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I StilL DOn't Get THis Board YEt butt Okai... i'm gonna continue from where i left off last time and update it lata...

D: a yo

Jade's pov: i turned around hearin a familiar

Jade: heii what chu doin here?

D: i wass wondering the same thing wit

chu 'rubbin his nose'

Jade: just chillen wit a friend

D: stop f*ckin lyin to me! dat the same lame

a** kid i saw u wit the other day

Jade: and who is she. is that the gurl?

D:'smacks her'

Jade: 'backslaps him' don't hit me

D: o so what now? u think u grown! u think

cause he here u could do whatever the f*ck u

want. now lemme tell u something. u ma gurl,

not his. remember that

Jade: u knoe what?! f*** this bull sh*t we r

f*ckin through. i'm tired of ya lil a**

tellin me what the heck to do. i'm old

enough to make decisions for myself

D:'gets mad' punches her

in her face then in the chest and beats

her badly'

'jade's nose is bleedin, her face is

badly bruised and she's on the floor crying'

D:iight u can go but remember who was here

for u wen yo lost yo momz and u rite. dat is

the gurl and yea. i did get her pregnant. u

ain't do sh*t for me, so f*ck it! i'm

out 'and walks away'

If Any NEw Readerz ya cna Check the Storri Out from the beginning here



Sorry but u can't really see how it started cause i posted it on the old cb boards and they cleared the storiies out

but yeah so Jade who's funeral was just held she was in love wit her boyfriend who was abusive towards her and cheated on her and got some gurl pregnant so he finally admited to her. chris came back from tour and started hanging out wi t jade cause thei had been close friends since thei was little. every1 was tryna get her to dump her bf D' and go out wit chris but she kept saying that she loved him then that link i gave ya'll it continued from there so ya just gonna have to sortta use ur imagination in tha beginning


hey ghetto reality, could u post up im n luv wit a jerk part one so....i can see wat its all about

plz n thankiez

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OMGG that a** hole how he gon do that andwhy tha hel she say that she luv him but otha than that RUN ITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Brown Wifey

OMG i started crying
man dats mad sad she told him 2 tell d dat she luved him wen she shulda sed she luved chrisss

aaaaaaaaaaa im bout to cry

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OMGGG!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO...omgg no wayy...Dat a**hole wth...How can she styll love him..her last words were i love u no to chris but to d..oh hell no..wth way..i can't blive she's dead....poor chris omggg!!..gurl u got me tearin up..i styll can't blive it..
Run It ASAP!!

Haters keep on hating, cause somebody's gotta do it
Missz Br33zY♥

Chris Pov:

I was the first one in the hospital cause I went in the ambulance with Jade

Her family arrived shortly after. Jordan looked mad heated already. It was really quiet though. i Guess all of us were thinking hard as if it was our own lives that flashed before us. The doctor informed us, well Jade's step-mom and father that she was in a comma and it could be months before she woke up. On top of that there was a 50% chance that she wouldn't make it.

I couldn't believe what I was told. I love this girl so much, I can't even tell you. If any thing happens to her i don't knoe what I would do. The first night I would not go home i decided to stay at the hospital. When i went in to see her she looked so peacful in her sleep. The left bruise on her face did not disrupt her glamour. The next day my mom came and convinced me to come home. It was hard cause w.e. i did i couldn't eat, sleep, or think straight. I'm in love wit that gurl laying in her hospital bed...fighting for her life cause of a jerk that didn't knoe or care about this special lil lady and also because of me, not being there with her. I shoulda been there.

Weeks flew by and soon turned into months. I had canceled all my concerts, tours, meetings, and recording dates. It was funny cause I had turned on the news once in a while and seen a whole bunch of fans rioting,angry and upset causing a whole lot of drama cause i had dropped the entertainment scene and canceled all concerts. I even saw this girl on the news crying. I flipped the channel and soon after, turned it off. At the moment i didn't care, all I cared about was Jade. I had been visiting her every day lying by her hospital bed talking to her, hoping she could hear me. I brought her flowers every week and a teddy bear that said get well soon. If i ever got the chance the very moment I could, I would tell her that i loved her.

1 month finally pasted and Jade woke up. She was very weak but she managed. I was so happy when I heard that they sent me in first to see her.

Jade: Chris, is that you?

Chris: Yes Jade.
I touched her cold bare hand and held it in mine. I looked into her eyes and said "I love you". A tear escaped from her cheek. She smiled but became confused and murmered out the words "where's D'?

I was angry. Real angry but for her sake I said " he's not here".

Jade: Chris... can u please... tell him something, for me? It's very important

Of Course i didn't want to but i was willing to do anything for her at this point.

Chris: Aiight

She gained the strength to sit up and brought her face close to me, pulled in and gave me a warm and welcoming kiss, one that i wished for all along. "Tell him i love him", she whispered with her last breath and then her machine made a long beeping noise.I checked her pulse but no beat and then frantically put my head near her chest. Her heart had stopped pumping, her faced turned white and her eyes didn't blink . I knew what had happened. I gently shut her eyelids and kissed her on the cheek.

"I love you Jade", echoed in my head. Now that I had seen it with my own eyes the family had to deal with it. Jade was dead, the love of my life...was gone... forever.

Run It!


**~! New Reader !~**

OMG..!! Poor Jade..dang that gurl i dont even know what to say.. she should of called it quits the 1rst tyme he put his hands on her..D's a jackass wth isz wrong with this kidd... and chris is so damn sweet OMG!
Run It♥
Misz Br33zY♥

Waiter: excuse me sir. i'm sorry to have to say this but i saw your date back there and she's badly injured

Chris: what?! how?

Waiter: i'm sorry sir. shes in the back 'pointing that way'

Chris Pov: I went to the back and saw Jade covered in blood. She could barely talk. I lifted her up, took her through the back door and put her in ma car. We arrived at my house and my momz wasn't home yet. So i decided to go along and get her cleaned up. I ran her a bath and put her in. I didn't put too much water so she wouldn't sink. I kept on checkin on her every five minutes to make sure she was okai. She was. After 20 mins i got her out and went through my sistaz old stuff to see if there was something that she could wear. i finally found something. By then my mom was home and i told her Jade wasn't feelin well and i thought she should stay the nite. She understood but told me to remember to call her house and let her know. Then ma momz helped Jade get dressed and i put her on the couch and watched her sleep.

She finally woked up about 2 hrs. later it was around 12

Jade's Pov: i woke up to see Chris sitting next to me

JAde: hunh?!

Chris: heii buddy

JadE: heii what r u doin here?

Chris: we're in ma house

Jade: oh.when did we get here? and what time is it?

Chris: 12 midnite

Jade: o man. i gotta go home. my step mom is gonna be trippen

Chris: don't worri bout it. i alreadii called home


Chris: yea so u readii to tell me what happened back in the restaraunt

::Rite Den Jade's Cell went off::: The RIngtone rite?


chris: u gonna answer that?

'Jade looks at phone'

Jade's pov: he got some nerve to call after that ish he did to me

Jade: nawh i'm good

' chris looks at phone and all he sees is the name D'

chris: avoiding someone? 'looked at Jade wit a questioning face'

Jade: hunh? uuhhh....i just don't feel like answering ma-GCO

'phone starts ringing again. chris picks it up w/o asking'

chris: hello

D: whos dis?

chris: chris...whos dis?

D: dis is Jade's man. can u put her on the phone?

'looks at jade' she ain't here rite now

D: i knoe she's there.this between me and her so just put her on and stay out of this

chris: sorry, but nope!

D:iight well tell her we need to talk

chris: 'click' i c y u didn't want to answer ya phone 'gives a lil laugh'

Jade: why did u do that?!

chris pov: jade realli went off on me. she looked realli upset and scared. i felt bad. i shoulda left her phone or at least asked her if i could pick it up. she was cryin. she looked like she was in trouble

chris: yo Jade i'm so sorry

chris pov: i went up to her and hugged her for the longest time and brushed her hair away from her wet face. then we sat in quiet on the couch so i turned on the tv to break the silence.i mean what could i do? i didn't knoe what else to say. she fell asleep on my chest.
i gotta try and help her or at least figure out wats going on. i have a feelin' she's in danger. i just gotta be sure that i do the right thing or who knoes what kind of ish could pop off
:::1 week lata:::

Chris' pov: i had been out the country for a min. and hoped to see Jade.
I was walking down the block when i saw jade wit this kid i had seen at the restaurant last week.
Thats when it hit me. Jade: what is he doin here? me:hunh? Jade: nutthin' i need to go to the bathroom brb
That's the kid that beat up Jade! Wut Da....So f*ckin heated rite now but i'm not gonna say anything. I'm just gonna walkin and wait for her to talk to me. I hugged Jade and nodded at the dumb a** . he ain't do nutthin. I continued walkin wen all of a sudden i heard arguing and then a thud. I never rember running so fast but I ran. I saw Jade lying on the floor. Unconcious. I screamed at the moron and just threw a fists towards him. Now this kid had left her there, he just kept on walking away from the scene. Guilty criminal.

I cried mad hard.

Help! Help! someone help! I reached in ma pocket where my cell was and dialed the ambulance. I was waiting 5 mins. already and they weren't there. I layed my head on Jade's chest. Blood was ooozing out her head. I think she cracked it. I could hear her heart beating at such a slow pace. I started praying....Please don't let her die, not now. I promise to protect her and not let any one hurt her ever again. Please. I'm willing to do anything. All of a sudden it felt cold outside, but i wrapped my jacket around Jade. It got dark and i was scared....where are they? she's losing madd blood!

Run it........

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