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  • I'm a 41 yr old lady who's a born again christian with a son your age & I'm a fan. I don't really listen to your music but the songs that I've heard recently I like alot like transform ya, and forever is a really fly song. Yeah, I'm a fan Chris, rootin' for ya, praying for ya too! Congratulations baby boy, u truly got it goin' on & on & on... Much success & happiness. PS I pray u find true love 'cause u deserve it. The next time a chick provokes u to that kind of anger, dump her like asap baby 'cause ain't nobody worth all the pain u have had 2 endure. Luv ya!

  • Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance 2 c the video, but I'm sure it was fly. Usher can dance & Chris can dance his butt off! That's good that they're friends & that Chris is enjoying himself. Best of everything Chris. U deserve to enjoy the talents GOD clearly gave u. Eventually find JESUS Christ, U know HIM.