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He Just Wont Let M3 Go!!!

You know how you know some one is doing wrong in the relationship, but you dont want to admit the truth to others or to yourself, but when u finally find out, you cut that person lose,but they wont let you go no matter WHAT well thats what this story is about my name is y/n an im the captain of the cheerleading squad at Lakeview High school in LA. Your boyfriend is the captain of the football team Life cant get any better for you, but it can get worse, you are about to face heartache,abuse,and love all at once, but is it worth it???? Lets find out

Trey- y/n boyfriend



Kiya- y/n best friend

Ok this is my first story that I'm posting so please show your gurl sum love lol!!

(At school..Bell rings)
Kiya- im so glad its Friday, what we gonna do tonight

y/n- (exhales) i dont know

Kiya- wats wrong wit you, problems with Trey?

y/n- yeah, you already know he's up to something and if i find out what it is,its gonna be his ass

Kiya- correction we gon beat his ass, speaking of which here he comes (he walks up)

Trey- wats up baby

y/n- nothing y?

Trey- damn wats your problem

y/n- i dont have one (rolling your eyes)look Trey we nee to talk later, you think you can stop by my house after school (as you watch him text on his fone)

Trey- i dont know I may have to meet someone

y/n POV- yeah an ass whooping

y/n- like who!!!

Trey- uh...

y/n- you know what Trey you will be at my house after school, DONT show up if you want to(you give him the eye and walk away)

(After school, you and Kiya went shopping)

Kiya- im so sick of shopping (yall look at each other

Both- NEVER!! (laughs)

y/n- u so crazy

(so yall continue on with yall shopping. On yall way out yall saw a guy passing out flyers)

y/n- i wonder wats that for

Kiya- lets go see

M/v- would yall like a flyer?

y/n- yeah wat is it for?

M/v- there is this community and me and my guys are hosting a party 2marra nite

Kiya- foreal

M/v- yeah im passing out these flyers cuz i dont know alot of people, I just moved down here, so if you could please pass the word

y/n- (smiling) sure no problem, um we didnt get your name

M/v- oh i'm Chris (he shakes hands)

y/n- im y/n

Chris- ooh, thats hot

y/n- thanks (his cell rings)

Chris- aite yall hope to see yall there

Both- bye

y/n- oh, he is fine

Kiya- i guess (laughs) look at you

y/n- wateva

thats just a taste of the story, i hope yall run it, because its about to get crazy early!! lol


I'm working on the next post, it'll be up soon <3

I'm working on the next post, it'll be up soon <3

damn she just didn't come back tho? lol


1000 POST!! :)

I think I have the perfect way to end this story :-(

o hell naw she cant die she gt to live hope they revive her smh damn run it

NOOOOO!!!!!!!! it should end with her making it and her and chris living happily ever after :D lol run it!

This story may be coming to an end! Its been 4 long years since I've started it and it has come such a long way!

Thank all of you for hanging in there with me!! I would love to hear your ideas on how things should end :)

sorry for the wait :(((((

Kiya POV

When I first stepped outside I was in complete distraught. I never thought we would make it out alive, but because of Y/n, we did. it looked as if we were on an episode of first 48. The police, fire department, paramedics, and news reporters crowded the outside of the building as we made our way onto the back of the ambulance.

Mike rode with Chris and I stayed with Y/n. It was so surreal. I couldn’t believe this s*** was happening. It felt like a movie with no ending. Y/n had passed out and I was so scared. The paramedics did all they could do up until we made it to the hospital. They rushed her inside to undergo surgery immediately to remove the bullet.

As for Chris, nurses were now hooking him up to the heart monitor and breathing machine as the doctors gathered the materials to clean the dried up blood from his face to prepare for the stitching. All I knew was that he had a really bad concussion because he was out through most of the ordeal.

After the nurses examined me and cleaned up the cut on my face, I headed over to where Mike was.

“I’m so glad you’re ok baby.” He softly expressed to me as the nurse placed a bandage over his fresh stitches where he had a gash.

I walked closer towards him placing his hand in mines as tears fell down my face. Everything was so overwhelming and I couldn’t take it.

“Y/n…she---she saved our lives” I cried harder as he pulled my body closely to his. “She has to make it. I don’t know what I will do without her.” I managed to say.

“She will make it baby. She will. You gotta have faith. Y/n has always been strong. She wont let anything stop her.” He said trying to comfort me, but it wasn’t working.

“Excuse me” a nurse approaching us spoke out. “Um, Christopher Brown is asking for you two. He has regained his consciousness.” She kindly told us.

“Thank God. What about Y/n?” I asked eagerly awaiting a response.
“I’m sorry, but there is no word on her condition at this point. She is still in surgery. Please follow me” She said.

My heart felt like it stopped beating once again as we followed the nurse into Chris’ room. The door swung opened and there he was laying in the hospital bed with a big bandage covering up the huge gash he had on his head.

He was almost unrecognizable. He was bruised badly while the pigment in his skin was a mixture of blue and purple and his eyes were so swollen to the point were we didn’t know if they were open or not. It was another horrific sight.

Chris Pov

I feel like I had been knocked out for days but its only been hours. My entire head was hurting so f***ing bad. My lips, eyes, and nose was swollen. I couldn’t remember much of anything that happen. The only thing I remember was telling Y/n that I loved her.

I needed to see her. To make sure she was alright. I promised her I wouldn’t let nothing happen to her and again I have failed. I asked the damn nurse to tell me what happened, but she told me that she would send in someone to tell me everything.

“Chris?” I heard a soft voice call out to me. My eyes struggled to open up all the way but from what I could see it was Mike and Kiya standing there. I was really disappointed when I didn’t see Y/n anywhere around. I was starting to worry already.

“Yo where is Y/n?” I asked in a worried tone. Kiya looked back at Mike as he looked at her and at that moment, I knew something was very wrong. “What the f*** happened” I gritted as the anger was starting to build up in my veins. They just stood there quiet with fear all over there faces as if they did hear what the f*** I asked. “I SAID WHAT THE f*** HAPPENED? WHERE IS Y/N?” I shouted trying to ignore the pain I was feeling. Kiya quickly broke down and exited out the door as Mike stood there with his hands buried in his face.

“Chris, you gotta calm down man, you cant be getting upset this is a very traumatic time for all of us right now.” He said trying to remain calm.

“Just…just tell me what happened. Please.” I begged him.

“Y/n, she…she saved all of our lives thats what happened.” He started off getting emotional. “I watched them two bastards beat all of us and tried to f***ing rape our women!! If Y/n hadn’t come prepared to kill them m’fuggas we all would be dead right now. She stabbed that nigga Nick in the f***in neck as he got ready to rape her. Once that nigga was dead she untied me and told me to take you out and get some help while..” he paused trying to hold back his tears. “while she went she grabbed a gun to stop James b**** from raping Kiya. Thank God she got there just in time before the bastard could do anything else to her.” He finished.

My heart sanked to the pit of my stomach as tears also fell from my eyes. How could I not have been there for them. Y/n should not have had to battle them niggas alone. It was my fight not hers. Mike was right though. She saved all of our lives. I needed to see her and apologize for everything I put her through, and everything I’ve put Mike and Kiya through. If it wasn’t for the s*** I did in my past, none of this would be happening right now.

“I’m glad everybody is ok and alive. I gotta see Y/n. Where is she? Is the Doctors checking her out or what?” I asked as he looked every where else but at me. I had a bad feeling that he wasn’t telling me something. “What is it?”

“Umm” he paused wiping his face as the tears really began to pour down. “Umm, something…something happened when Y/n saved Kiya from James. They umm, they both had a gun pulled on each other…and they went off at the same time. She killed him…but…”

“But what?” I anxiously asked getting upset at the same time. “BUT WHAT MIKE? WHAT HAPPENED?” I shouted as my voice cracked.
“He f***in shot her man. She’s in surgery right now…its not looking good” was the last words I heard before I blanked the f*** out.

Somehow I found the strength to get the f*** up out of the bed and stormed out of the room looking for Y/n. I couldn’t believe what Mike said. She was shot? f*** that! That cant be true. I had to find out for my damn self.

“Chris where are you going?” Kiya yelled from behind me as I kept mobbing peeping from room to room looking for Y/n.

I had to have checked ten rooms before I found myself stuck in the doorway of one. I felt my spirit leave me as stood there looking at her lifeless body on the operating table.

There was a breathing tube in her mouth and a sheet pinned up over her body as doctors worked on her. I wanted so bad for this to be a nightmare, so that we all could wake up and go back to the happiness we once shared, but this was real. Her laying on that table was real.

I walked further in as tears immediatley fell from my eyes. I could hear someone say “Get out you cant be in here” but I wasn’t listening. I needed to be here. Why did this have to happen? Why? This shouldve been me instead of her. I’m the one that should be on the f***ing table. “Oh God please let her be alright.” I mumbled under my breath as tears entered my mouth.

Next thing I heard was the Doctor yelling out “We’re losing her” and that’s when she flatlined…

damn i hope she ok she was guda wit her s*** i hope she aint die RRRRRRRRRRUUUNNNNNNNNNN It

run it


I'm working on the update :)

*whines* come on you have to run it! i wanna know what happens! pleeeeaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeeeeeee :)

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Y/n Pov

I pulled the knife out of his f***in neck once he was good and dead, wiping the blood clean on his shirt. I placed the hoodie back on my bare body and I quickly went over towards Mike and cut him free, as he pulled the duct tape away from his mouth.

“f***” he spat. “Are you ok?” he asked me with so much worry in his eyes.”

“I’m fine” I softly spoke wiping the blood off my my face that dripped from my nose.

“I gotta go get Kiya and kill that m’fugga” he said getting more and more vexed by the second.

“NO! You let me handle him! I need you to get the f*** out and call for help Mike, I’ll handle James!” I scolded him while I got Chris free. He was unresponsive and needed medical help asap. “Please Mike, I’m too weak to carrying him, I need you to take Chris and call for some f***in help! Can you do that for me!? Kiya well be fine I promise. I wont let s*** happen to her” I pleaded as he came over towards me and carried Chris towards the door.

I pulled the gun from ankle and c**ked it while Mike just starred at me.

“Thank you Y/n” he softly spoke.

“You’re welcome. Now GO!” This wasn’t the time to be thanking me yet. I had get Kiya and kill this nigga. I wish I didn’t have to but this nigga crossed the f***in line when he stepped off that damn plane.

I watched as Mike walked out of the condo carrying Chris in his arms. This was almost over. I charged down the hallway headed towards my room and slowly opened the door to see James hovered on top of her. I held the gun tightly in both of my hands aiming it at him. “Get the f*** off of her” I loudly gritted.

“b**** what the f*** you doing!” he spat slowly getting up.

“Kiya get up NOW!!” I demanded her not once taking my eyes off this dirty m’fugga. Thank God her clothes were still on as she ran and stood next to me. “Go find Mike he’s worried about you.” I told her.

“No, I’m not leaving without you!” she pleaded.

“I’ll be fine now GO!! I got some business to handle.” I spat as she walked out.

“b**** put the m’fuggin gun down. You don’t know what the f*** to do wit it” he spat as me as if I didn’t have a f***in gun in my hand which pissed me the f*** off!

“You wanna see?” I coldly spat releasing one round in his damn leg causing him to kneel down in pain as he hollered out.

“YOU CRAZY b****!!!!” he spat as I chuckled. I couldn’t believe I actually shot him. It felt good.

“You beat up the love of my life and my friends, you bound them to f***in chairs, you’ve hit ME multiple times TRIED to rape my best friend and you REALLY thought you were gonna get away with this huh??” I hissed comfortably holding the gun at him as he knelt down on his knees.

His eyes showed NO REMORSE whatsoever. As if he had won the battle, when it was clear that he lost. “You’re going to DIE in your own f***ing blood, just like BOTH of your cousins” I gritted between my teeth. “Any last words?” I said as my index finger pumped the trigger.

“I guess that makes the two of us” he mumbled pulling out his gun from the back while aiming it at me. “Buss a move shawty” he smirked as we both fired at the same time.

I watched the bullet fly straight through his f***ing head as he fell to the floor. It was finally over. I slowly walked down the hallway making my way through the living room and out the door.

My breathing was starting to get heavy, and heavier by the second making it harder for me to breath. My vision was becoming hazy. I found myself getting dizzy. I managed to lean against the wall outside of the condo, when I saw Mike and Kiya running towards calling out to me. Behind them were police and paramedics.

“Y/n, are you ok?!” They asked. But it was like I couldn’t hear them. I could only read their lips. That’s when I felt something running down my body.

I put my hands under the hoodie and felt a warm wet substance. I took my hand from under the hoodie to see my hand covered in blood.

“He shot me” I mumbled to them. As soon as I began panicking I started coughing up blood.

“OVER HERE SHE’S BEEN SHOT!!!” Kiya cried out as she held me in her arms. “Hold on Y/n, hold on for us” she sobbed.

All of the sudden Everything around me got quiet…and I was gone.

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Y/n Pov

I knocked on the door waiting for someone to answer as my heart continued to jump through my chest. I could hear movement going on inside which made me tense up more. Before I knew it, the door swung opened as one of them, snatched me inside with a tight grip on my arm as his hand slapped me in my face covering my mouth so I wouldn’t scream.

“Don’t scream” a deep voice gritted in my ear. It wasn’t Nick, so it had to be James. He roughed me up from behind pushing me to the direction he wanted me to go in. It was so dark in the room, but I could hear muffled sounds nearby.

Tears slowly traveled down my face because I knew it was Kiya. I know she was just as scared as I was, but I had to be strong for all of our sake. He tried leading me through the living room, but I purposely tripped causing myself to fall down so he could turn the light on.

“You dumb b****, how the f*** you falling down in your own f***ing place!” He snapped as he pulled me back up to my feet.

“Maybe if you turn on the f***in light I can see where the f*** I’m going!” I snapped back as he stood behind.

“I got something for you to see alright!” he spat.

“Ay Nick turn on the f***in lights.” He yelled causing my body to tense up even more.

As soon as the light came on, his hand came across my face hard sending me back down to the floor.

“I bet you see that s***” he coldly laughed as the burning of him hitting me sent pain and rage through my entire body. He pulled me up by my hair as tears burned my eyes.

“You see your f***ing friends, you better watch what the f*** you say to me before I kill them one by one.” He gritted in my ear once again.

A shattered look of horror was on my face as I stood there seeing them tied down to chairs in the middle of the damn living room. Kiya was sitting close towards the door with her hands bounded behind her and duck tape over her mouth.

She had a cut on her face I guess from when this m’fugga hit her earlier. Tears were still streaming down her face as our eyes met. I looked over at Mike who had a gash on his head that left a trail of blood down the side of his face as his slightly hung low. But not as low as Chris.

His face was covered with blood as his head hung causing blood to drip onto the carpet. My stomach knotted up as I watched him. It didn’t even look like he was alive.

“Chris!” I cried out hoping he would look up at me with those big brown eyes of his and that gorgeous smile. But he wasn’t budging. Tears were flowing heavily down my cheeks. “CHRIS!” I called out again but a little louder. Still nothing.

“Sorry baby, he’s a little out at the moment.” Nick laughed walking closer to me backing me up against the wall. I couldn’t believe this nigga. Since day 1 he was only using me to set us up.

“Stop that crying baby, daddy’s gon take real good care of you.” He hissed while running his fingers through my hair, biting his bottom lip as if I was a full course meal on a platter. Just for him. But he had another thing coming. Both of them. I was going to put up a fight for all of us.

“I think its about that time we get this party started. I guess I’ll go first” James shouted pulling out his gun walking over towards Kiya. He snatched the duct tape off of her face as she screamed out in pain.

Then I watched as he snatched the tape off her wrists unbounding her from the chair and picking her up by her hair.

“We got two sexy ass women in here, and I feel like f***ing! What about you Nick?” he asked looking me and Kiya up and down.

There was no f***ing way I was going to let these niggas touch me or Kiya. I’ve already been through this s*** once and I sure as hell don’t want Kiya to experience it at all. God please get us through this night.

“I been ready” Nick replied unzipping his pants pushing my body up against the wall as my body cringed in disgust.

“I’m about to tear your ass up” he heavily breathed in my ear as his hands traveled up my waistline.

“Why are you doing this? Whats the f***ing point? Are you going to kill us after this?” I spat at him.

He clenched his damn jaw before slapping me with the back of his f***ing hand in my lip. I could automatically taste the blood in my mouth as it poured out from the inside. I felt my blood began to boil.

“YOU BASTARD!!!” I yelled spiting in his f***ing face. That’s when he punched me in my nose this time as I fell to the floor. I groaned in pain as blood quickly ran from my nose. I could hear Kiya crying out hysterically.

“MANE KILL THAT b****!!!” I heard James yelling before slapping Kiya and walking over kicking me hard in my side.

“AFTER I GET WHAT THE f*** I WANT! GET THE f*** UP” he yelling pulling me up by my hair. “This bloody ass b****” he laughed. “She lookin like her weak ass nigga over there” he continued.

“f*** this s***. I’m bout to go in the back and have a few rounds with this b****.” He laughed. “You don’t mind my nigga do you?” he coldly asked looking at Mike as he grilled James.

All of Mike’s veins were pumping and I knew he wanted to kill this nigga. He even had tears coming down. He felt helpless that he couldn’t do anything. “Sure you don’t” he laughed as he dragged he down the hall and into my bedroom. I had to do something. QUICK!!

Nick dragged me over towards Chris as he pulled out a gun and started poking Chris with it. “WAKE THE f*** UP NIGGA!” he spat while poking him with the gun. I took a deep sigh of relief when Chris slowly started to move even though his eyes weren’t open.

“Chris” I cried out as he struggled to lift up his head. “Baby, I’m here. I love you so much” I softly said to him gently cupping his face in my hand as blood filled it. It killed me to see him like this. He was beaten so bad. I couldn’t stop my tears from falling as he stuggled to speak.

“I---L—Lo—ve---U” his dry voice expressed to me as his head abruptly dropped.

“CHRIS?!! CHRIS??!!” I shouted but he didn’t respond.

“SHUT THAT s*** UP!” Nick spat pulling me away from Chris throwing me on the floor. “Its time to test that pussy out” he gritted as he hovered on top of me.

He pulled the hoodie I had on off of my body as he roughly kissed the crook of my neck. I didn’t want to struggle with him because I didn’t want him pinning my arms down because I needed them. But it was kind of hard to not do so.

I was trying to figure out what the f*** to do either slice his f***ing throat or shoot him dead, but Kiya screams from down the hall were throwing me off! I hope to God he was raping her! Hold on Kiya, I thought to myself. I had the perfect plan.

I started moaning as if I was enjoying his nasty f***ing lips kissing my neck. I had to get him right where I needed him to be and in order for that to f***ing happen I had to fake like I was enjoying this s***. “Mmmmm” I moaned out. “I want you to taste me” I seductively hissed in his ear.

“I just want to f*** babe” he said pulling my breasts out of my bra and starting attacking.

“Please…” I moaned out. “I’ve been waiting since I first laid eyes on you” I pleaded with him as he gave in.

“Aite, I mite as well have all of you” he said as he started unbuttoning my jeans. While he struggled to pull them down, I used my right hand to slip the knife out of my bun gripping in tightly in my hand. I lifted my head up just enough so I can fling it open and when I did I kicked him in his f***ing nuts.

“YOU b****!!!” he groaned in pain grabbing his nuts. I quickly sat up, with the knife in my hand, as I jabbed it right in his f***ing neck.

Blood squirted and gushed out as his eyes rolled back and he went into a shock. I jumped to my feet pushing him down on his back as he lay there bleeding to death.

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Y/n Pov

I ran down to the lobby of the hotel and out the door to flag down a cab. After about 6 minutes one pulled up.

Y/n- can you take me to 1527 Trump Drive. Please and hurry.

The driver pulled off heading towards the direction of the condo. I was a wreck. My throat was brutally sore and My hands would not stop trembling. Mascara was smeared all over my eyes. I looked and felt like I was apart of a f***ing horror movie. Hell my life was one.

We rode around for 15 minutes until he pulled up in front of the condo. I paid him 23 dollars and got out of the cab. There I stood looking up at the top floor from the outside of the tall building.

I did not have a plan at all. If I were to go inside unarmed then we all for sure would be dead. I looked down the street for the pawn shop Chris told me he got his gun from earlier. I turned away from the build and quickly headed down the street looking for the pawn shop. After passing two blocks there it was on the corner. I walked in approaching the owner. He stared me down automatically knowing that I was in trouble.

Owner- Are you ok miss? Are you in trouble?

I shook my head as the words escaped from my mouth…

Y/n- I need a gun…

Owner- Do you need me to call the police…

I thought about it, but if I were to call them I didn’t want to risk their lives including mines if they showed up.

Y/n- *shakes head* NO!

I looked around the case that was to my right that displayed several types of guns and knives. My eyes immediately landed on the 9 milimeter and the sharp ass pocket knife. That was all I needed. I was going to kill these bastards.

Y/n- I want that gun, and that knife right there.

My raspy voice said to him. He opened the case pulling out the gun and knife…he handed me the gun in my hands. As the metal steel was placed in my hands I automically felt power come over me. I didn’t need no help from the police. I was going to handle this s*** myself. I wanted them dead, not behind bars.

Y/n- How much?

Owner- $225

I went in my purse pulling out my wallet and handing him my bank card. He swiped it and bagged everything up. I turned around walking out of the door and headed back. Once back in front of the condo, I headed around back to where my car was parked.

I pulled out my keys opening the back door. I always had clothes stored in my car and I needed to changed out of my work clothes. I found some jeans, a t-shirt, and a jacket to put on. Just in case they wanted to search me for weapons, I slid the pocket knife inside my messy bun for an easy reach. Since Nick was involved I automatically knew what the f*** his plan was for me.

I wasn’t about to get raped again. I wasn’t prepared when Trey and his friend raped me, but this time I was. As for the gun, I strapped it around my ankle with some duct tape I had in my car, pulling my jeans down to cover it up.

Now that I was ready. It was time for me to do what I gotta do. I was risking my own life for the life of those who I love. Whatever happens, its going to be worth it as long as they stay alive.

I closed my car door and proceeded in. I took the elevator to the top floor as my heart continued to beat at a fast past. I was a bit scared, and nervous, but I was more angry and outraged than anything. The worst scenarios began to play in my mind.

What if they were already dead and I was next? What if they weren’t even inside the condo, and this was just a trap to get me here? So many thoughts devoured my mind as the elevator stopped at the top floor. I slowly walked out and turned to the right proceeding down the hallway to my room.

I took one last deep breath, right before I knocking on the door.

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