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Chris Brown New Song Take You Down! HA I KNeW HE WASNT ONE

ok so i was listening to it no i aint heard the whole song but i heard longer than 15 sec
but whay he says
i wanna take you down.......yada yada"</font>
when he just told this magazine he was a virgin?
i aint surprised
i already knew but hmmmm
thats pretty bold for him to just come out with a song like this and he just was singing
like a 16 year old thats innocent
just saying! but its still hot!
i dont care bout his status anyway if u ask me


frist off he 18
-WaT i gOt
SHAWTY got looks and
SHAWTY got class
SHAWTY got hips and
SHAWTY got a!@

************** by the way i think i get more play then a side kick

well you know some of his songs is his and others people told him to sing it (producer people or manerger) you have a 50 percent chance of being right cause he probably wrote it and that is what he wanted to say and the other half could not just cause he sing it don't mean it is true

People think i'm sweet and nice, but look how i turn out....wild as hell. lol
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DiANNY (Twin)

OMG ... I knew he wasnt !!! Everybody was like noooo he's too sweet and nice to not be one !!! HAHAHA i knew he wasnt ... I just knew it !!!

i agree, its juss a song it doesnt mean that he's not a virgin.
buh either way, i dont care.
i love him and this song.

Well, he is 18. Teenagers these days are loose. I ain't sayin he is a virgin and i ain't sayin he not, but teenagers now are loose as hell. Very loose! lol. Anyways, I like this song.
♪God didn't make me 4 u to like me, but u will respect me!♪
DiANNY (Twin)

i knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when i heard the song, i heard him say that too! Who would really think that Chris Brown is a VIRGIN??????????????

I'm shooked but they could of change his words. If he is he ain't like those other teenage boys
having sex early like 13 . Those girl don't what they be do in.


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<TT A.K.A Br33zy Baby gurl B.k.A TH3#1 Chri$ Brown Fan all day Everyday

Yeah, I wasn't surprised. But what magazine interview was that from??

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what magazine is that?

and btw that doesnt mean he aint a virgin
its jus a song =]
but anywaaaaays lol it dont even matter
that song is hot i love it

"Haters keep on hating, cause somebody's gotta do it".

how long dis song dat 3rrbody talkin bout b33n out dat i aint h3ard y3t????

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