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Chris startin to perform



I JUST LUV THAT SEXII face chris!!!!
il 4eva!!! UR ADDICTIVE CHRIS!!!!!
Ur tru 2 me boy!!!! Com bak 2 brisbane!!! ILL MEET YA BABY!!!!

Since we ain't 21, they be trying to say it ain't love
'Cause we can't hit the clubs, they be trying to say we too young
I ain't saying that we trying to be grown, I'm just saying that we old enough to know
We got that young love, young love
We lucky 'cause we got that young love

Im hooked up baby 2 yoooooooo

ily 4eva n eva!!!!
kelli xoxo

why do you have to be so cute its ridiculous

Tabitha c. Johnson

nd will alwaiz b cute lol

wow u madd lame u got this pic from some website cuz i see the lil black thing from a website u lame son go to his concert n stop being a fronter lol

Chris mite b lookn clueless bt he stil sexy as a mutherf*****!

~Im LiK3 J's On A SaTuRdAy U GoTtA HaV3 Me!~