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  • you doin your thing bro you fine but thats not what just counts your very talented and keep up the good work nicki manaj i hear alot of people say what does she be rapping about lol haha wish you werent so busy back n duh day and went on a ride wit me i still remember your sister dressed like a boi in some roc hi to your family even though i really never had the chance to talk to them but i did get to c them at valleyfair you were supposed to give me your jacket to keep me warm once i got off the log ride to log off the night miss you and you will always be in my heart cause you were supposed


  • hope you win looking forward to seeing you cant wait to find out if your performing treat drake lol haha he dont derserve nuthin lol keep it going do you love you man sincerly AMG

  • what do i want from u friendship that needs to be finished

  • missed ya brezzy

  • congrats to the both of u cant wait to go out nd order x

  • like the new song good work no luck for me but it was sum bs anywayz dont let people publicity tear you down i know so

  • hey its me Ashley again hopefully u got to read muh comments goodluck with all ur court s*** KEEP YA HEAD UP have a baby on tha way so excited haven't yet made it to florida but someday ill go back out there and maybe looking at A 7 MILL SETTLEMENT HOPE THEY TAKE MUH CASE WISH ME LUCK THEY TOOK OTHER PEOPLES SIMILAR TO MINE THEN I REALLY WILL BE MEETING U AGAIN SOMEDAY

  • or maybe were just gonna meet some day in Miami lol
    I had these dreams visions whatever you call it that I was in the club wit you and we had sex haha hope that comes true

  • we met at valleyfair in mn so ou can know I actually met you