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  • this is my favorite song it really is disrespect 2 u or 2 team breezy......the video just wasnt what iexpected i had another vision in mind but ilike the video ireally do nd i really appretiate it.

  • with love 4rm me and the fans here in my neighborhood we wish you the best of the best!!! with love from a fellow music lover!!! hope you have a gud birthday and hope that you have a gud time on the F.A.M.E tour!!! also thank you for your dedication and hard work to music and showing your fans love!!! Feliz Compranios and Feliz Cinco De Breezy!!!!!!

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    Believe it or not this is another dedication 2 Michael Jackson. For example "Yo(excuse me miss)" is just like the music video T"he way you make me feel". "Gimmie That" which is like the video "Smooth Criminal". "Wall 2 Wall" which is like the video "Thriller". "Beautiful People" is like "They Really Don't Care About Us". all these videos are like Michael Jackson's videos but they all have Chris Brown's little twist to it. This video is between "Dirty Diana" and "Pretty Young Thing" I'm still deciding. I give you big props Chris Brown just 2 tell you I'll keep comparing your videos!!!

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    I like this video it like one of the best pre mj videos ever!!! irs very creative and has his own touch of style. =)

  • ilike this video it show ur fun side i like how every1 is on the scooters like po 4rm telitubbies nd the started dancin at the corner nice job i hope for more vidds

  • thebreezylyfe here got beautiful ppl out here in CA it comes on every hour now lol

  • Iluv the way u broke out the body wave that was a klassic!!! Gotta learn dat one also Iluv that song say of with me really creative :)

  • this video is creative not that i'm saying dat allhis videos arnt creative they all are but this one shows his edgy side =)

  • it was so good you was glowing in the dark and everything im glad i was there!!!

  • lol if you ever get mad at chris and look at this pikk you kno u have to change your mind about being mad at him!!!