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So Team Breezy, This new site/app the Chris has created for us. Pretty dope right? My Personal thoughts on it, I like it because all of those other social media websites like Twitter, Instagram, etc., that Chris is on, we use those to interact with him but there are also others on those sites that are not Team Breezy or could care less about Chris and what he is doing so it's kind of hard to be "Team Breezy" because they are sometimes negative and they think that we are annoying. But this new site/app that Chris has developed for us is great because we don't have to worry about any of that. It's just for the family and I like that. Now don't get me wrong because we are not ashamed anywhere. The media, the internet, the public, etc., but I'm saying that now we don't have to worry about those people or their ways. I also love how much connection we have to Chris now. I'm pretty sure this is what we all wanted. But those are just my views on it. Let me now what you think, don't forget to download the app, the Chris Brown channel, or visit the site,, and get ready for X! Love Y'all Fam!
Signing off..... TEAM BREEZY b****HHHH;)


lol i gotta swallow my pride and let this awt...people i don't know how to comment on the channel i can watch the videos and see erthang but i just can't comment and it's sad coz i can see the comments of the other people. :( please help

The new site is awesome, you get to see the real Chris versus what haters try to create!

I'm all for keeping it positive and supporting Chris. He gives us so much joy in return with his music and dancing.

chris brown is the most talented musician out there nowadays, he has the best vocals and is by far the best dancer, he is an all round inspirational man with music,dance and acting and is a good role model for any young person.

I'm so excited...and i love Chris so much,it's just that it has been so hard for me to connect and show my support for Chris because i haven't had the modes of the internet and all that(not that I'm making excuses for that matter)...I just love me some Chris Brown,and I'm so happy to see that Chris communicates with each and every one of us and that he believes and appreciates our support,love and prayers that we have for him.

i just wanna say well done Chris.

Thanks. I totally agree with both of you guys. It's good to see the positivity of the world.

You are so lucky that you have people around you who you can talk about that with. It's sooo good to have friends or acquaintances that love his music. Anyways, i totally agree that Twitter is a social engine used to spread hate and filth that everyone can participate in. On that channel, Chris calls the shots. I like the fact that it is restrictive. That can be a bad thing for fans who are Android users. However, if most people can't have access to it, then you will see less of the bulls***. There is even some bulls*** written in this site as well. The forums are not monitored as they should be (maybe because rarely anyone is in here), but it should be. The admin or webmaster shouldn't let just any ass write about Chris. I mean look at the forums. There are haters (secret admirers) who can't find anything better to do than to worry about Chris' life.

Yeah it looks good. I talk to people all the time that love Chris Brown and his music as much as I do. It's nice to have a new forum to get away from the trolls though.