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2010 BET Michael Jackson Tribute

TO: Chris Brown
FROM: Council Woman Dash

Chris Brown, young man, I want to take this time to say God has forgivven you and from the way you paid tribute to MJ, the Man in the Mirror, that was God's way of showing the world that He has forgiven you and that you have been humbled! I am proud of you for staying true to God in the way you handled yourself through the whole Rhianna ordeal! I appreciated the fact that when the whole world turned and said all manner of evil against you, you endured it all, you never said a harsh word against the child and you owned up to your actions! That was an act of God and the love that God has placed within you! Do not change young man, continue to know that God is your Strength, your Joy, your Peace, and He is Everything that you need. Remember that people will let you down every time as you found out, but God will always be there no matter what the situation as long as we continue to acknowledge Him in ALL things! Do all things as unto Him....bring Him Glory and He will continue to Bless you!

I was always on your side because in spite of it all, there is no reason for putting hands on anyone, but, when one is in a defense mode and it is life or have to do what needs to be done in order to save all involved. I saw between the lines and you are the better person for it! I have two sons and a grandson and I do not condone any form of abuse towards women or anyone else, and I have taught them that if they have to argue all the time over insecurity, jealousy, dumb stuff then it is not worth it and to walk away, get out, and not deal with the little girl anymore......My advice to you young man is to forgive her, ask her to forgive you if you haven't done so but I think you have....and leave her alone, no ties, no contact, nothing. It is better to be safe than sorry and the word of God tells us to be careful for nothing! Because you obeyed God and kept the course, He is Blessing you in your career, pay your tithes, pray without ceasing, give Him Praise, Glory and Honor and He will continue to exhalt you before men and He will fight your battles.

A suggestion for you, when you do interviews or concerts, etc. take a few minutes to speak to the young men who are in your presence, tell your testimony of how God brought you out, how He helped you to get through your pain, hurt, disappointment, shame, etc. Tell them how He has restored you.....give the young men something to think about....if He can do it for you, He can surely do it for them as well.

I don't know you personally but I know you spiritually....I can call you my son because of the love of God that I feel for you, I have two sons and a grandson and I have many God Sons that I have helped guide and influence for the better and even those that I wasn't able to save they still acknowledge me as Mom and what I am to them in their lives.

We may not ever meet but if you by chance read this message, just know that you have a God Mother who is praying for you Son and that the Peace of God be with you and that He keeps His arms of protection around you at all times and that His warring angels fight your battles.

Be Blessed and may the Grace of God Keep You!


Council Woman Dash
Salem, OR