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Watch Chris & Asher Monroe’s “Memory” Video On mtvU

Watch Chris & Asher Monroe’s “Memory” Video On mtvU
Chris & Asher Monroe’s new video for “Memory” is a must see! Check it out below.

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  • hélo chris brown u like me very also i need to see you u re my better singlman in the world
    by baliou on már 15, 2014 du31 9:09du
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  • I can listen to this song all day! = )
    by Cydnee C. Hughes on már 2, 2014 du31 7:07du
  • I like it))))
    by DGIYA on feb 17, 2014 du28 4:04du
    by gre24 on feb 14, 2014 du28 2:02du