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Hey chris im one of your biggest fans.
Ive been trying to find your fan email address but i couldnt find it so if your reading this send a reply to
On february 10th 2009 it was two days after the incident and alot of fans were turning their backs on ya so i set up a fan page on "bebo" to try and get loads of fans and then id send it off to you so youd have alot of positive things to look at and for a place with no haters what so ever.
Its been a year and we have over a 1'000 people on it .
I told them id send it off to you and see if we got a reply.
Pleasee reply :(

theres the link or else you can go onto bebo and type in ChrisBrownSupport in the search bar and we'l come up.

Thanks loveyou x