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I love you chriiis *_____* <3

Chris Brown <3 well, he is my favorite singer :D <3 Love him so much <3 <3 <3 I love his music ,his dance and of course I LOVE HIM <3
I don't care what everybody say (haters) I love his work .. <3
#BreezyTeamGreece <3 We want C.B hereee!!! please Chris come heree <3 we want desperately to see you ... :D :D :)

BreezyForEVER <3 . <3 C.B <3 . <3

I love your song "fine china" its fantastic!

HEs Mine Yall Can Hop TF Off Frfr

I Love You Chris <3 <3

i love this song,weldone Chris Brown

AWESOME song Breezy u gat ther.. luv't.

I am very happy to get a special place to know everything about my prince love you Chris, I'm sedusida each clip by his smile and his music kisses Josy

I Love All His Song.!!!! <3 <3 <3