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Celebrate Chris’ Birthday With iPower 92.1’s 5 Best

Celebrate Chris’ Birthday With iPower 92.1’s 5 Best
Continue celebrating Breezy’s birthday with his 5 Best Collaborations on iPower 92.1! Be sure to wish him a Happy Birthday and check out the list here.
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  • chris i wish u a happy birthday and more years to come would love meet you one day u r my #1 fan and singer and actor i would fall in love . u r my idol and u has change so much over the years and became the man u are. your music is the bomb and u have an great voice and dance move. i believe in u and just keep that in mind and stay out trouble and be good and have a very good talent don let anyone tell u any diffrent your fan andrea
    by andreafoxx10@gm... on júl 18, 2014 du31 12:12du
  • happy birthday my star
    by dox stogi on jún 9, 2014 du30 2:02du
  • don't make the same mistakes again chris brown this is a new start for you, always think postive happy birthday love you
    by stephyoung25 on jún 5, 2014 du30 5:05du
  • happy birthday chris brown i know you been going through something but that dosent mean i thing youre 25 now and you can be freee and turn upp
    by mrs.breezy11 on jún 5, 2014 de30 10:10de