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  • u will win and u have to! lov u chris
    i lov chris brown but big kiss for my baby boo i lov u!! u know who u ar.

  • he deserves this award and i lov him so much but he hav to work and work again!! mov ur ass chris and make a new video for ur own business!! lol.ok ok ok i'll vote coz it's in europe i mean where i live. lov ya chris

    i lov chris brown but big kiss for my baby boo i lov u!! u know who u ar.


    yo guys it's for my sis so add more run pliz !!

  • coz it's no it's all they should do an album and if chris do dat most of his fans will say do dey only friends? wit all this pictures where they ar kissin' and all and dey will start to think that chris is a lyer and i'm not sure dat chris will aprreciate so no album!! neva!

  • i think chelcie is a good girl so talk to her pliz she's alone u can pick up her e-mail and discuss with her!! i lov u chelcie peace and tak car of u.lov

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    chris is the best i hope that every people here like exclusive i lov u CB u ar the best kiss and tak care of u i lov UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!

  • well i think its good for him so i'm just sayin' to chris continue it's all and congratulation i'm very happy for him kiss

  • oh!! i'm very sorry for chris when u work very hard for somthing and then some stupid people ar doin' things like that it's not funny. i think that he feels so bad and sad or maybe angry now

  • i think chris is like the perfect guy coz he's cute, hot, he dances like .... i dont know wat to say, and he sings very well, he's funny,look at his type of clothes and all these kind of things like hats, jewelery,watch and all wat else? nuttin' i lov U Chris u ar the best!!! yes sir!

  • i will be so excited and so happy to hav a private concert wit cb but until now i dont really know the place maybe on the beach.chris is so sexy i lov him