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Swarovski——The Person You Love is nearby

My hometown is a small place in Guangdong, although remote, but the scenery is very good. I read the middle school, and parents <a href="">swarovski earrings</a> came to Guangzhou, while leaving home, still thinking about Swarovski charm bracelet charms, but I have a wish and his beloved girl in her hometown of the shoulder watching the sunrise.
I was like a female the classmate of class neighborhood, her, because she didn't want to talk about in the university <a href="">swarovski jewellery</a> before the feelings, said to concentrate on reading. Finally we were admitted to Wuhan university, can begin to fall in love, but love but only about half a year, the reason is that she felt broke, I too careless, spitting, disorderly <a href="">swarovski sale</a> throw thing of Swarovski charms uk. Two months later, I see her face with a boy came close beside me, after her boyfriend loudly will spit into a roadside grass, her head on the shoulder, the boy who know what he is saying, must be very interesting, or how she laughs so happy?
I lost a very long time, originally prepared in summer when they return home to play in Guangdong, the <a href="">swarovski wholesale</a> friend to sell cool tea on the top of the small hut in watching the sunrise, now I am a person back. Although only one, I went to the cool tea pave. Sell cool tea or the <a href="">swarovski uk</a> old couple of Swarovski earring designs, they still face wrinkle is familiar with smile, but I don't drink cool tea is very cool. I sit straight from noon to the old couple, they shed sunset arrive, simply never lock door, casual visitors mask.
The moon rises to sit to wallow in the door was <a href="">swarovski beads</a> opened, and two or three men came in, I looking back Swarovski earring bridal, I recognize one school classmates spent bell, I ever went to college after her and haven't met. We are very happy, and she said she took two friends back playing on the mountain delay <a href="">swarovski jewelry</a> of late. She also admitted to the university, the school is located in Wuhan, we agreed after spring back together.
Mountain, although still very bright moonlight, mountain, the good friend of a <a href="">swarovski</a> name two hearts as girls, who are weak Swarovski earring findings, is from Shanghai, don't go, I used the mountain all escorts, care.
"Life is so coincidentally, when you feel no light, will find a window. This mountain, gave me a chance to <a href="">swarovski bracelets for sale</a> meet additional surprises -- and I love flowers, object is the back playing good friends, I like to take care of all heart of Swarovski earring patterns." Department and laughed, maple, but he's not high laughing very heroic.
The news is a flower in the train back to tell me. Take the bell to ask me: "you... you maple department have a girlfriend?" I say: "just break up, what's wrong <a href="">swarovski bracelet and earring set</a> with Swarovski necklace sale?" The heart is like looked back and says: "give you introduce a girlfriend? Do you feel heart like?"
Listen to the words <a href="">handmade swarovski bracelets</a> of my heart, that is, an elated feeling, this is the first time I've ever loved and initiative by girls, I like the type!
Love is beginning again, as a girl, sympathizes carefully, I decided to cherish. I learned to speak hygiene, the experience of the last image, but heavy love flowers of environmental protection is not because I have to drive <a href="">swarovski crystal bracelets</a> carefully of Swarovski necklace heart, the first love is only a year, can maintain the reason is not like the last time, as only as a "I think we still doesn't suit" summarizes our love. I can't stand ended, I find the heart, I must think like her Swarovski necklace red heart, or how can entrust the <a href="">swarovski stretch bracelet</a> relay voice? The very hesitant Swarovski necklace wholesale, I said look at that we are good friends and see if it in my love so cherish this affection and help me! I say very passionate, a series of parallelism sentence without thinking blurt out, the silence, listen, she seemed to be I coaxed, small tears on sight. But she didn't immediately promise me, only said let her think again.