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  • Congrats I'm proud of you pushing through all the haters and succeeding to becoming greatness! I love you and wish you the best. I hope you win ! #TeamBreezy ! <3

  • I feel confident when I go to the clubs or parties listening to this. lol.

  • One of my favorites besides I'm afraid, Forever, The Best Yo, Boing, Beg for it and soo on... I just love them all!

  • I love this song. I keep on repeat. I wish I was in the video though. The concept was nice too from snowing to an all out house party!! <3

  • Love this song !! It's so soothing & carefree. It reminds of the beach for some reason but somewhere in cali. lol. Anyway I love it and I love you !!

  • This album is such a romance. I love every track literally!!

  • Omgg !! I love this song . Truly talented, sexy and cute. I love you Chris . <3

  • I like that song. It's like a dance floor techno song. <3 it.