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Get off Chris's back

Chris is going through a lot lately and people are just constantly giving him all of this unnecessary feedback. People back off you can not judge him. Before you point the finger at him, point it at yourself. He is young and he is learning from his mistakes and has learned from his mistakes. He is a great artist and pretty good person from what I do see in his public appearances and articles. He has made mistakes but what human being hasn't. Get over it. Stop judging him. If he was not in the public eye you would not even have anything to say.


Chris, I love you... And please never listen to people who hate. No one is perfect. We all done things we regretted or have acted badly, we all have.. Cause you are a big star, they use you to sell their story and name..people are evil.. Don't stop. Without your music we your fans will die, we need you. We need you.

So right... You said it the best. Most people hate their own lives, that. 'S why they have so mush hate. For a kids who made a one mistake many years ago.. If you look in there closet you will see worst..

Chris, I have no clue if you read any of your fans comments. I do listen and keep up with the media. Most of the time they are hyping issues up to get more views on their blogs, website and just notoriety. I am a mother with daughters and I pray the best for them in everything that they do. They try to do their best because they want me to be pleased. I kow your mother would want the same. Ignore the negative comments that swirl in the world. Ignore the negative people that mean you no good. Ignore the negative things that this nasty world has to offer. Continue to stay focus,stay positive, make good music, and make your mother proud. The best is yet to come!!. Take care and take it one day at a time.

Love this letter to Chris. Don't get discouraged, just keep going. We've all had to deal with haters, the best thing to do is to hold your head up high and not care about it.

Chris brown please get better better please don't study what people have to say about u , u made your mistake u learn from it. If u want to take a break from music its kk but retiring , i know is that u don't want to do , l will always be your fan i will support u n always have ur back , but remember ppl will always talk good and thing about u n u cant make them get to u some time , one of ur song please don't judge me n that wat ppl will do . u just have to lift ur head up n keep walking cause it have people out hear who still LOVE YOU. I hope u get better take some time off from music n do chris brown. Because u is the only one can judge ur own self . Samantha will keep u in my pray .

Chris Brown...I am white, female and have lived through many experiences in my 50 years. I am not familiar with one song that you sing but as a Christian, a nurse, and a therapist who keeps up with pop culture through the media, I have to say I am sick and tired of the way that the news vultures and unforgiving souls in this world continue to bash you and will not let you live your life and work through your issues as we all have the right and the need to do. Don't let yourself get or stay sick over the negative energy constantly being directed your way. Surround yourself with love and allow God's love to embrace you. Peace, love and prayers to you from Louisiana for the healing and growth of your soul and talent, young man.