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how do i see/add friends?

um yeah im trying to gte used to the new forum for chris' site but its kinda tricky. i need some help. supposedly i can add friends and photos, but how? and some1 had already added me as a friend , so it says " 1 person added you as a friend" but i dont know anyone yet and cant seee who added me... i wanna know it is. is this person my friend or am i just theirs cause it doesnt say theyre listed under my friends in the column to the right.. im so puzzled please let me know if u know nethin bout these things... thanks a bunch :)


minbe doesnt even say who added me : ( it just "6 have added you as a friend" n i still dont kno who any of them are...any more advice?

yea was a big help.................though i knew

well when it says so an so has added you, click on there name check out the profile, then if you want add add ppl ur self you can just look around the site and add add a pick to ur profile go under edit and scroll down and you'll see where it has the lil avatar and just upload ur pic...hope i helped ya out