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does anyone know of any address to write to chris brown or his management or maybe an email or something. i already know about the number that he is putting out but i don't wanna use thst


Dear Chris Brown,
Hi my name is alexa & i was wondering.. will you please go to my prom with me? It would make my life complete you can add my facebook & message me.. my name is Alexa MsBarbie. I LOVE YOU! please...
thanks xo

hi chris breeeeeeezy! im actually obsessed with you your smile makes me cry cause your so beautiful i am jealous of all the girls who have touched your hand i listen to you everyday, a day doesnt go past without not listening to you! i love how your so strong and confident despite what you did your always gona be on top! i would die just to meet you i love ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL of your songs and would love to see you in concert! your actually so beautiful it makes me want to cry as i said! your smile just lightens me up when i look at pictures of you i dont see why anyone would hate you and if they do i think they are just jealous of your beautifulness and your whole carrier!! i cant believe you took that girl up on stage in atlanta and grinded on her shes so lucky!! hope you can reply to this and my email is I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART AND I WILL ALWAYS BE Y O U R NUMBER 1 FAN!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLLL <3

CHRIS OM JUST TRYING TO WORK WITH YOU MUSICALLY. WE CAN MAKE THEM YOUNG HITS!!!! Lol check out this vid of me and my cuz singin & rappin about YOU!

hey Chris i am your biggest fan and would you mind emailing me back any time here's my if you don't mind give me a reply i am only 14 years old and i really look up to you in music your my hero thanks.

Hey Chris its Zach Marks i am a big fan because i love to dance i like to dance to your songs so i was wondering if i could dance with you one day it has always been a dream for me to dance alone side you cause i am pretty good at dancing i am the best dancer in my town and i hope you could do this for me it would be the greatest thing that has ever happened to me cause i just lost my best friend to cancer and i have been so depressed lately i just have been listing to your music because it always seems to cheer me up and it would mean the world to me like i said my number is 1-267-923-5267 and my email is please if you can help me live my dream that would be great

your fan: Zach Marks

Hi Chris Brown, Hope your doing well. I am contacting you in reference to my daughter. She is 17the years old and her name is Rosangel. You are her idol. She has all your songs and knows the lyrics. The clock stops when she sees you in TV all the time. A little about her; she write a her own lyrics and sings too. At the age of 13 she was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. Currently she is hospitalized in Upstate, NY. Diagnosed with another desease called Multiple Sclerosis. Her self esteem is low and a little depressed due to this new news. Her one and only dream is to meet you someday. I am her mother trying to contact you. Please make her smile again by giving her a chance to meet you. All she wants, All she dreams is to meet you in person. Sincerely Mom, Sandra.....My email is Im posting a picture of her as my profile here.

Hi Chris Brown, my name is Conor Foster and i am a huge fan of you and your music. i listen to your music all the time and my favorite songs are Beautiful People and Next 2 You. I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome while i was little and you inspire me to be strong and be positive. I was wondering if you had the time to spend one day with me because it's been my dream to become a famous music artist like you and i wanna be just like you. I wouldn't want anything more than to spend the day with you. When i was diagnosed with Aspergers, i've been having trouble with social situations and sometimes don't know what people are talking about and i feel lost and confused and i have trouble making new friends. So im asking if i can spend one day going through what you do and what you did to make it to the top. You inspire me to get to that feat. I wouldn't want anything more and it would make me the happiest person in the world if i got to spend one day with my favorite artist of all time. I want to be inspired by you and accomplish my dreams and will do whatever it takes. Please respond once you get the chance and see what you think. Aspergers is hard to live with for me and i feel different from people. Keep doing what your doing and hopefully you respond back so i can spend a day with my fqvorite artist and wishing i can be just like him. Thank you.

Hi Chris Brown. I have been a big fan and am gonna ask you for a very small favor which would mean the world. Me and My GF recently got back together and our song was "With you" Her bday is coming up and it would really mean alot if you could just message her "Happy birthday" My email is If you do agree to this, I would like you to message me so I can give you her email address or her facebook and all you would have to say is happy birthday. If you just skim through this or ignore it, I wouldnt care, you are extremely busy and I will still be a fan. Sincerely, Diego.

Hey Chris,

I have a proposition for you that can be a win-win for both of us. I need your help to make a short little clip with me to get me on The Real World. I have a nice little tune and a few lyrics I'd like to throw your way so you could make a song and increase my chances of getting a spot on the next season. Let me know if you'd be willing to help me out you damn dance crazy guy.

I'm a 23 year old Ninja Assassin senior at Chico State University.
(530) 386-1428

Hey Chris.

Ight so my girl and i are having some issues, she wants to date other people because the guys she dated before me were douchebags, and she cant get the realistic truth through her head that the respect and love i have for her is real, not a d*** move to get in her pants. When we first started a relationship she requested that i look on youtube for the song "Next to you". I did and that song is exactly how feel about her now. Unfortunately, i agreed into letting her date other people thinking it would show her that no other guy would treat her like i have done. I have now learned that i was wrong and even though my efforts at making our relationship stronger seemed harmless in the moment, i have found them harmful to myself. Its hard to see her with other guys, and even though we have a set time when this "hallpass" if you will, will expire, its killing me. The initial reason for writing this, is purely to ask you for your help. I do believe that you will read this or at least your agent will, but i also believe that you will think that i'm requestig your help, simply to act cool. I would like to meet you as soon as possible, because i dont know how much more of this torture i can withstand. I love this girl so much, and to pull up to her house, get out and hold her, as you sing that song, would mean so much to the both of us in the long run. I know your thinking, "why cant he just play my song on a radio?". And this question is a good one. But i want to show her that anything is possible if true love is part of the equation. Thats i would do anything for her. If you would please consider my request, and decide to accept it, i would like it if you emailed me at,, or Thank you chris. This means a lot to me!

I just wanna say i love u so much chris brown<3 #prettylala

I just wanna say i love u so much chris brown<3 #prettylala

Hey, I hope you realise how much your loved. I just wanted to say if it could be possible to follow me on twitter as " Landaa_Breezy_D"!
Thank you !:D

Dear Chris Brown,

My name is Cody,13 years , I truly love your music im a HUGE fan!I think your the best singer ever! I know how busy 24-7 with all the music but i ask you for a couple of things. 1.could i get your autograph with a certificate of authentice,i will supply the picture. 2.could i get a measage from you or a phone call just hearing your voice would be the best day ever! 3. could u send me a boys in dention cd because i cant really afford one right now.also my email is And i know its a 1 in a million chance of you even reading this or giving me my 3 wishes but if you could it would mean the world to me.
Cody Beesler

Dear Chris.

My name is Ivana, I am 18 years old. I live in Europe in small country named Croatia. I am obviously your big fan but that doesn't making me different from milion of others. I decided to write this letter after I watched your movie ''This Christmas'' today, again. I know that that was just your role in the movie but for some of us was a motivation to be what we are to try reach our dreams. I am a senior in High school and soon I will need to pick a college. But my dream is to become an actress and one day to reach Hollywood. I know that these are just a dreams which seems to be impossible to achieve but I need to belive in myself, like I belive in you. I think that real fan should love you with all your virtues and vices and should stand by you no matter what happens. After that ''thing'' with Rihanna I never judged you, never hated you, never changed my opinion, cause I don't love you beacuse of your money, fame and power. I love you because of the feeling I get when I listen to your songs. I can find myself in you. Just you know, I have all your albums and honestly I think they are the most valuable thing I own. When I see you I see a person who succeeded to be an amazing artist, amazing singer and dancer, amazing man. I respect you in so many ways an I belive that I'm not the only one. Right now in this moment, your song is playing on my PC - All of my favourite though. I really hope that one day I will have opportunity to meet you and tell you all these things again and again, cause you deserve to know how great person you are and you should never forget that. You inspire so many people including me and please try to never let us down. You have wonderful fans who would do everything for you, but some of us would never get a chance to see you. Although this fact is breaking my heart but I will never give up from you, ever. Oh God I wish I could be in your life :(

Love you. :*

Dear Chris Brown,

Well, I am kind of thinking this won't get a reply and won't happen, but I am hoping and wishing as hard as I can. With you getting so many requests, I am unfortunately not too hopeful, but Tuesday is one of my best friend's birthday, and she is having a party this weekend. Well, I was joking around with her about 'what if I got Chris Brown to sing you happy birthday?!' She was like 'I would just die I would be SO happy!' Then I got to thinking, maybe it would actually be possible! I don't know if it would, but if it is, it would really make her birthday special, and I know she'd never forget it! If it would be AT ALL possible at any point in time for you to sing her Happy Birthday either over the phone, in person, or skyping, or ANY way at all. PLEASE let me know through my email which is Thank you so so so very much! <3
Yours Truly,
Mary. :)

Hey My name is Lakaya Williams. I'm 15 turning 16 December 19.I know your really busy already but I never went to your concerts I havent gone to any famous person concerts because I dont have the money.I wanted to ask you give me tickets to one of your concerts for my birthday and I can take two of my friends.Or you can see me in person or just a phone call.Thats all i want.For more info my email is Chris :) hope you have a great day

Dear Mr Chris Brown,

My name is Mike Mills and I heard you are coming to the UK in december now I no this is very unlikey to happen but we are having a fashion show and would love you to attend see it as an invitation, I know this is a myth but there is no harm in trying. Another thing your music in the past year my goodness you killed it. Anyway I'm gona chuck up the deuces.


Chris i am a huge fan of yours and one day i will have the honour of meeting you! over these past few years you have become a huge inspiration to me and i would love to sing one of your songs to you one day! with you 100% mr breezy! much love!

chris , chris , chris !
its my mates birthday tomrrow, it would actually make her life, if you said happy birthday, anyway possible what so ever ?!?!

Hi, im from israel and i need to know his email adress so i can contact him about coming to israel and performing cuz we all big fans in here, and we would like to see his performance in here... If someone can contact me about it , my email: .

My best friend is your absolute biggest fan! She had a poster of you on her wall all throughout college. She is getting married in September and for her bachelorette party we're all going to your concert at PNC in Holmdel on September 16th! It would be so awesome if we could meet you after the concert, it would make it the best bachelorette party ever!!!!

Heyyy chriss brown just wana say your amazing and that i love you, whenever i need advice or seek attention i tune my stero on and listen to you, to me you are an insperation, i would do anything to meet you that is my wishh please please email me . would love too finally hear from my hero. xxxx

chris brown plz help dream is to be a singer and there is nothing going to stop me being that so u r one of the greatest singers in the world and u r my 2 best singer n i like your style very name is DELVIN HINDLE im 14 years old i live in sri lanka its a country under india.PLZZZZ HELP ME PLZZZZZZZ MY DREAM IS TO BE A SINGER IF U CAN CONTACT ME I WILL SHOW U WHAT I CAN DO.I KNOW I CANT DO IT AND I KNOW THAT U WILL HELP ME CUZ I PREY TO GOD EVERY DAY AND I PREY TO MICHAEL JACKSON TO.PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ HELP ME U R THE ONLY ONE THAT I CAN RELY ON SO PLZZ HELP ME.

Hey, Chris Brown i'm one of your biggest fans, I have like almost every song you made. I look up to you as a artist, if I had have anybody as mentor it would be you, I love your music you in inspire me to dance and sing and even rap you have great artist around you like Kevin McCall whos's also a great artist and songwriter. My wish is to be singed to your record label cbe one day

I hope read this one day and make my wish come true my phone number is 562-261-3427 and email my is

Terrell, from Downey,CA

chris brown...u r the best singer, you voice is the best and sexy voice i have ever heard...i lister everyday to your you...

this kid i dont even know but he can BLOW i know you must respect great talent check him out!!

what is chris brown nuber his real one that is work and you can talk to him

Hi Chris . This is LaQuida Smith. Do u remember me.I'm from wichita kansas and I remember you and not just beacuse your rich and famous. But becuz I love u and u n I are meant 2 b. I use to pray for a man aka husband. But then I took it back. But I don't know... If I could be wit any man in the whole world then... it would have to b u babe... u r so sweet and I don't fault u 100% for hitting Rihanna.Cuz obviously u wouldn't hit a female 4 no reason. I love u (rich or not,fame or not) ... My saynow number is 1-401-441-5182.Please call me when you get the chance hun...and keep taking good care of yaself...I seen ya video "she ain't you" and boy ya was lookin' real good baby.Have a blessed day.

Hey Chris. I'm not asking for any crazy request because I know you are a busy man. (: But just wondering, where did you purchase your Brooklyn hat from off of the Look at me now music video. I am dying to know so I can get one. Please & thank you. Love you. Stay freshhh til death.
Allison. (: