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  • Of course you did, and you will continue to win awards as long as you continue to follow that which is already written for you, push them back by continuing to focus on your talents, never let them see you sweat, and understand jealousy is the highest form of compliment!

  • I love the fact that Chris is so versatile, i bet if you threw a country music song at him he'd kill it,thats what talent is all about. So all those haters out there calling for an end to his career sit down your either born with it or your not, it cannot be snatched and this is what he has that angers them, this is what keeps them coming back!

  • This beat is hot, on to the vid, can we say insure his whole bod? i don't know how he does well everything, but there really are'nt that many out there that can over shadow thier background dancers yet he does and never ever disappoints in doing so!

  • I like it kind of mellow yet with a soft beat, Love the video attached to it thought provoking.