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&& far from the tree ™

<strong>trailer coming soon.</strong>

be on the look out. it's something different. :)


RUN iiT!

"Because you have seen me, you have believed. But blessed are the ones who have not seen, and yet they believe."
-John 20:29

Twin if you don't hurry up n post this story i'mma come over there

Check out my brand spankin new story ... |_Partners In Crime_| .... it's a bangah

since you from the chi, and that's where i'm from..
i gotta RUN IT! : )

Jus respect it and keep my name out’cha mouf
(I’m a Queen!)

-"I'm A King"- T.I. feat. P$C and Lil' Scrappy

okay runit!


Okie doke, i'm lookin out for both of em RUN IT!!!!!! lol

& be on the look out for my twin's story : | Partner in Crime |™

"I have a specialy and it's being me;Are you ready?"

Boo, u suck *throws a tomatoe* .... :) sike naw, how you doin twin XD

Just show me you love me, and you won't have to say a word. Do the things that show you care. Your lips can speak no words. Just graze my skin with your gentle hand and kiss my forehead. Love me for me, the inside not the out, because I'll do that for yo