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-One Year Later-

Back at her LA home Christina sat on the play mat with her two boys as they played with each other and climbed all over each other. They were already able to stand up on their own two but it was the walking park that made them stumble back to the ground.

"come on! come to mommy" christina spoke as maurice stood up on his too feet. He began to wobble but took that first."you got it come to mommy" she said excitedly as she clapped. Maurice giggled as he made his way to her and plopped on her lap.

"ahhhhh ah ah" micheal yelled getting christina's attention and making her laugh at his effort to get it.
"come on mikey" she said waving him over as he began to crawl over."no you have to stay up, up, up" she said as he wobbled onto his feet and fell back down before he could take his first step."aww you'll get it soon" she said pulling him onto her lap as he crawled over giving up on trying to walk.

Christina looked down at her boys and began to noticed how much they looked liked chris's baby <a href="">picture</a>.

A few minutes later tash walked in the door and tossed her bag to the floor. Christina looked up at her and seen the tiredness on her face.

"hey look who's here, it's aunty tash" christina spoke as the boys giggled.
"these faces always cheer me up" tash said laying across the mat and letting the boys crawl all over her and play with her hair.
"long day?" christina asked.
"very, getting ready for this over worldwide tour" tash spoke.
"worldwide? damn" christina said."good luck" she added.
"thanks, i'm gonna need it" tash spoke."what you been up to?" she asked.

"wellllll i got some really good news today" christina spoke.
"whats that?" tash asked picking up the boys and sitting them on her lap as she and christina both sat indian style on the play mat.
"DIVA and Seventeen Magazine wants be to be on the cover of their magazine" she told her.
"what?!? girl thats great, it's been a minute since you've book anything" tash spoke honestly.
"i know i had to hit the gym and get my body back" christina said.

"well you look good after popping out twins" tash said.
"thank you" christina said with a smile.
"judge on the fact that ever one that ever got pregnant in my family turned into whales i don't think i even want to get pregnant" tash laughed.
"doesn't mijo have a kid already?" christina asked.
"yeah but he out here talking about he won't be complete until he has a daughter" tash said laughing and rolling her eyes.

"i think you're gonna change your mind once you find the person you're gonna spend the rest of your life with" christina said.
"ewww you got all Dr Phill on me" tash laughed.
"i'm serious what" Christina said as there was a knock on the door and got up to go get it.

"hey" he said as she opened the door to see <a href="http://www.celeb****">him</a> on the other side. She looked him up and down and knew something was wrung,nothing about him looked okay.
"uhh hey, here for the boys right?" she asked as he simply just nodded."come in" she spoke letting him in as she walked to the boys room and got their little bags ready.

She walked back out into the living room to see the twins happily sitting on chris's lap. A smiled was spread wide across chris's face as he played with his sons.

"ready?" christina asked.
"oh yeah" chris said standing up.

Christina helped him outside and put the boys in the back of his car along with their bags and closed the doors.

"umm you think you'll be able to keep them until tuesday?" christina asked him.
"why?" he asked walking around to the driver side.
"i have two photo shoots to do this weekend, i'l be to busy" she told him.
"alright, yeah i got them" he spoke.
"good, thanks" she said folding her arms across her chest and turning to walk back inside.

"christina!" chris called out as she turned around.
"yeah?" she asked.
"knock em dead" he spoke pushing aside what he really wanted to say.
"i always do" she said with a half a smile as she walked back into her house and closed the door.


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Christina looked up from the bed at the clock on the wall to see it was almost 9PM. They had spent most of the day in chris's bed "making up" Christina looked down at chris who was laying his head on her chest and ran her fingers through his short cut hair.

"we should probably get up" christina spoke.
"nah i'm comfortable right here" he said holding her tighter. A smile spread across christina's face before she began to speak again.
"we haven't eaten anything since breakfast" she spoke as he looked up at her with a smirk on his face.
"i have" he said as she slapped his arm and giggled.
"you know what i meant, nasty" she joked."seriously, come on i wanna cook something" she spoke.

"oh yeah what you gon cook?" he asked.
"i don't know yet, gotta see whats in that kitchen first" she spoke.
"don't burn the house down' he joked pecking her lips and getting up.
"don't try and play me like i can't cook" she spoke."you know i throw down in Le kitchen" she chuckled.
"'Le' Kitchen? you ain't french" he laughed.
"shut up" she laughed as she got up and threw on a over sized t-shirt and went straight to the kitchen to see what they had in there she could cook.

As she looked threw the cabinets and refrigerator she found a few things she could used and decided on the meal she was going to make. She placed everything on the counter and felt chris's arms wrap around her along with a kiss on her neck.

"i missed being this close to you" he spoke as a smile spread across her face.
"i missed it too" she spoke as he planted another kiss on her neck before letting her do what she had to to and walking into the living room to see what was on TV.

Mid way into cooking christina looked up as a picture of her mother entered her mind. she remembered her mother cooking in the kitchen and and telling her <em>"i need to teach you how to cook one day, i know you're young now but mommas not always gonna be around and you're gonna need to learn how to cook when you have a man that you love and kids to feed"</em>

Although christina was smiling she was sad that her mom never got the chance to teach her how to cook or would be able to meet the man she loves and her two grandsons. She looked back down at the food she was cooking and wiped away a tear before finishing up the food.

"babe! food ready!" christina called out as she put their <a href="">food</a> on the table along with a bottle of red wine nd two glasses.
"damn this looks and smells good" chris spoke walking up to the table."and you didn't burn the place down" he joked as they both sat down across from each other.
"shut up before i burn you" she said laughing.

"iight, iight my bad thanks for cooking" he said with a smile.
"you're welcome" she responded picking up her fork as he gave her a confused facial expression."what?" she asked.
"we gotta say grace" he told her.
"of course, you truly are your mothers son" she spoke putting her fork down and linking her hands with his as he began the prayer.

"father we thank you for this food, this home, the blessings you have given to us and the blessing you haven't given yet. We thank you for or two healthy sons and 'I' thank you for bring one of the most important people to me back into my life. Amen" he spoke.
"amen" christina repeated as she looked up at him with a smile on her face and he looked at her and winked as they began to dig in.

"oh this is like heaven on a plate" chris spoke making christina laugh.
"stop over exaggerating" she spoke."but that you" she added.
"you need to make this like everyday" he said stuffing his face.
"slow down before you choke" she giggled as he took her advice.

He popped open the bottle of red wine and pour some into each of their cups.

"to you, happy birthday" he said holding his glass up for a cheers.
"to us" she corrected with a smile as they clicked their cups together and took a sip out of them.

After they finished eating chris took the dished and put them in the sink to be washed later, as Christina laid across the couch watching a documentary about mermaids.

"you know mermaids aren't real right" chris asked joking knowing how passionate she was about them.
"YES they are!' she said sitting up as he sat down.
"no, you know whats real.... aliens" he spoke nodding his head.
"aliens really?" she asked giggling as he nodded his head."you you can believe in aliens but i can't believe in mermaids?"she asked.

"they haven't actually proved mermaids were real" chris spoke.
"same with aliens' she responded.
"whats did i just start?" chris asked himself laughing.
"something you clearly can't finish" she joked mushing his head.
"do that again, and watch" he threatened jokingly.
"what you gon do?" asked laughing laughing as she mushed his face again.

Pushing her down on the couch he pinned her arms above her head and started tickling her as she tried to squirm free underneath him.

"ahhh p..please" she laughed.
"tell me i'm king" he demanded.
"Never!" she called out at he kept tickling her.
"fine, call me daddy" he laughed as he continued to tickle her."call me daddy" he demanded.
"okay, okay daddy!" she yelled out laughed.
"let me hear you say i'm sorry daddy" he spoke.
"i sorry daddy" she said giving in as stopped tickling her letting her catch her breath.

Positioning himself in between her legs he leaned down and pecked her lips and few time before moving downwards and laying his head on her chest to watch the show together.

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They got out the hot tub around 12 o' Clock and christina and chris both made their way to the showers. Christina thought about chris as she washed her body just as chris thought about he as he washed his. Both of them were thinking the same thoughts but neither of them were brave enough to act on them. Christina looked down at the chair she had around her neck and ran her finger over the infinity symbol.

Chris stood in the shower by his room running the soap over his chest and rinsing it off. He felt a presence in the bathroom with him but it wasn't until he heard christina's voice that he knew he was no longer alone. He looked out from behind the curtain to see christina standing there with her towel wrapped around her.

"wassup? you need something?" he asked her.
"i 'want' you" she said lowly but loud enough for him to hear. Turing off the water and grabbing the towel he wrapped it around him and stepped out from the shower.
"what?" he asked knowing what she said but making sure she knew what she said.
"i know you feel the tension between us, i'm tired of fighting it" she spoke moving closer to him."i want you, and i know you want me too, we're adults here lets be honest" she added in.

Without saying a word chris picked her up in his arms and took her to his room where he laid her on his bed and removed her towel exposing her body. He hover over body as they each each other hungrily. All then tension they had build up was being released. He removed his robe from around his waist and placed himself in between her legs as he continued to kiss her all over her neck and lips.

"i missed you" christina spoke in a moan as chris rubbed himself on her center.
"i missed you too" he spoke."you ready?" he asked her as she bit her lip and nodded.

Without another word spoken chris entered her and she moaned loudly as she remembered the feeling of him. He kissed her lips passionately as he stroked in and out of her at a slow but pleasurable pace.

"oh god chris" christina moaned as she gripped on the pillows under her head. Her moans mixed in with his groans and the squeaking of the bed loudly filled the room.
"damn i missed this" chris groaned as he lifted himself up onto his hands and put more force into his stroke.
"ahh god! f***!" she yelled as she felt herself beginning to reach her highest point.
"tell me what you want" he spoke.

"faster!" she demanded as he did what he was told to do. He put on hand under her back and the other to grip her thigh as he quickened the pace.
"you like that?" he asked.
"mmm yes, god yes!" she moaned as she reached her climax for the first time in a year."get on your back" she told him.
"what?" he asked
"get on your back" she said again as he did what he was told.

She hovered over him as she lowered herself on him making him groan out in pleasure. He put his hand on her hips as she bounced on him rolling her hips and rocking back and forth.

"s***!" he groaned as he held her in placed over him and pumped in and out of her quickly before let her take control again. She bounced faster causing him to bite down on his bottom lip and grip on her ass tightly.
"you like that?" she asked putting her hands on his chest to help her bounce faster.
"s***, yeah" he responded.

He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her off him as he released on his bed sheets. He laid his head down and looked up at the ceiling as christina a laid next to him doing the same.

"that was perfect" chris spoke.
"what does this mean for us?" she asked looking over at him."where do we go from here?" she added.
"maybe we can start over" he said more as question.
"i think I'd like that" she spoke truthfully."you have to promise something" she added.
"anything" he spoke.

"you have to promise me that you will never do any thing to hurt me ever again" she spoke.
"i promise i will NEVER hurt you EVER again" he spoke.
"i want to trust you chris, i'm giving you all of me AGAIN i'm praying their won't be a next time but next time you f*** up i'm not coming back" she told him.
"i promise there won't be a next time" he spoke to her as she looked him deep in the eyes.

Still not fulling trusting him she decided to give him another chance and let him back into her life. A smiled spread across her face as she pecked his lips and laid her head on his chest.

"happy birthday, again" he spoke.
"thank you" she said."for the first time in a long time i'm not completely miserable on my birthday" she spoke.
"thats good" he spoke.
"i have you to thank for that" she spoke."thank you" she said.
"no problem" he said as they laid there comfortable in each other presence.

(this sequel will be coming to a close very soon, i'm not sure how many more chapters but the ending is very close. Any ideas on how the ending will go down?)

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The weekend went by with a breeze. No problems, no stress and no media. Chris woke up and began to prepare for the day he had planned. Today was christina's birthday and although he knew she hated her birthday because of it's history he wanted to try and make the day special for her.

Christina woke up and sat up on her bed. She knew what day it was but like any other year she could care less. Who could be happy enough to celebrate on the day their parents died? She looked though her phone to find the picture she took of the only <a href="">photo</a> she had of them in her photo album back home. As she looked at the picture her phone began to ring. She looked at the name to see it was Levi and picked it up.

"hey" she answered.
"hey, happy birthday little sis" he spoke.
"yeah, thanks" she said dryly.
"they wouldn't want you to be down on your birthday tina" he spoke.
"i know" she said with a deep sigh."i miss them" she said letting a tear as she quickly wiped it away.
"i do too" he spoke."but i know they would want you to have fun, we both know they were all about having fun no matter what" he spoke as christina smiled a little knowing the truth in his statement.

"no frowns allowed on the face of a griffin" christina said her mothers famous saying with a smile.
"exactly, so smile it's your birthday" he said cheering her up.
"i will try" she said.
"i got someone who might cheer you up" he spoke.
"who?" she asked.

"happy birthday titi!" she her izzys voice on the phone.
"hi izzy thank you" christina said with a chuckle.
"i miss you" izzy spoke.
"i miss you too, i promise to come see you soon" christina spoke.
"okay" izzy spoke with excitement.
"somebody else wants to speak" levi said as christina giggled.

"happy birthday chica!" lisa yelled into the phone making christina laugh.
"thank you lisa" christina spoke.
"what are you doing today? let me take you out?" lisa asked.
"i'm in Switzerland with chris" she said with a laugh.
"Switzerland? with chris? whats is going on over there?" lisa asked with a giggle.
"nothing we both have been stressed and needed to go on a little hiatus don't tell anybody" christina spoke.

"who am i gonna tell?" lisa asked."you're secret is safe with me and of course levi cause i tell him everything" she added as christina laughed.
"okay" she laughed.
"they took over my phone for a minute but i'm back" levi spoke with a chuckle.
"i guess they run you" christina joked.
"i guess so huh?" he laughed."i have to go but promise me you won't think about anything but having a good time" he said.

"i promise" she said with a smile.
"okay, love you little sis" he said.
"love you too, bye" she spoke as they both hung up.

Christina looked at the picture on her phone for a few more seconds before putting her phone down on the night stand and getting up out the bed. As she walked out the room she smelt the smell of bacon coming from the kitchen.

"what is going on in here?" christina asked seeing chris standing at the stove cooking shirtless.
"cooking, what it look like?" he joked.
"you sure cooking with your shirt off is smart? that grease might just pop up and burn you" she spoke sitting at the table.
"don't worry i got this" he said as she giggled.
"okay, don't say i didn't warn you" she said as she watched him.

"somebody is in a good mood this morning" chris noticed, expecting her to be in a grey mood.
"i got a call from my brother, lisa and izzy all wishing me a happy birthday" she spoke.
"how did that go?" he asked.
"my brother gave be a pep talk, they definitely lifted my spirits" she spoke.
"thats nice to know cause i want today to be perfect for you" he told her a smile spread across her face.

"whats up with you?" she asked.
"what?" he asked chuckling as he put the finished bacon on the plates with the eggs and waffles.
"nothing" she said as she watched him make his way around the kitchen.
"you sure?" he asked pouring them some orange juice and sitting everything on the table.
"yeah" she said nodding as she looked at the food that sat in front of her.

"happy birthday" he said sitting across from her.
"thank you" she said with a smirk as they began to eat."i wanna go in the hot tube today" she spoke.
"you can do whatever you want, it's your day" he told her.
"can i do your make up?" she as laughing as he choked on his food a bit.
"that definitely won't be happening" he said before taking a sip of his juice.

"why i can make you look pretty" she said giggling.
"i don't wanna look pretty, i wanna look like a man" he said chuckling.

Once they were done eating chris took their dishes and sat them in the sink. He turned to face Christina who had a huge grin on her face.

"what are you up to?" he asked.
"last one to change and get into the hot tub is a rotten egg" she spoke quickly as she got up and ran off towards her room. Chris chuckled to himself as he made his way to his room to find his trunks.

Christina changed out of what she was wearing and put on her <a href="">bathing suit</a> and made her way out to the hot tub where she seen chris.

"you cheated" she laughed as she stood at the entrance with her hands on her hips.
"no i didn't" he said as he looked up at her and was mesmerized by her body as if he had never seen it before. She dropped her hands and made her way over to the hot tub where he reached his hand out and helped her in.
"so how did you get here before me?" she asked sitting in the little seats along the wall of the hot tub.
"i had a lot less to take off and put on than you did" he told her.

"thats kinda like cheating" she said as she leaned her head back and began to relax.
"don't be a sore loser" he joked leaning back and closing his eyes as she giggled.
"this is nice" she spoke.
"mmhmm" he mumbled as he continued to sit their with his eyes closed.

She looked over at him to see him looking peaceful. Neither one of them had a care in the world since they stepped foot on the island but their was clearly still a lingering tension in the room when they entered it. A thought quickly entered her head as she looked at him sitting there peacefully and she splashed his face with water.

"what the hell?" he laughed wiping his hand over his face.
"you looked so peaceful i had to do it" she spoke laughing.
"you know what?" he asked.
"what?" she responded as he splashed her continuously."okay okay" she said grabbing his arms and pushing him back in his seat.
"had enough?" he asked laughing as he looked up at her.
"yes" she giggled."are you done?" she asked.
"for now" he spoke.

She found herself running her hands up his arms until they found their way to his shoulders where they linked together behind his neck.

"what are you thinking?" he asked looking at her as she stood silent for a moment.
"something i probably shouldn't be" she spoke honestly never letting him go.
"than maybe you should let go" he told her but truthfully not wanting her to. She nodded silently as she let him go and moved away.

She sat back in her spot as they both sat their quietly feeling the sexual tension rise between them.

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