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  • i was so moved by the tribute.
    my mama tried to tell me that it wasn't you, but somebody else like usher behind the curtain,
    i knew better then that.
    = ]
    when you started to sing man in the mirror i knew it would hit a nerve...i wonder why haters don't understand the reason for the tears or why they would think that they weren't real.
    at the end of the day it doesn't...what matters is that you were pleased with the performance.
    if michael jackson was still here i think that he would be more than honored by your performance.
    = ]

  • congratulations!
    you deserve it!
    your fans love and support you and this award should be proof of that!
    : ]

  • in order to make great music that people can relate to you as an artist and a person have to go through a storm.
    i think you been through a mighty one, and I know you've came out the other end stronger and better then you went in.
    : ]

    p.s. there comes a point in life that you need to get on some more ish and i love the new ish you on!!
    : ]

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    this cd is the soundtrack of my life as a 17 year old.
    thank you for sharing your helped me get through some tearful dark nights.
    it help put a smile on my face.
    it helped me get through a rough break up.
    it helped me get ready to have a good time.
    it helped with a lot.
    it helped me.
    : ]
    thank you!

  • i love this video!
    they need to make a song together.
    : ]