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Chris' Special Message For YOU

Chris' Special Message For YOU

Team Breezy! Thanks for sending in all of your birthday messages! Chris has a very special message just for YOU! <strong><a href="" target="_blank">Click here</strong></a> to see what he has to say!

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  • te amoooooooooooooooooooooo
    by tatielli de fre... on aug 23, 2013 de31 10:10de
  • you are such a punk! p.s: I love your music
    by AdrianaE on jún 15, 2013 du30 10:10du
  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #youmyFAV #teambreezy #hardfan
    by taylorReagan on máj 22, 2013 de31 9:09de
  • Chris, you're awesome man! I love your music, your dance moves, you are the most talented artist out there today.
    by vkdee44 on máj 21, 2013 du31 11:11du
  • Principe his birthday has been wonderful as you are. I love Christopher cheers sorry can not see the Feedback you posted.
    by Joseni v Souza on máj 18, 2013 du31 8:08du
  • hay Chris I so ddnt knw u had a page so love u so much u should kum ova to nz for a tour. hope u do! much love.
    by Puawai Waipouri on máj 17, 2013 de31 2:02de
  • OMG i didn't know u had a page LOve u so much love your music and dance moves ... thank god i'm team breezy <3
    by riri rayanne on máj 14, 2013 du31 12:12du
  • i really love chris brown.i love his music and he is so cute
    by Marion so sweet13 on máj 12, 2013 du31 1:01du
  • Holy shiz I freakin love Chris Brown!! I always will no matter what the people say. I just wish you could come to Phoenix or Tucson so I can see you and cry my eyes out!! Anyways, I love you always and forever! TeamBreezy
    by Alexxa_H on máj 12, 2013 de31 1:01de
  • So he's having a party?
    by melissabrown01 on máj 9, 2013 de31 11:11de