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Me ~N~ Chris Brown

Me n Chris.jpg

He is such a sweatheart!

Posted by Shawn Baby


Your So Lucky Girl :/
And Your Very Pritty. Chris Brown Is Such A Lovely Guy Soooo Sweet Aswel. I Really Want To Meet The Guy ):
Sooo Your Lucky lol.
Good On You :D

that is so cute i know chris brown had brighten up her day when she went to his concert.

that really shows what a great person chris is.. you're so lucky!
and to all haters? go get a life (:

cb is a true angle

Sweetie yes i do....

I hope you had a good time, You and Chris are so adorable1
Da skata girl-

thank you for the compliments

i love this picture. he is cute as heck and the girl is beautiful = )
Kortney Dawn =)

girl u lucki and ur pretti dont let no1 tell u othat wise b fierce

that is sooo cute!!! you two look adorable

~~bribri:peace,love & harmony~~cb"s #1 fan

love you chris!!!