?" Faye asked, Ny'anna looked up at her then back down. "What sweetie? You can tell me," Faye said going over to sit next to Ny'ann. "I dreamt that somebody was trying to take me away..I tried to fight Auntie Faye I did, but they just..took me away from you." Ny'ann said with her lip trembling.

"Nobody's going to take you away from me..that's a promise" Faye said hugging Ny'ann tightly. "I love you auntie Faye" she said, "I love you too" Faye smiled. They pulled out of the embrace and continued sharing small talk while Ny'ann finished her lunch. Just then they were approached by a small barking <a href="">dog</a> happily wagging it's tail. 'Ooh Auntie look it's a doggie!" Ny'ann said excitedly, Faye bent over towards the pooch petting and scratching its head while it licked her fingers.

"Where'd you come from little guy? Are you lost?" Faye said now scratching the dog's belly, its leg began going crazy making Faye laugh. "You like that huh? lol" Faye said, it now moved into her lap resting its head on her knee. "What's the doggie's name? Ny'ann asked now scratching the top of the dog's head. "Hmm, Daggert."

"Daggert! Daggert! Daggert!" Faye and Ny'ann looked to see a guy with a leash in his hand. Faye picked up the dog and walked over with Ny'ann following behind. They walked to him with his back towards the girls sighing frustrated. "Excuse me sir but I believe this is your dog lol" Faye smiled. "Oh my gosh thank you, I took him off the leash for only a minute and he took off I--" he turned back around so that he and Faye were face to face.

"Thanks I uh..really appreciate it. I hope he wasn't bothering you was he?" the guy said putting Daggert back on his leash. "No not at all, Daggert was good company for me and my niece. Sorry I'm Faye and this is my niece Ny'ann" she introduced. "I'm <a href="">Chris</a>." he said extending his hand for her to shake. 'Auntie Faye he's cute' Ny'anna said, "Why thank you sweetheart you're a cutie yourself" Chris said with a smile, Ny'ann blushed and hid behind Faye's leg.

"Well you certainly made her day lol" Faye joked, "What can I say I love kids" Chris said, Daggert began pulling at his leash sniffing and jumping happily at Faye's feet. "Your dog seems to be smitten with me lol" Faye said petting Daggert once more; "He's my joy right there" Chris kneeled down to pet Daggert as well. "Auntie Faye, you should ask him out on a date" Ny'ann said excitedly. Faye's face dropped in sheer embarassment making Chris laugh in the process. "I don't know about that we just met, and besides he may be busy with some things." Faye commented.

"I actually am unfortunately" Chris said, Ny'ann pouted her lips in sadness. "Don't be sad Ny'ann" Faye said. "But auntie Faye, I want you and Chris to be together so that he can make you pancakes in the morning" Ny'ann pouted. Chris and Faye laughed, "Forgive my niece she tends to play the matchmaker everynow and then" Faye said. "I think it's cute. Well I better get going it was nice meeting and talking with you for a little bit Faye, bye Ny'ann" Chris waved. Ny'ann then hugged Chris's leg before going back over to Faye. "Bye Chris..bye Daggert" she said babyish playing with the dog's ears once more.

They then went their separate ways. "Did you have fun pretty girl?" Faye asked Ny'ann, "Yes..I liked Daggert and Chris is cute. Did you think Chris is cute auntie Faye?" Ny'ann asked. Faye laughed nervously because she really had no idea on what to say. Chris is cute, no scratch that he is FINE as hell!

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