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A Heart Is A House For Love

Hello! My name is Courtney or u can call me Coco. I'm finally deciding to post my stories again, it's been YEARS since I've decided to share my work but my boyfriend encouraged me to do so. I do ask that u leave feedback, good or bad, they both help me grow as a writer....

Chapter 1: Back At One

I looked around my new apartment, finally having everything put into its proper place. This was a new beginning, living on my own, in a new city, to start a new position at my job. I was only 23 years old and had got promoted to manager of Oklahoma’s unemployment office, after the previous manager decided to retire. I had been working at the unemployment office since I was 16 years old since my mom was the manager of the building in Oklahoma City. When the manager of the building in Tulsa, Oklahoma decided to retire, they called on me to come and take over. Being that I had no kids and no boyfriend, why not have title of manager under my belt at just 23 years old? I was familiar with the city being that it’s only about an hour and 20min away from Oklahoma City and I had some family that lives here. One person being my cousin Ashley, who was posed to be here an hour ago, but her ass ain’t never on time. I call her my twin cousin; we’re only a month and 3 days apart, me being the oldest. We’re so much alike but yet so different. She was more of the outgoing type and me, the more laid back person.

My name is Brittany. Brittany Danielle Johnson. I’m the oldest of two girls. My little sister, Shannen is 16yrs old and lives with my mom, Annette Johnson, in Oklahoma City. Our dad, Dennis Johnson lives here in Tulsa, but we hardly talk to him and we definitely never see him. He and my mom divorced when I was going into 6th grade, and I was beyond happy. Even though I was only 11yrs old, I knew enough of the bulls*** that went on between them two, to encourage my mom to leave his ass. He’s remarried, while my mom is still single. I used to stress myself out so bad, and have a lot of stuff held in from all that used to go on with them. I turned to my best friend mary jane in highschool to be able to focus and go on with my life, alcohol too but that’s only a weekend or event thing well besides wine. Weed, is a must, everyday. Good thing my job doesn’t drug test.
I looked around for my phone as I heard, “It’s Going Down” by Celly Cel playing.

Ashley’s ringtone

I jogged over to the kitchen counter and answered, “b****, yo ass was posed to had been here man”

“Man, my ass was knocked out, that’s why I told you to just come pick me up when you got to town so I could’ve helped you. You probably done, huh?”

I plopped down on the couch, “yup, you just got up or you dressed already?”

“I just got up, what time is it?”

I glanced at the clock on the wall, “it’s 5 til 9”

“Oh, well imma get up and shower and s*** then I’ll come thru.”

“Nah, I’m about to come over there. We can blow, go eat, and then step out on the town”


I smiled, picturing the face she made at me actually suggesting going out since I normally was a home body for the most part.

“Yeah, I ain’t tryna be bored tonight.”

“Alright, well s*** come on before you change yo mind. I’ll wait on you to light up.”

“Alright,” I hung up with her then ran in my room to pick out something to wear tonight, and threw it all in a bag with my toiletries, flat irons, and a few other necessities before locking up and heading over to Ashley’s…

“You already showered or you just now bout to get in?” I asked once she opened the door wearing only a towel.

She nodded as she stepped back to let me in, “I just got out, here”

I looked back and took the blunt that she was passing to me as I sat my stuff down on her couch. I took a hit as I sat down and watched her walk back to her room.

She walked out as I took my fourth hit, we didn’t do that puff, puff, pass s*** when it was just us two smoking.

“Which dress?”

I looked up at the two she held in front of me, “mm, this one.” I pointed to her red dress as I passed the blunt to her, “Let me show you my outfit.”

I took my outfit out my bag and laid it out on the couch to show her, and she nodded. “Oh yeah, we bout to be too fine girl. Have you already showered?”

“Yeah, I had showered before I talked to you. I gotta do this head though.”

I walked into her bathroom and plugged in my flat irons then walked back out to the living room and got dressed.

We decided on going to Olive Garden while we were doing our hair, so we made our way there once we were ready.

“I saw some posts on Facebook about Club Haze tonight, there’s some benefit going on to support the owner’s little boy having surgery or something. So they charging double to get in and taking donations.”

I nodded after taking a bite of my food, “so you tryna go there”

She shrugged, “why not support a good cause while having fun.”

I smiled and nodded, "I'm down..."