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The story I am coming up w/ is called
"Just Cuz I Am Big Dn't Mean I Have Any Feelins"

Just leave ya info


role~role character friend
personality~im loud...goofy...funny...always the one crackin jokes....i aint scared to dance in public...i like hidin in the clothes racks at walmart(lol)...i like sports, cool with to too much...laid back

~~~i So LiiKe rOq~~

Name: Piana {pe-on-na}
age:n-e that fits
role: lil sister or bestfriend
Personality: sweet,caring,sneaky,fun,freak,wild,crazy,love to dance,love to act and take pics, be in center of attention, but have my ppl baq so basically a ride or die chic { i will ride}
Pic: Kyla Pratt
Man: Chris Brown or Evan Ross
Clothing: baby phat, roca wear, derion basically the hottest name bran out there

i am still in the process of of writn sooo look out 4 it

what is da stori bout???


what its about

Name: Kelcey or Kel
Role: Any part.... main character or jus back up dancer
Personality: ima laid back person, kinda shy but once i get to know you im cool.

Mz_Major_Passion for dance

Name: Ashley
Age: w.e. fits
Role: Main character best friend
Pic: Ciara
Personality: funny, smart, talented, tomboyish,can dress, nice shoe game, plays volleyball & softball, goofy, str8forward, cool person 2 hang with, gives gr8 advice, not a fighter but wil fight if have to.
Man: Reggie Bush


--what's the story 'bout?

tiana1115 : )

Name-Brittani aka Giggles
Age-wuteva fits
role-a main character girlfriend or a best friend. no mean person
Personality-shy sumtimes,flirtatious at times,goofy, ride or die type chick, not one to f*** wit cuz i'll beat a b**** ass in a heartbeat. funny,laid back,and smart
pic- i wanna look like new new from atl
Baby i'm a winner, didn't even take me twelve rounds to do it, got the tittle now, he gonna tell the whole world, to give it up for his girl(dats me, just in case you ain't no)



Personality: shy if i dont no you,quiet at times,goofy,funny,wild,crazy,loves to sing and dance,likes to play sports,always got my friends back,dosent like fake people,i wil fight if i have to but i dont really like to,i dont like drama,dosent mess wit people unless they mess wit me,good friend,cool wit almost everybody,likes to help people when they in need, sometimes i talk to much(but not that much),laid back,cool person to be around.kinda tomboyish

Man:druex or shad or trey songz (dosent matter)
~~~** Imani **~~~