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Count the roses in the hand

Just came out from the male sterility clinic, Paul looked at the hands of roses with a links of London cane ring for her, buy just ten roses, symbolized his and Michelle together for ten years, he knew he would like Michelle, because today <a href="">links of london</a> is valentine's day, sending roses. He cheated on all the people of his own money to buy a Heart Disc Charm, frozen semen, just happened to the clinic extraction time on today. He was originally infertile couples to donate sperm, but considering his age and the situation, the doctor suggested or frozen as well. Paul sometimes can't believe he has been living with snow together for ten years and they open a links London sweetie shop. People's life and have several years? Ten years and can do much? Recently, there are always some friends asked Paul when he married, also ask yourself what marriage just for that links of London triple ring.Paul and Michelle are in time when skiing. Paul skiing is very good, he often use a holiday in ski resort when coach, it is generally thought that Australia <a href="">links london</a> will snow in winter in Australia, in fact, there are many places of the south is the snow, the famous ski resort about classic links of London heart necklace , there are many people in links of London jewelry shop. That day Paul just allow students to practice their own independent, voice, a girl is down in his fell before the girl with a links London charms sweetie bracelet is snow. All this seems to be god arrange for them to good, two people fall in love at first sight. Snow is Paul years life’s, she is not only one of the girls, but also pretty smart, with a master's degree from the University of Sydney near a rain dance store, in an American <a href="">links of london necklaces</a> company marketing as a marketing manager. Paul and his condition is not bad, Italian, good seed in a computer company, in the company has many engineers, girls are pursuing, not overtake him as the dream to open a links of London sweetie watch shop.Skiing return before long, Paul and snow is cohabitation. Paul feel satisfied, a man has a good job, a beautiful girl, and has good friends, drink <a href="">links of london bangles</a> for what life! They both think should enjoy today, tomorrow. Paul didn't mention anything about marriage to wear links ring, he thought that all is well, women can also don't want to get married, the woman will also want child? In the first few years, with no difference between them, go out to travel with friends, party, watching movies, concerts, carefree days. Someone asked Paul, he always said, nothing airily, marriage is just a form, and the two of us are in love, no such forms as well. The constraint besides, we also unlike others what difference, marry or not. But inside, but he has a feeling, why <a href="">links jewellery</a> women don't want to get married? He couldn't understand.Snow is the logic of snow, is married, but no matter how not to children. If the children are like Beckham, that a few dolls, little no problems there many bad Bess doll. Look at his girlfriend, gave birth to the child, must not fit, form work didn't work; every child turns around, which have a single cheesy! One does not have a problem economically, why want to marry to give birth to children? Of course, this theory is not with Paul said, every whenever they talked about this question, Michelle is said I'm afraid pain pettish, we still young, say again in a few years. Look, Michelle feminine charm can say what? Paul.Paul was the only home, his parents from Italian immigrants early to Australia, small, other children were bullied him, because his parents is not English, local people they call it ", which is the meaning. Parents work hard to go to college, Paul, must let him have a good job, and will not be discriminated <a href="">links rings</a> against. Parents' wishes realization, Paul went to college, have a good job, and have a girlfriend, parents should be satisfied, but the Italian traditional fertility. Paul also understand parents, each time they visit to Italy, friends always ask Paul when marriage, when they can hold the son? Parents are very embarrassed, every time they cannot answer these questions, the only falteringly prevaricate over and asked Paul, you can come back and Michelle, what time is your wedding?Paul njustice, said he is no place to get married, they lived together for five years, Paul to snow, it is Nicola Valentine’s Day. Originally is a very happy, but the snow was not happy, not to accept the ring, let Paul, the ring is very awkward has been locked in the drawer of Paul. What is love? Paul know oneself is the snow, snow love is also love him, they both have bought a house in recent years, no common property, renting an apartment outside, furniture is two people <a href="">links bracelet</a> to buy a car, there are two people buy together, each other are all calculate. Paul sometimes thinks could it be love? Paul is very fond of children, he felt children is a continuation of the individual life, if not give birth to a kid, everyone wants to own life, they continued to congratulate friends gave birth to the child, Paul always observed in the snow, he can see snow expression is not fond of children, he couldn't understand why, but don't love a person with his children? With his friend Paul, bit by bit, because he has alienated my friends always take care of children and have no time to join them happy carnival. This age, want to children, marry or not, as were the problem. However, over the past decade, Paul didn't know why recently, there is always a sense of empty, he got? Love is to get? Don't love for life, and forever with each other? Don't just married is to love? If you really think Paul is a romance of person, will think it is the best arrangement, and oneself is so romantic? Reprinted from: