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They Don't Know

Kiana's POV

I watched as some of the girls on my team began to cry as the clock was winding down. We were down three and only had ten seconds to go. ”Special K, you have got to make this three. The team and the whole school is depending on you.” I gulped and looked at the coach. I gathered what little confidence I had left and nodded my head. ”For the team.” I said to myself. I looked over at my bestfriend, she smiled and mouthed, ”You can do this. I believe in you.” I smiled at her and dapped her up. ”Let's kill these b****es.” I whispered to her. She laughed and we walked out on the court. Our small forward got the ball and tried to pass it in, but the person that was supposed to get open, couldn't. I stepped hard to my left and ran to my right, breaking my defender's ankles. I got the ball and shot it without looking up. We only had two seconds on the clock and this girl smacked me in my face, causing me fall. I heard a swoosh and the crowd went wild. I got up and ran to Taylor as she fell on the floor. I pecked her lips and I could hear all the boys cheer. Tay laughed and got up. ”You have got to make this mama.” She tapped my lower back and I walked to the foul line. All the things my mom and dad told me came to mind and I got nervous. I did my routine and pulled the ball up and shot it. I left my hand in the air and watched as the ball went in slow motion. It fell like forever before the ball went in and my whole team screamed. ”Ladies and gentleman! Say hello to the new high school lady state championship winners of California.....The LA Jags of Jefferson High!” We all cheered and everybody in the stands came rushing down. Everybody picked me up and cheered my name. ”Kiana! Kiana! Kiana!” I cheesed hard as my bestfriend Drake gave me a thumbs up. I got down and ran to him and hugged him. ”Did you win?” I asked all excited. He frowned and I frowned too. ”Well there's always next year.” I patted his shoulder. ”Yeah. It'd be nice to win twice in a row!” He yelled exposing his shiny gold medal that was hidden behind his back. ”You won! Taylor they won!” I exclaimed. She ran over to us and we did our special chant. I loved these two. They were the only ones that really loved me in this world.

”Bye boo. Bye Drakey!” I yelled to Taylor and Drake. They waved and Drake rolled down his window. ”Don't forget the party tomorrow. We'll pick you up at eight!” He yelled. I nodded and walked to the door. I said a quick prayer and opened the door. It was quiet, too quiet. I walked in and shut it behind me. ”s***!” I yelled as a glass came crashing over my glass. I quickly looked up to see my mom running after me. I ran to my room and locked it. ”Bad move Kiana.” She sung. I turned around to see my dad sitting on the bed. I looked at him and tears rolled down my eyes. He licked his lips and stood, walking over to me slowly. ”I missed you.” He cooed in my ear as his mustache and smell of alcohol brushed my nose. He unlocked the door and I looked at my mom as she strolled in th door. ”Hold her down Kat.” She nodded and pushed me down. I tried to fight her off, but she held a belt up to my face. I didn't want any bruises on my face before the party so I gave up. ”I hear you're going to a party tomorrow ladybug, is that right?” She asked, rubbing her finger up and down my face. I slowly nodded and she pecked my lips. ”So beautiful. Do it Jerome.” She ordered my dad. He started to get undress and I closed my eyes as he took off my gym shorts and underwear. ”Please not too hard.” I whispered. He pressed down on my bruise that he had gave me yesterday. ”How about you just take the d*** babygirl?” I bit my lip and nodded as I cried harder. ”Remember stay silent.” My mom said, holding a knife up to my neck. ”Ahh!” I accidently screamed as he rammed into me. He was pounding me and all I could do was cry. My mother whipped me as I accidently screamed again. I felt blood trickle down my legs. ”s***! Damn, ladybug done got tight on me.” My dad moaned. I looked at the ceiling and prayed to God. ”Ahh! I'm almost there! I'm almost there!” He screamed. He slowed his pace and started to make out with me. He pinched my now swollen clit and I winced in pain. I felt him cum inside me and then my mom handed me a pill and water. ”Here. Tomorrow you'll get to eat.” I was thankful for the two medium meals I got every other day. I hadn't ate real food since Thursday. ”Now go to your real room.” She ordered. I got up and limped to the dark cold basment. I laid the old, dusty, dirty blankets down and laid on top of them. ”Here.” She threw my phone at me and threatened me, once again, about calling the police or telling anyone. Only five people knew. My mom and dad, me, God and Mijo. I rolled over and texted all my friends goodnight. I got a goodnight from all of them, but Mijo's had more than a goodnight.

Mijo: Again?
Me: Yeah :( It hurted so badly.
Mijo: Come over. I got you.
Me: Okay, see you in fifteen.

I walked upstairs and knocked on the door. My mom unlocked it and looked at me. ”Mijo?” She asked, smiling. I put my head down and nodded. She thought that since Mijo was my bestest friend of all time and rich that I'd put a good word in for her. She pushed me up the stairs and told me to put on something tight. Ten minutes later <a href="">I</a> walked out the house. As I turned the corner I ran the rest of the way. I told him I was going to be there in fifteen minutes so dammit I was. I limped a bit between my strides and finally made it to his house. It was beautiful. I called him and told him to come open the door. ”It's okay.” He hugged me tight as I cried in his chest. ”Um. Mijo, you want me to come back later?” I looked behind him to see some light skinned <a href="">dude</a> come around the corner. ”Nah. Sorry man. This is my bestfriend Kiana.” Mijo introduced me to him. He held his hand out and I shook it. I wiped a few tears away and Mijo looked at me. ”You can go sit in the livingroom, I'll go get you some snacks.” I hugged onto his arm, not wanting him to leave me here by myself with this stranger. ”It's okay, he's cool. He has a daughter too.” I looked over at the stranger. ”I'm Chris.” I nodded and looked back at Mijo. I let go of him and he kissed my cheek and left.

I was sitting down on the couch watching the game when I noticed the couch go up and Chris walking to the door. It was then that I noticed that the doorbell had rung. ”Yo Chris! Wassup Chris! Where the hell yo ugly ass cousin at?” I heard all at one time. Chris laughed and <a href="">they</a> appeared. They both stopped and looked at me and I looked at them then back towards the TV. ”Who is this beautiful lady?” The lighter one came up to me. ”I'm Shad.” I shook his hand. ”Kiana.” He smiled and kissed my hand. I smirked a bit and then the darker one came over. ”Omarion. You can call me Omari though.” I nodded and then focused back on the TV. ”You Chris' girl.” I shook my head no. ”Just met him ten minutes ago.” They nodded. ”Oh so you Mijo's girl?” Chris asked. ”Nah. I'm his bestest friend ever. We knew each other since we were in the womb. He just happened to be richer. My mom was his mom's maid.” They all just nodded again and then an awkward silence took over. That was when the door opened and in walked <a href=" ">Mijo</a> yelling. ”Yall niggas need to get yo car out my damn driveway!” I giggled at bit and Omari looked at me. ”You got a sexy laugh, ma.” I looked down and mumbled a soft thank you. He chuckled and I got up. I walked over to the bags and got out my fruit snacks. I took out a fruit roll up and put some Gusher's in it. I rolled it back up and ate it. ”Ugh, ma. You got a weird appetite.” Shad said. I shied away from them and made one for Mijo. ”Thanks boo. You heading up early. I rubbed my nose and he got it.

Me and Mijo came up with codes to tell each other things that we couldn't say in person. So by rubbing my nose, I told him that I was hurting really bad and I needed to lay down. He got up and followed me upstairs. ”Wrist.” He said walking up behind me. ”f***.” I cursed under my breath. ”I didn't do it.” I lied, my eyes turned a dark brown and Mijo shook his head. ”How deep?” He asked walking into the bathroom. ”Medium.” I whispered. ”You gotta stop this bulls***. One day you're going to cut too deep and then I won't get to see this beautiful face anymore.” A tear slid down my face. I had been cutting since I was 10, I'm 17 now. ”Okay Barry.” I sniffled, trying to lighten the mood. He came back in with alcohol and removed my bracelet. ”Damn Kiana. You cut deep as f***.” I nodded and grabbed the towel out of his hand. ”On three now. One, two, three.” I bit on the towel hard as he poured the alcohol into my deep scar. It was so deep it didn't even spill over the top, it just sunk in. I winced a bit because of the burning and pain the alcohol had caused. He put a band-aid and kissed my cheek. ”Drake and Taylor?” He asked. I knew he was asking if I had told them yet. I shook my head and began to drift off to sleep. ”They don't know.” I whispered to myself.


Run it!

that was good. am glad they are talking now. i hope Jerome ass dies he is sick
run it

Kiana and Chris are too cute run it!!!!! lol

Run it

Awww they are just too cute!!! I'm glad your back. I'm glad she's giving him another chance maybe this time he will have some act right
Run It!!!

they gon get it in
run it!

run it

One Year Later
Author's Note- Sooo, Seiko and Mijo are married. So are Briana and Marlon, Drake and Tay, and Omari and Nina. Avery and Mya are engaged, so are Shad and Alexis. Tre hasn't popped the question, and Cymphonique doesn't really mind. Laith has moved on from his thing with Kiana since she wouldn't let him in. She went back to working for Chris after Tina retired four months after that night, and Chris has been trying to get her back ever since. Oh yeah....Drake and Tay have a daughter now.

Chris' POV

<a href="">I</a> had just got into the studio and I saw everybody there. I mean everybody from Lil Wayne to Kendrick Lamar. Basically everyone that Kiana liked. I walked up to the <a href="">kids</a> and <a href="">Drake</a> as they were talking to somebody. "Yo! What's going on?" I asked, picking up Staci. "Oh. Um......Kiana can I tell him?" I turned to see <a href="">Kiana</a> holding keys in her hand. "Happy Birthday Christopher!" She screamed as everyone cheered. I gasped and looked around, then I raised my eyebrow. "My birthday isn't until the is the......5th!" I yelled, astonished that I didn't know today was my birthday. That's why my Twitter was going crazy. "Here!" She handed me the keys and I looked at her. "What's this?" I asked. "Well.....a little birdie told we you wanted a Lambo that fits you. Soooooooo......I got that for you! Come outside with me!" She grabbed my hand and I felt a strong shock like no other. The shocks were never this strong. I knew she felt it because she loosened her grip. That was a sign that I still was in love with her. No matter how hard I try to move on....I just keep coming back and fighting for her. I know she still loves me, her mind might say no. But when I touch her, her body says hell to the f***ing yeah.

We got outside and you could see all the papz and a whole lot of my fans out there. They started to sing happy birthday to me and I started feeling hype as hell. Just then, <a href="">pictures</a> started to pop up on the big screen. Seeing the pictures of my mom made me sad a little, because she was in Virginia and I was here. "Awww!" Everybody cooed as the picture of me in a cowboy hat popped up. "Okay! Okay! End of the embarrassing pictures!" I shouted. Kiana laughed and hugged me tight. "Happy birthday. Present from me first!" She yelled. "Here it comes!" She screeched.

Out of nowhere a bad ass <a href="">Lambo</a> pulled up. "Kiana no you didn't get me this car! It's f***ing gorgeous! I can't believe! Thank you thank you thank you!!!" I screamed like a little b****. Out of excitement, I pecked her lips and she stood there for a minute. I could tell she missed my touch. Paparazzi's cameras were flicking everywhere as people gasped. I kissed her again and this time she kissed back. I pulled away and she fluttered those beautiful eyes open. "Chris..." She started. I hugged her tightly and kissed her cheek. "I missed you...." She whispered in my ear. "I miss you too." She smiled in the crook of my neck and I let go of her. "You got another's from Christina." I looked at the street to see a big black truck pulling up and out stepped <a href="">Christina</a> with my <a href="">mom</a> right behind her. "Daddy!" She exclaimed. I bent down and she ran into my arms. I hugged her before picking her up. My mom ran into my arms too and kissed me all over my face. "Okay ma. Okay..... Ma!" I yelled. She pulled back laughing and crying. "You've grown up Chrissy!" I rolled my eyes at the her dramatic ass. "I missed you too ma." I kissed Christina and she smiled at me. I put her down before walking over to my new whip. "I'll cherish this one forever." I said to Kiana. "You better nigga! Paint job cost me 500,000 dollars.....and that's how much the damn car cost!" My mouth dropped and she looked at me. "You spent that much money on me? After what I di-" "Chris....there's something called forgiveness. You should learn about it." She said, cutting me off. "Thank you..I love yo.... it." I said. She smiled and nodded before running over to Christina.

I watched as they laughed and hugged each other. I missed them. My dumbass just had to f*** it up. "Yo CB, you good my nigga?" <a href="">Kendrick</a> asked. "Yeah man.....I'm alright. Thanks. I'll see you at the party tonight, right?" He nodded and dapped me up before leaving. "Come on nigga. You can express your b**** ass feelings on the way to McDonald's." Avery said. "Whatever. I still don't like yo ass." I spat, jokingly. He threw the keys at me and smirked. "I don't give a damn! I'm hungry! Bye yall!" He yelled. Kiana waved at us and everybody followed suite. As I pulled out fans began running behind me and s***. "Aye! b**** right there is a track star!" He joked. "These b****es look like they about to eat yo ass. You better roll up that window." He warned. I rolled up my window just as a girl started to bang on it. I was stuck at a red light, so I couldn't do s*** but sit there. "Uhhhhh. Chris look!" I followed Avery's finger and it led to a girl flashing us. I covered my eyes quickly before the light turned green. I pulled off and they were back to running. "Sometimes I don't like that I'm famous. That s*** look fun from the outside, but from the inside it's miserable. Rumors, no privacy, crazy ass b****es, fake friends and family, and the temptations are the worst." I vented. He nodded before turning the radio down. "Yeah. I guess I can see where you're coming from. But you shouldn't have let that get to you. If you felt like you were being pulled in, you should've just talked to Kiana. You could've avoided the situation your in now. But hey, there's no telling if y'all are going to get back together or not." I took in his words and sighed as we pulled up to McDonald's. "Yeah man. You right." I mumbled as I went through the drive thru. I miss my babies. I'm going to get them back no matter how long it takes.

Kiana's POV

I was conversing with everyone after Chris and Avery left, when I felt somebody tap my shoulder. I turned and there <a href="">he</a> stood. I rolled my eyes and grabbed Christina's hand before walking away. He caught up to me and pulled me back by my skirt. I snatched his hands off of me and turned to him. "What Tremaine?!" He jumped back a bit and then smiled, just like his damn brother. "You know Jerome gets out in a week." My face went from being full of anger to full of fear. "No he's not...he's got a 30 year're just trying to scare me!" I turned and he grabbed my arm. "Please. You think I'd actually try to scare you like that. I know what you fear most of all...losing your babygirl." He said, smiling at Christina. She tightened her grip on my hand and hid behind my leg. "You leave my f***ing daughter out of this you sick bastard." I spat. He chuckled and then blew a kiss at her. "I'm not going to do anything. But I speak for myself....not Jerome." My skin crawled when he said his name and tears formed in my eyes. "Bye." He waved at me and walked away. I stood there for a minute until I felt Christina tugging on my skirt. "Mommy...I'm scared." She began to cry and i bent down and hugged her tightly. "There's nothing to be afraid of. Mommy's going to keep you safe. We don't tell anybody about that strange man okay?" She dried her tears and nodded. "I love you." I cooed. She smiled and kissed my lips. "I love you too." I smiled and grabbed her hand before going back to the lobby. Chris and <a href="">Avery</a> walked in smiling like they were crazy. "Wassup Ki? Where Briana at?" I rolled my eyes at him. "You know her ass at home with Marlon." He nodded and hugged me. "I see you. Trying to get a pack like me." He said, pointing at my stomach. "Boy stop! I'm past your packs. Mine go hard!" I yelled, flexing. "1..2..3.4..5..6! Mommy you got six rectangles!" Christina exclaimed. "Thank you baby. Mommy tries." I said. I looked up to see Chris biting his lip and looking at me. I blushed and walked away before I did something I would regret.

Chris' POV

Everybody that was at my day party was now getting ready for my night party. Briana and Seiko wanted to stay home so all of the guys are going to go out tomorrow to party again. We had just left Seiko's apartment because we had to drop off Christina, Dustin, and Staci. "I'm ready to party! I haven't been out in a while!" Kiana said, laying back on Tay. <a href="">They</a> were sitting on one side, while <a href="">we</a> sat on the other side. Trust me, it was better this way. I was typing on my phone when I looked up to see Kiana laughing at something Shad said. She was so beautiful. Damn near perfect in my eyes. She caught me staring and smiled. I smiled back and looked down. I started to fill that hole in my heart, somewhat, close. I felt all warm inside. Then I started to think about the negatives. "She still not with you though. She might not trust you like she did ever again." I thought to myself. The smile was wiped clean off my face and then I got another text.

Kiana: why the long face?
Me: it's nothing.
Kiana: here you go lying again.....
Me: you really want to know?
Kiana: naw. I just asked because I was bored.
Me: smart ass...
Kiana: I'll be tell me nigga
Me: okay girl damn...... I miss you
Kiana: I miss you too
Me: you do?
Kiana: duhh Christopher! You were my first taught me how to love...something nobody could do. Nobody can take your place...unfortunately....I don't trust you enough yet..

I frowned after I read the text and I looked up to see Kiana with tears in her eyes. I didn't know whether or not it was from me or the smoke from Tre's blunt. Damn.....I f***ed up real bad. I looked over at Drake and Tay as they laughed at Dustin telling them what time to be home. "See you at 9!" He yelled before hanging up. "That boy is a trip!" Avery said, shaking his head as everybody agreed.

We soon pulled up to the club and that b**** was crowded on the outside. I mean, there had to be at least 300 people out here. "Oh my gosh! That's a lot of f***ing people!" Shad exclaimed. "All here for my man. Not like that, you know my brother, but you not blood. But blood couldn't make us any closer, not that I want to be-" "Tre shut yo high ass up!!!" Cymphonique yelled, cutting him off. He side eyed her and she looked at him up and down. "Better be glad I love you." He mumbled. "Aww. I love you too." They started to make out before Big Pat opened the door. "Come on niggas!" We all laughed and hurried out the car. I was the last one out, and everybody was screaming my name. I waved and blew kisses at them and they melted. "I still got it." I said, dapping up Omari. He laughed and nodded. "You're 21 now! Turn up! We can drink legally now! But it's not that I ever drink know cause that's against the la-" "Tre! Shut up!" Everybody yelled. He flicked us off and walked inside. We followed him and soon as we got in, I wanted to get out. It was hot as hell in this b****. "Damn! Was air conditioning never invented? These niggas need an upgrade ASAP!" I laughed at Kiana and walked up the stairs to get to my section. "Sometimes I wish they had elevators in this b****." Nina mumbled. I shook my head at her lazy ass. She was like a little sister to me. All the girls were, except for Kiana of course. Soon as we reached the section, bottles were served and thirsty b****es were trying to get in. Me being nice, I let about NONE in. It was for their own good. Just then, <a href="">Work Remix</a> came on and everybody went crazy. "Coogi down to the socks like I'm Biggie Poppa! Baby!" We all rapped together. "Keep yo nigga head in my Tommy bra!" Mya remixed. "But really though, she a silly hoe! Cause you know the Kianastein getting plenty dough!" I scrunched my face up at Kiana. "Shut yo lame ass up!" She flicked me off and continued to grind on Nina. By Trinidad's part, all the guys had stopped rapping, because we were all drooling over the girls. They were getting it in. Drake took Teyana out and they started to dance. Everybody else followed suit, everybody but me. I looked over at Kiana and she was still dancing. I slowly snuck up behind her and she tensed up a bit when I put my hands on her hips. "Chill Ki, it's just me." She smirked and started to show out. She put her hands on her knees and started to grind on me hard. I bit my lip, trying to keep the moans from coming out. I had to back up to a wall to keep my balance when she really started to show out. "Damn! Look at Kiana! She getting it!" Alexis yelled. "Aye! You better stop dancing like that before you end up pregnant again!" Avery yelled. Kiana raised an eyebrow and put her hands on the floor while twerking on my di- "Shiiiit." I moaned. I could feel myself getting hella hard, so I decided to stop it before she started something she damn sure wouldn't be able to end.

The party was going perfect. No drama, no fights, just fun. The music faded and I heard a familiar voice. I looked down from the balcony to see <a href="">Amber,</a> or as yall know her, Sevyn. "Hey everybody!" Everybody said hi and Kiana squealed. I swear, sometimes I thought her and Amby were in love. "As yall know, my song It Won't Stop has been on the charts! But I want you all to hear me and Chris' version. Chris....will you please come sing our song?" I gasped and looked around. Kiana started to pull me towards the stage and everybody cheered. When I got to the stage, I had pulled Kiana up there with me. "This one is for you baby." I kissed her passionately and when I pulled back, her eyes were still closed. I smirked and Amby handed me a microphone. The beat dropped to the <a href="'t%20stop%20remix&oq=%20it%20%20won't%20stop%20remix&">song.</a>

~~ I love when you pulling up in your jeep
Bumpin all your beats
J's on, with your shades on
Just to bring me something to eat
You the man up in these streets
But when it comes to my heart...
That don't mean a thing no oh
So baby hop up in my ride
Ooh it's hot as hell outside
Got the top down
With the doors closed
Hand all up on your thigh
Drive slow ooh
Take your time

Every little thing you do got me feeling some type of way
When you gimme that thunder you make my summer rain
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Everyday, everyday

And it won't stop
Oh oh ohhhh
And it won't stop
Oh oh ohhhh
With every single part of me
My love for you is constantly
Forever and ever on repeat
On repeat
And it won't stop
Oh oh ohhh~~

After we finished the song, Kiana was crying. She ran up to me and hugged me so tight, I almost suffocated. "I loved it!" She cried. I laughed and hugged her back. "Okay...can't breathe." She let go of me and stood on her tippy toes and kissed me like never before. I slipped in some tongue and she gladly accepted. I wrapped my arms around her waist and grabbed her butt. She moaned in my mouth and pulled back. "Damn." I whispered, out of breath. She smiled and led us back to the section. "I like how they just gonna act like ain't s*** just happen and walk off like that!" Drake said. We both laughed and sat down. "So uhh....are we together or not?" I asked getting straight to the point. "Not together....more like talking." She said, smirking. "Talking?" I mocked her, she nodded and I shook my head. "I can do that." She began to pour herself a drink and then started to mix it with all types of drinks. s*** looked kind of good. I snatched the cup out of her hand, smelled it, and started to drink it. She snatched it back out of my hand and looked at me. "Your rude ass could've just asked for some! I would've said yes!" I laughed and grabbed her hand. "I'm sorry babe." She cut her eyes at me and I cleared my throat. "I mean Kiana." She chuckled and started to sing to Big Sean's <a href="">Beware.</a>

~~ When you said it was over, you shot right through my heart
Why you let these hoes tear what we had right apart
Ooh, I was so mad, I should've seen this coming right from the start
You should beware, beware, beware of a woman with a broken heart~~

I knew exactly how he felt. Especially with what happened last year. This was probably my favorite song, just because I can relate to it in the same exact way. I put my head in the crook of her neck and kissed it. Her skin was still oh so soft. She giggled and moved away. "That tickles." She whispered after I pulled her back. "Does it really? What about this?" I asked before sucking on her neck. She bit her lip and a small moan escaped. I smirked and stopped. She turned to face me and looked at me with her lust-filled eyes. She massaged my cheek and traced my tattoos before rubbing her thumb over my lips. "You're a sexy ass man. Damn!" I laughed and shook my head. "You're a sexy ass woman." She blushed and hid her face. I slowly pulled her hands from her face and stared into her eyes. "Never hide that beautiful face from me." She blushed harder and I smiled at her. "I'll try not to." She said softly. I shook my head and wrapped my hands around her waist. I began to hum in her ear as we entered our own little world. She wrapped her hands around my neck and put her head on my chest. We rocked back and forth, enjoying the silence between us.

It was going onto 4 o'clock in the morning and everybody was still hype, but not as hype as they were. "Man. I'm tired!" Avery complained, laying on Mya's lap. She rubbed his ear and he closed his eyes. " too." I slurred. I had one two many and I could barely see straight. "Wanna go?" Kiana asked. I looked over at her and bit my lip. "Yeah...we can go." She licked her lips slowly and I jumped up and grabbed a microphone. "Excuse me! Thanks for coming out! I appreciate it! Yee'n gotta go home, well....yall know the rest. Bye!" I stumbled back to Kiana and looked at her glossy eyes. She was high as hell. "Unicorn! So pretty!" She cooed, pointing at me. "Come on. You can come home with me." She smiled and nodded. "Okay Mr. Unicorn...but shhh. Don't tell Chris...he might get mad at me." I shook my head and we all headed to the different trucks that were going to take us home. "Bye! See you tomorrow!" I slurred to the guys. They just waved and got into their trucks. "Ready?" Big Pat asked. I nodded and he closed the door before walking around to the passenger side. Kiana laid across the seat and put her feet on me. I began to rub them and she smiled before giggling. "What yah doing?" She asked. "Treating my queen how she's supposed to be treated." She turned on her back and looked at me. "Oh...I'm your queen now?" She did that really cute thing with her eyebrows and I nodded. "Always have been and always will be." She slowly sat up before straddling me. She looked down at me and attacked my lips. I rested my hands on her butt and squeezed it as she moaned in my mouth. We were going at it. She stuffed her hands in my boxers and I lowly grunted in pleasure as she stroked me. I had to pull out of the kiss because she started to go faster. "Shiiiiiittt." I moaned. I closed my eyes as she bit and sucked on my neck. It's been so long since I felt her touch and my body wanted to feel more than her hand. "I've missed you so much Chris..." She cooed in my ear. "Yeah? I've missed you more..." Just as I was about to reach my climax, she stopped and pulled her hand out my boxers. "Kiana!" I whined. "What?" She asked in a soft, innocent voice. I smacked my lips and she laughed. "Are you made at me?" She sung. "That's my song and you know it!" She smiled and continued to sing. "Chris I know I made mistakes..I know I f***ed up! My heart beats for you baby imma go ahead and scream it loud. But if you leave that's something I can't let's do it one last time. And f*** for the road." I laughed as she sung offkey. "Stop! Please! I forgive you!" She laughed too and then poked out her bottom lip. "Kiss?" I nodded and kissed her. "Mmm. I love your kisses." I said smiling. "For us to be just talking...we sure are doing a lot of kissing and other stuff." She smirked, showing her dimples. "Are you trying to say we're a couple Mr. Unicorn?" I nodded and she shrugged. "I don't know...I don't think my boyfriend would like that." I scrunched up my face. "What boyfriend?" She laughed and pointed to me. "You dumbass." I oh'd and then cheered. "I guess we can....see where things go. But before anything happens...we gotta talk about something." I sighed and pouted. "Can't we talk in the morning? I'm too drunk to talk now. I won't remember anything." She rolled her eyes and nodded. "Be glad your cute." I smacked my lips. "Girl! I'm beautiful!" I knew she couldn't help but laugh. "Shut up stupid!" I smirked and took out my phone to make sure everybody got home safely. By the time we made it to my house, Kiana was knocked out. "Wake up Ki." I whispered as I tried shake her awake. "Hmm?" She mumbled. "We at the house now, you still sleepy? If you are you can sleep in my room, I'll sleep in the guestroom." She smiled and nodded. "You know something Chris....we're a very complicated couple." I chuckled and grabbed her hand. "Complicated couples have more fun, it's not boring at all." She shook her head and got out the car, shutting the door behind her. "Bye Patrick!" She yelled after Big Pat had got in the car. "Bye Mrs. Unicorn!" He yelled back. I laughed at her confused face and walked to the door. I was happy to have some company, other than Boo I really had nobody here. I mean my boys came almost everyday, but those days they weren't there, I always went to the studio. I unlocked the door and turned off the alarm. "Boo!" Kiana shouted soon as she saw <a href="">him</a> wrapped up in her favorite blanket. That was the blanket she watched cartoons in when we hung out at the house. "You look soooooo cute!" She exclaimed. I looked at her as she smiled at him. She ran over to him and picked him up. "Hey Stinker! You missed mama?" She cooed. He started to lick all over her face and she giggled. "Uh uh. Stop all that know that turns me on." She smirked and bent over to put Boo down. "Never would've thought my laugh still turned you on." She started to walk upstairs and Boo followed her. I went to the guestroom to <a href="">change</a> before going back to the living room to watch TV.

As I sat on the couch I heard creaking from the stairs, but when I looked up....nobody was there. "Kiana this ain't what you want!" I yelled, knowing she was trying to scare me. I got no reply back, so I decided to go see if it really wasn't Kiana. I grabbed my gun from its hiding place and slowly patrolled the house. I heard Boo bark and I jumped and turned around quickly. I saw that the kitchen light was on and I chuckled before putting the gun down. "Should've known your greedy ass was in the kitchen." I said, walking in to see nobody. "Okay Kiana! You playing too much!" I heard loud growling and then Kiana jumped out of the pantry. "Ahhhhhhhh!!!" I screamed, grabbing my heart. She laughed hard and I just mugged <a href="">her.</a> "Oh Chrissy-Pooh. Are you mad at me?" She cooed, poking her lip out. "Yes. Kiki-Pooh! I'm mad at you." She frowned and hugged me. "I sowwy forgive me?" She asked, looking up at me with those big eyes. "Yes, I forgive you." She started to hop up and down cheering loudly. "Come on Chrissy-Pooh! I already got plans for the night! I got popcorn in the microwave and the movie is already in." I smirked and made my way to the couch. "Here you go." She said, handing me the bowl. She sat down on the couch and I smacked my lips. "Come here girl!" She scrunched her face up and looked at me. "Nigga who you yelling at?" I rolled my eyes and picked her up before sitting her on my lap. "All you had to do was ask! I would've said no, but still!" I clasped my hand over her mouth and started the movie. "No funny business." She whispered. I smirked before nodding and laying my head on her shoulder. "No funny business my ass.." I thought to myself.

________________________________________________________________ I'm sorry for taking soooo long to add. But i got caught up with family and work.


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how tf did he find out tho??
ugh hella disrespectful
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Marlon and Bri are just too cute!!! Trav is a b**** n**** frfr like who cares if thats yo last chance grow up smh Avery should whoop that a**.
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O trav disrespectful im glad mar punched his lites out ol bum b**** dnt want to take care of yo kid smh run it

Briana's POV

"f***!" I yelled as the contractions began to get worse. "I don't think I can take this anymore Marlon." I said. He looked at me and held my hand tighter. " can do this. You're not going to do it alone either. I'll be here the whole way. I promise." I smirked until I felt another one and I bit my lip hard. "We're not having any kids together in a long time." I said to him as he chuckled. "Fine with me. I can't believe your having a girl." He mumbled. "I know. Promise me you won't let me kill her. Because if she get smart I sure as hell am going to try." He busted out laughing and shook his head. "I promise baby. I love you two." He pecked my lips and then a knock on the door was heard. "Might be Kiana." He got up and opened the door. "Hey baby! You missed me!" I looked up from my bag of Doritos to see <a href="">Travis</a> with a bottle of Hennessey in his hand, smiling. My heart stopped as Marlon just looked at us. "What's going on Briana?" I knew he was pissed because he called me by my first name. "I'll tell you! I'm that little f***er in that b****'s stomach dad." Travis said, pointing at me. "The f*** did you just call my girl?" Marlon asked. "Oh! My bad! I ain't know you was hitting that. She got some good ass pussy, don't she?" Marlon clenched his jaws as Travis continued to disrespect me. "I'm sure she does. But I wouldn't know. Yo deadbeat ass left and I had to pick up. You need to leave. Now." Travis laughed and walked over to me, putting his hand on my stomach. I cursed that our daughter began to kick and squirm, causing me to belt out in moans of extreme pain. "Get your f***ing hands off of her." Marlon gritted through his teeth. "This my b**** too. I can- uhhh!" He yelled after Marlon punched him in the face. You could hear a sickening pop and then Travis' nose began to bleed. "Ahhhhhhhh!" I screamed as the contractions became unbearable. "What in the world happened here?" The doctor asked, stepping fully into the room. "Nevermind that. Something is wrong with my girl!" Marlon yelled, rushing over to me. He stepped on Travis and I laughed as he groaned in pain. "Um....okay!" Marlon exclaimed after the doctor opened up my legs. "You're ready to start pushing Ms. Jackson. Nurses! We're moving out!" A whole bunch of nurses came in, picked my bed up and lowered my body on another one. "Ugh!" I yelled. "Baby I gotta put the scrubs on. I'll be back. I love you!" I grabbed onto Marlon and pulled him into an aggressive, but passionate kiss and he stumbled after i pulled out. "Damn baby. You make a nigga not want to leave." I smirked and he pecked my lips one last time before going to put the scrubs on.

Marlon's POV

As I was about to walk in the room, I felt an arm pull on my shoulder. I turned to see Travis with a throw up bag in his hand and a bag of ice on his nose. I smirked and he mugged me. "Tell her that was her one and only chance. I'm not coming back." He said. I was about to punch him until I heard my baby screaming. "You a lucky ass nigga. She doesn't need you..neither does MY daughter." He clenched his jaws and I walked inside the door to see Kiana on her knees as Bri squeezed her hand. "Ow! Ow! Ow!" Kiana yelled. "Marlon get her hand!" Taylor yelled. I ran over to her and grabbed both of her hands before kissing away the sweat on her head. "You look so beautiful baby." I cooed. She smiled and then her face strained as after she gave a big push. Loud cries filled the room and Bri began to cry. "That's my daughter. She's so beautiful!" I exclaimed. Bri hugged me and i smiled. "I'm proud of you baby. I love you so much." She nodded and yawned. "Tired? Stay awake for at least 30 more minutes." The nurse said. "I'll try." She mumbled and laid her head back as the doctors called out the time, weight, and all of that. "Here you go Ms. Jackson. One healthy baby girl." She said handing Briana our baby <a href="">girl.</a> Briana had a huge smile on her face and so did I. "What yah gonna name her?" Avery asked, rubbing his hand through her small, baby curls. "Amora Nefertiti Jackson." She said as everybody huffed. "That Egyptian queen s*** is getting to you. But if that's what you wanna name her okay..." Drake said. "What's wrong with that?" She asked me. "Nothing babe. It's beautiful and perfect, just like you." She blished and kissed my lips. "I'm so happy!" She squealed. I shook my head and kissed all over Amora's face and she smiled. I'll give this little girl the world if she asked.
_______________________________________________________________Sorry it's so short!
I'll be back with more!
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run it!!!!! i agree with mijo avery and chris need to set aside their differences

The doctor said, he held onto her feet as she struggled to keep her legs up. I wasn't comfortable with dude having his head where mine is most of the time, but I had to let it slide.
lmfao i had to laugh like ole dude really u cant start nothing over the fact thats the doctor tryna get ur babu out lol
as for him preaching to chris and avery well said !
forreal keep it civil
i wanted to know what was on kiara mind before they went to labor
whoa both babies gona be born the same day or what??
what happened to other one in labor??
loved how mijo came in with all her cravings so cute :)
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Seiko's POV

We had been in the office for about 20 minutes waiting for me and Bri's ultrasound, so Bri went to the bathroom with Tay. While Kiana was with me, but it didn't seem like it. "You okay boo?" I asked Kiana as she stared off into space. "Huh? Oh yeah. I'm fine." I looked her in the eyes and could tell she was lying. "Why lie? What's wrong?" She put a fake smile on her face and shook her head. "Nothing Ko. Geesh." I took a sip of my drink and sighed. "I don't give a damn if Christina is right there. I will beat it out of you if I have to. Now when I come back from throwing this away, I want you to talk." I got up and felt a huge gush of liquid run down my leg. "Did you just pee on yourself?" Kiana asked looking at me. "No! My water broke! Call Mijo!!" I panicked. She jumped up and ran to my side before grabbing my phone. "Mijo! Yes! Her water broke! You're on your way?! No I'm not kidding! What the hell you mean you're not ready! We're already at the hospital for her ultrasound! Ugh! Hurry up!" I looked at her with a worried look on my face. "What'd he mean when he said he wasn't ready?" She smiled at me. "He wasn't dressed. He didn't want to come to the hospital looking bummy. That's all." I nodded and that was when the doors to the bathroom door opened and out ran Tay with Bri behind her. "Her water broke Ki!" She yelled. "Seiko's did too!" I rolled my eyes. "Excuse me! But can yall at least go tell the nurse instead of telling each other!" I yelled at them. "Right." They ran to the front, leaving me and Bri to console each other.

Mijo's POV

I froze for a second as I processed what all just happened. I got up and ran to my room grabbing the duffle bag and ran out the door before calling everybody up and telling them. "Bruh! Briana's water just broke!" Was the first words Marlon said to me when he picked up. "Seiko's did too! I'll see you at the hospital!" I hung up and rushed my way to the hosptial. By the way I was driving, I was surprised the cops ain't pull my ass over.

As soon as I got in the hospital, I ran to the front desk and soon everybody else came in after me. "Seiko Huffman and Briana Jackson?" She nodded and told us where they were. "Thanks!" I yelled as I ran to their room. I busted through the door to see the doctor's head in between Bri's legs. "Ms. Jackson you've dilated 5 centimeters already." He said in a cheery tone. "Umm...thanks. Baby!" She exclaimed as Marlon came through the door with all her favorite snacks. "I got the peanut butter cookies, pickles, doritos, lays, Hershey's, Reese's, and the sprite." He said. "Damn! Did you bring the whole damn isle for pregnant women?" Chris asked. We all laughed until a shrill scream came from Seiko. I rushed over to her and grabbed her hand. "What's wrong baby?" I asked, worried that something had happened to the baby. "Contractions. Through numbers 1-10, what are they?" The doctor asked. "A solid 8." She said, wincing in pain as she let another scream out. "Whoa!" All the guys yelled as he opened her legs and she was exposed. "You're ten centimeters already! Nurse! We're going in! Come on crew!" He yelled as they unlatched her bed and put it on a rolling one. I grabbed onto her hand tighter, not wanting to be away from her. "I'm going to need for you to put these on." A nurse said handing me some scrubs. I looked at Seiko and her face told me she didn't want me to go, but her mouth said otherwise. "Go. They'll take care of me." I nodded and kissed her passionately. "I love you." I cooed as I ran to the bathroom to put the scrubs on.

I ran to the room she was in and I almost fainted at the sight of a pale head coming out. "Wow! You're doing perfect!" The doctor said, he held onto her feet as she struggled to keep her legs up. I wasn't comfortable with dude having his head where mine is most of the time, but I had to let it slide. I went over to Seiko and she crying and sweating. "Mijo! I can't do this!" She cried. I wiped the sweat off her forehead and kissed it. "Yes you can. Just think about the outcome. Our beautiful son will be out soon. Just keep pushing for him." She nodded and squeezed my hand so hard it loss feeling. "Okay babe...1...2...3! Push!" She pushed and her face turned red. "Ahhh!!!!" She screamed. "One more Ms. Huffman and your done!" She nodded at the doctor and took a really deep breath before pushing hard. Just then the room filled with soft cries and Seiko gasped as more tears rolled down her cheeks. "Boy born at 4:45 p.m. on November 7, 2013!" One of the nurses called out the information. Seiko hugged me tightly as I smiled. "You did it baby. You did it." I whispered in her ear. I pecked her lips before being tapped on my shoulder. "Would you like to hold him first?" The nurse asked me. I looked at Seiko and she nodded at me. I hesitantly held my arms out and she placed my son in them. <a href="">He</a> was perfect. I felt Seiko's hand on my cheek and I noticed I was crying. "I'm such a punk." I joked as they all laughed. I kissed my son's head and smiled at him as he smiled back. "Oh my gosh! KO! He smiled at me!" I exclaimed. "I'm never going to leave you like my father did. I'm going to be at every football game, basketball game, soccer game, anything! I'll help you with every homework assignment... except for math. Daddy's not to good at that and I can't have my little man failing. I'm going to love you just as much as your mommy. I already do." I kissed his small lips and rubbed my hand through his hair. "Can I hold him now?" Seiko asked. "Yeah babe, it's like I just don't want to let him go." She chuckled wearily before holding out her hands. I placed our son in them and he instantly smiled. "That's right, he knows when his mama is around. Yes you do! Yes you do!" She cooed. "Aww! Is that my PoohBear!" We turned to see Kiana standing with everybody behind her. "Wanna hold him?" Seiko asked. Kiana nodded and smiled big. She raced over to him and took him from Seiko. Everybody crowded around him like he was some God. "Excuse me." We heard another voice say, but since the crew was in the way, we couldn't see who it was. "Oh our bad." They all stepped back revealing the nurse. "Is everything okay?" I asked worried once again. She giggled and smiled at me. "He worries a lot, a good sign Ms. Huffman. But no, there's nothing wrong with your son. But we need a name and both of you guys' prints. We need you both to sign his certificate too." I nodded and took the papers. "Maurice Barry Bradford. Nice. Here you go." The nurse said, handing me and Seiko an ink pad. I put my thumb in it and put my thumb on the paper. Seiko put Maurice's foot on the pad then on the paper. I was too happy. I just couldn't stop smililng. "Okay dude, you scaring me?" Avery said as everybody laughed, but Chris. "Aye... lemme holla at yall for a minute." I said to Chris and Avery. They mugged each other as we all walked to the door. "Pussies first." Avery spat, waiting for Chris to walk through. "So ain't you walking out yet?" Chris spat back. "Aye! Chill with that s***. Now, I don't know what the hell happened-" "This b**** ass nigga cheated on my f***ing sister! That's what the f*** happened!" Avery cut me off. "Man! Did he f***ing say s*** about that? No! Shut yo pussy ass up man. I'm so f***ing tired of you! Such a f***ing dumbass!" Chris spat. "What the f*** did I say?!! I said chill the f*** out! Both of yall better calm down or so help me God! My f***ing foot will be in both of yall asses in about 2.5 seconds!" I snapped. They both just looked at each other and rolled their eyes. "Man. Yall acting like some b****es. Avery, no matter how much you dislike Chris, he's still going to be around. Your niece thinks he's herdad, and all of your friends are family to him. So you're just going to have to suck this s*** up through a straw and drink that s***. Chris, you cheated Lord knows how many times! What you want him to do> Pat you on the f***ing back and say that s*** is alright? I wanted to kill your ass for a hot second! I had my gun on me and everything, so you know I could've did it. But you're human, you're going to make mistakes. You want everybody to treat you like a damn kid. Not this time dude, Kiana left. You're just going to have to accept that move the f*** on." They both clenched their jaws and I smacked my lips. "f***ing grown ass kids man." I mumbled walking back through the door. Seiko snapped her head up and smiled at me. "Baby you look sleepy as hell. Maybe you should get you some rest." I said, kissing her lips and covering her up. "I want you to come to bed with me. Please." She whined. I smirked and pulled back the covers before climbing in. "We'll be back in about 3 hours so you can feed him." I nodded and kissed my little man's forehead before they took him away. "I miss him already." Seiko whispered, putting her head on my chest. "Thanks." I said, hugging her close. "For?" She asked. "For the best gifts in the world." She smirked and looked up at me. "What's that?" I chuckled at the thought. "You, your love, and my son." She had a big ass smile on my face as I watched her fall asleep. "Love you." I cooed, falling asleep after her.

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Ugh! I can't ever keep you with story!!! I don't get one for a day && you got 17 damn adds..slow yo ass down Rissa lol jk but s*** getting real...fux Run it

chris jealous self -__- kinda cute in a way but still no
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Chris needs to stop jumpin to concussions its goin to be the death of him...
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Everyone I swear is everyone is pissing me off...simple as that...

Kiana's POV

I sat in front of Tre's house, crying my eyes out. "How could he lie like that?" I asked myself as the flashback appeared in my head.


I looked up at the clock as I heard the door slam and then someone running up the stairs. "What the hell?" I threw the covers off of me and got up. The door swung open and I jumped back as I looked at Chris and he looked at me. "What are you doing?" He dropped sown to his knees and hugged me close. "Please baby. I'm so sorry for getting jealous. I love you so much. I just can't stand how much you like that dude. He is competition and you know I don't like competition." I smirked and rubbed his head. "Nobody could ever be competition with you. You got my heart Chris. But you can't be so damn insecure! I need you to trust me and love me! If you don't want me to talk to him as much as I do, just ask." I said kissing his lips. "Wait! It's 4 a.m. Where the hell were you?" I asked. "I went to a bar with Marlon." I smacked my lips. "How you cool with Marlon, but not Laith?" He shrugged and pecked my lips. "Chtis.....please just be honest right now. No lies...just please. We're you with another girl. I can smell her ratchet ass perfume." He sniffed the air and I looked at him and let him go. "It's absolutely cool if you did. You were single. I'm not mad if you did." I said, meaning every word. "But please just don't lie to me." He hugged me tight and kissed my neck. "Now babe. Why would I f*** another b**** knowing I got the most beautiful girl in the world at home? No I didn't. She tried to get with me, but I sat her ass straight. It was a done deal after that." I smiled and pecked his lips. "Well since she couldn't finish the job....I will." I said in a low, seductive tone. He bit his lip and began stripping himself, then me. "Thank you God." He whispered staring at my body, before picking me up and lying me down on the bed. "Come on Papi. I want you." I whispered, biting his left ear. Goosebumps appeared on his skin and he smiled in the crook of my neck. "Trust me baby. You're gonna get all of me."

*Flashback Over*

This nigga had the audacity to f*** a b****, come home and lie to my face about it, and then f*** me. Like I know his ass didn't brush his teeth or nothing. I questioned him in the morning, asking why did he have makeup on his neck and he said, "Babe you have makeup on." I had touched my lips and red lipstick came off. I wasn't even mad at the fact that he created. But I was pissed off at how easily he lied to me. "You just gonna sit here, or are you coming in?" I jumped at the voice and looked up to see <a href="">Lil Q</a> staring at me. "What's wrong with you?" He asked, studying my pain-filled eyes. "A lot of things. But....I don't want to talk about them right now. How's school Lil Q?" I asked, getting out the car and locking it before setting the alarm. Never know out here. "Great. And please call me Quinton. Lil Q is my street name." I smirked and hugged him. "Glad to see someone out the game." He nodded and smiled. "Yeah. After my brother got killed in a shootout I knew I had to leave these streets alone." I decided not to say anything about his brother. His voice told me it was still a very touchy topic. "Wassup with you and Chris?" I cleared my throat and he chuckled. "Trouble in paradise." I shook my head. "Please. Paradise is the last word I'd use." He stopped chuckling and we walked into the house. "Hey Kiana!" I heard from Tre's crew. "Hey guys!" I went around hugging them and stopped when I saw <a href="">Tre</a> standing there looking pissed. "You know?" I asked him. He nodded and as he turned around to walk off, l saw about three veins popping out of his neck. Dude was livid right now. I followed him to the back and he sat down in a chair staring at something on his laptop. I looked over his shoulder and gasped. "Paparazzi got the whole thing." Tre said as he played the video. It had me and Chris arguing and then Avery and Bri beating him up. I was about to walk away until I heard that b**** Kae's voice through the speaker. "Kae! Kae! Can you tell us what happened?" They asked. "Oh, they just mad because Chris picked me over that ugly ass Kiana." She said, laughing with her sidekick. "b**** if I wasn't pregnant I'd beat yo ass too!" Briana yelled. Marlon was struggling to hold her back, but with Mijo's help he did.

The room went silent as I sat on the bed. "Aye cuh! How fast can we get Man Man here?" I looked up to see Tre on the phone, most likely with Avery. "No! You can't kill him! What the hell are you thinking?!" I yelled at him. "Nobody said they were killing Chris. We taking care of this Kae b****. See if Chris ever cheat again." I sighed. "He's not going to cheat, trust me." Tre scoffed loudly. "How you know?" I sat back down on the bed and chuckled before looking at Tre. "We not getting back together." Tre looked at me with sympathetic eyes. "Don't....just don't." I said as I changed my clothes. Yes in front of him, I always did. "I'm sorry man. I'm still here. Don't worry about Man Man. Kiana doesn't want Kae handled." He said as he hung up the phone. I laid down in bed and grabbed my old teddy bear before smiling. "Man! You kept this thing after all these years." I heard him chuckle before getting into the bed. "Yeah. I had to keep lying to them niggas saying it was yours." I heard heavy laughter and I looked up to see his crew. "Man. I told yall niggas it was his." Quinton said. "Get the hell out my cousin room!" Tre exclaimed. I was almost dying of laughter. "Wow. You got some crazy ass friends." He nodded and pulled my body closer. "Night. And don't soak my damn pillow either!" He joked. "Shut up nigga. I will drown this whole bed if I want to." We both laughed and began talking about the old days before we both fell asleep.

I woke up to an arm on my face. "Really Tre?" I moved his arm and looked at him. "You's an ugly ass nigga when you sleep." I mumbled. "Man you ugly 24/7!" He said. I smacked my lips before hitting him with my pillow. "Well look at that. I didn't drown in my sleep." I rolled my eyes and flicked him off. "Shut up." He reached up and touched my face. "You're too beautiful to be crying." I looked down and held my head in my hands. "I don't know why. I know I should be mad at him, but I just want him to hold me and tell me everything is a lie, and it was only in my dreams.. I mean he can tell me all of that, but it wouldn't be the truth." I said as a few more tears fell. My body was physically and emotionally tired from all this damn crying. I dried my tears and Tre handed me some Visine. "Thanks." I put it in my eyes and blinked them a few times. My phone began to ring ad I picked it up. "Hello...hey princess...oh really...well I'm heading home right now...okay you more!" I hung up the phone with a huge smile on my face. "Okay. The shower is two doors down. I'll run to McDonalds, you want the regular?" I nodded and thanked him before going into the bathroom to take a shower.

I got <a href="">dressed</a> and walked out the bathroom, attempting to fix my shirt. "We should have a girls day out." I thought to myself. I walked in the livingroom to see everybody lounging watching Family Guy. "I'm out. Thanks again for this Tre. Love you guys! Bye!" I was about to close the door, but Tre grabbed my arm. "Yes?" I asked, turning toward him. "Here." He handed me a stack of money and from the looks of it, it had to be about 4 g's. "I can't take that Tre." He stuffed it in my purse and I cursed myself for not zipping it back up. "You can and you will. Buy my Booger something nice. Bye. Love you." He kissed my cheek and before I could refuse his money, he shut the door. "Well that was rude." I mumbled walking to my car.

I knocked on the door and <a href="">he</a> answered the door laughing. When he looked at me, his smile slowly faded. "Uhh...hi." He said. "Hi." I said back. "Come in." He opened the door wider for me and I walked in. "Mommy!" <a href="">Christina</a> squealed ad ran over to me. "Hey! Mommy missed you so much!" I hugged her tight and kissed her all over as she giggled and begged for me to stop. "One more." She nodded ad pecked my lips. "Mmm. Mommy loves your kisses." She smiled and I did too. "So. What are we doing today Ms. Jackson?" I asked, sitting her on my lap. "Have fun!" She exclaimed. "Ok. I can do that." I looked up the stairs to see <a href="">Tay</a> walking down the stairs with <a href="">Dustin</a> in her arms. "I wanna go!" She came up to me, ready to go. "Okay. But after we leave, we gotta take the pregos to there ultrasound." Bri and Seiko sucked their teeth when they came down the stairs. When Chris walked in the room everything wet silent. I looked over at Bri ad held her hand. If I didn't Chris would've had a knife in his chest. "Where you going?" I asked, looking at her luggage. "I'm going to Marlon's. I'll see you later. Love you guys." She hugged and kissed us ad walked out. "Well, bout that time to go. Bye mama! Bye auntie!" I yelled up the stairs. "Stop that dam yelling Ki! I ain't telling you again!" Aunt Sandra yelled. "Ok!" I yelled on purpose before racing out the house with Tay behind me. We hurried and got the kids in their car seats before I pulled out the driveway.

"Okay. We're here!" I shook Christina to wake her up and she rubbed her eyes. When she opened them, she smiled big. "Mall!" She exclaimed, waking up Dustin. He began to cry until I poked his stomach. "Aye. Big boy! Time to wake up! You so cute!" I spoke in a baby voice, causing him to laugh. I got out the car and opened the door to see Christina, struggling, to get her seatbelt off. "Here mama. Let me help you." She took her hands away ad I clicked the button. "Tanks mommy." I smiled and picked her up. I sat her down and grabbed her hand before walking around the car to meet with Tay. "Yo! Papz here already. They be feinin' for them pictures forreal." I looked up to see the <a href="">papz</a> getting ready to snap some pictures. "Put these on baby." I handed Christina her sunglasses and she put them on. "Hi!" She waved over at the papz and they started to snap like their lives depended on it, which it did. "Kiana! Did Chris really cheat! Are you taking him back after the mishap at your party! Were with him only for his money! Did he give you his Black Card so you could forgive him! Is it true your sleeping with his bestfried Laith Hakeem! Tay! Is that baby really Drake's! Are you sleeping with Chris! Are you pregnant again!" All these damn questions had me on 10 ad I was at a 3 before I got out the car. "Yo! Get the f*** out her face! Have some damn respect! You all are pathetic!" Tay yelled at them. I shook my head and walked through the doors. "Oh my Gid! That's totally Teyana Taylor ad Kiana Jackson!" A huge crowd of girls had crowded around us. "Move back!" I turned to see Big Pat standing behind us. "Ugh! Chris must've sent you." He nodded and chuckled. "I'll take that as a thank you." I smirked and we began to walk around the mall.

"So wassup with you ad Chris. I mean you just gonna leave or are you gonna stay and try to work things out." Tay asked. I laced up Christina's shoes that she wanted to try o and huffed. "As of now, I'm not taking him back. I mean yeah he cheated with Kae in the beginning but-" "What about that other girl? He cheated with her too." I sighed and shook my head. "That wasn't cheating. We broke up like the other countless times and he came home after f***ing her and we made up. But I asked him if had messed around with another b****, and he was like. You know I'd never cheat o you blah blah most beautiful girl at home blah blah ad all that s***. I wasn't even mad at the fact that he f***ed another b**** when he found out. I was mad at the fact he lied to my face about it, and then we made love like ever before. Dude was sleeping like what he did wasn't wrong. If he would've told me the f***ing truth I would've been upset, but I wouldn't have left him. Seeing the fact I did break up with him. I just don't know T." She poked her lip out and hugged me tight as a tear slid down my cheek. "It's going to be okay boo. But I'm not off Team Chris. Yall niggas gonna fix this. I will drag yall both down." I laughed a bit as she smiled and gave me one more squeeze. "Come on. I got some shoes I need to buy. Plus those Foamposites I want are here." She nodded and ad we went to the cashier to check our stuff out. "Oh my gosh. That's August Alsina!" Tay squealed while shaking my arm. "Where?!" She pointed over to the shoes I wanted and we saw <a href="">him.</a> "He's so much cuter in person." Tay whispered. "Now what if Drake heard you say that?" She waved me off and started to walk towards him. "Tay! Tay get back here!" I yelled in a whispering tone. She came back ad dragged me over to the shoes that I wanted where he still stood. Soon as I saw <a href="">them</a> I forgot all about August. "Tay! I'm coppin' these. They're mine! You like these babygirl?" Christina shook her head no and I gasped. "Ugly." She fanned the shoe away from her and I laughed. "What? They're not ugly. They're just different." I heard a masculine chuckle and I looked over to see him laughing. "Cute kid." He said, looking down at Christina. "Thanks." He held his hand out, "August." He introduced himself. "Kia-" "I know exactly who you are. Happy belated birthday." I smiled and thanked him. "Kiana is that your new boy toy! Is this why Chris cheated! August! Did you base your new single off of her!" I sighed as I could see the flashes reflecting off the wall. "They just don't ever stop." I said to myself. "Well, when a woman as beautiful as you walks in, it's always picture time." I blushed a bit and smirked. "Do you always use that line?" He chuckled and shook his head. "Only if it works? Did it work?" I laughed and nodded. "It did. So.....maybe I'll see you around." He nodded and smile. "In due time Ms. Kiana." He walked out the store and I walked up to the staff with the shoe. "Can I get these in a 6.5?" I asked. "Of course...." When the staff faced me, I was so close to slapping the s*** out of her. She <a href="">smirked</a> in my face. "Well hello! I see you want to buy our newest shoe! By the way that party was wild last night, wasn't it?" I felt my anger rising as I just stood there and looked at her. "Oh look. You brought the kid. I hope me and Chris' baby in the future will look just like her." I was about to snap until I heard Christina say the funniest s*** ever. "Ugly." She said, pointing to Kae. I busted out laughing as Kae gasped ad held her chest. I shoved the shoe in her chest and smirked. "6.5. Thank you." I turned and walked away before giving Christina a high five. "That was funny." I said to her. I kissed her cheek and we sat by Tay as she tried on some shoes. "Tay! Christina just totally called Kae ugly!" She busted out laughing and Kae came over with my shoes. "Here you go." I looked at her and smiled. "I think I'll have them in a 7." She rolled her eyes. "You didn't even try these on." I shrugged. "I know, but could you just get the 7." She huffed ad walked back to the back. "You are evil......I love it!" Tay exclaimed while playing with Dustin. "Here." Kae placed the shoe on the bench and I thanked her. She tured and walked away with a full blown attitude. "Hope your mom feels better!" I yelled after her. "You want some ice cream Christina?" She nodded her head fast and then pointed to my phone. "Daddy!" She squealed. I looked at it to see Chris' face on the screen. "Hello?" I answered. "You moved on and it hasn't eve been a day, wow. Some mom you are." I jerked my head back ad told Tay I would be in the bathroom.

"What the hell are you talking about Chris?" He chuckled and my phone vibrated. I saw a picture of me and August holding hands. "Really?! You are so f***ing dumb! I just met the dude thirty minutes ago! And I was shaking his hand. Don't you ever come at me like that ever in your f***ing life! Try to play me like you the victim! Nigga please just stop! I can't believe you would even try to bring me being a mother into this!" I yelled into the phone. "I'm sorry, I just got-" "No! Shut the hell up! Just leave me alone Chris!" I hung up in his face and huffed loudly. "I can't stand his jealous ass." I walked out the bathroom and made my way to the food court.

"Kiana! Kiana!" I turned to see <a href="">him</a> and I speeded up the pace. "This day just can't get any worse." I felt someone grab onto my arm and I turned getting ready to cuss them out. "Trey leave me the f*** alone- oh....hey Laith." I said. "Ummm...hi." <a href="">His</a> face was priceless. "Sorry. I just thought you were someone else." He chuckled a bit. "I can see. What brings you out here? You ever go shopping." I shook my head and laughed. "I know. I just needed some time with my baby girl ya' know?" He nodded before looking over at the tables. "There goes my beautiful queen!" He exclaimed as Christia started to run to him as Tay chased her with Dustin in her arms. "Come back- oh. I thought she was just running off." She said as she eared us. Laith bent down and hugged her tight. "Wanna see what I got you?" He asked her. "Yeah!" He pulled out a box and pulled out a <a href="">necklace.</a> "Whoa!" Me and Tay said at the same time. "Pretty! Shiny!" Christina squealed. "Umm. Laith she can't take that." I said. "Why not?" He asked, putting the necklace on. "Because. I don't know how Chris will feel about another man buying his daughter something." Laith chuckled. "He's still playing daddy? Wow. Well I'll just leave it on and if he gets pissed oh well. Bye Kiana. See you later Tay. Be good my queen." He said hugging us all. "What the hell did he mean by that?" Tay asked. I just shrugged and grabbed Christina's hand. "I wonder what he meant by that." I thought to myself. I'll ask him later.

if anyone ass needed a whooping kae should of gotten it bad tf heffa stirred ishh up ugh I'm so mad her scheming ass did that on their bday
i sure hope he can fix it but i know it will take time and she really is gona find another guy but chris will be there to fix it slowly but surely
im so glad laith didnt do it and talked some sense into her
run it!