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Chris Featured On Jucy J’s “Talkin’ Bout”

Chris Featured On Jucy J’s “Talkin’ Bout”
Breezy and Wiz Khalifa teamed up with Juicy J for his new track “Talkin’ Bout”! Take a listen below.

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  • I love all of Chris's music. I hope he can stay out of trouble or no one tries to get him in trouble. Chris Brown is soo full of talent and his voice touches my soul. I love him to death!!!
    by LexusLs29 on már 18, 2014 du31 12:12du
  • Like the new songs pull them panties to the side but man be good so you can come home love lavar
    by robertslavar71@... on már 17, 2014 du31 6:06du
  • Love this song great beat and great sound :-)
    by Brittany19 on már 14, 2014 du31 2:02du
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    by viopkming on már 3, 2014 du31 10:10du
  • check out rihanna about chris brown
    by SPIKE BISI on már 3, 2014 de31 9:09de
  • hey just hang in there i know you wish to get out but what i say thats what you need muah xoxo i should've kissed you
    by chris_ash2001 on feb 14, 2014 de28 12:12de
  • Catchy & smoothe beat...Awesome collaboration...
    by gre24 on feb 8, 2014 du28 11:11du
  • Catchy beat...."Front on the news"....Chris killed this!...Love You Chris...
    by Privah Eliberz on feb 7, 2014 de28 3:03de