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Swarovski——the Miracle of Life

She is doing well in the mother.
Her life is to pick up. Four years ago, 25 years old, should have life be beautiful like summer flowers of life, the other girls are all <a href="">swarovski crystal</a> about marriage, and her countenance, yellow, wastelands like a winter winds blow after the withering tears of Swarovski jewelry. At first, then, that belly, hospital drum up day by day to know is a serious problem of liver.
The doctor says, if not accept liver <a href="">swarovski crystal beads</a> transplantation, can live a month. Luckily, her good luck, soon have a suitable donor, operation is successful Swarovski rings, saved her life.
She is a woman, through the rapids and the life boat had continued along the original heading. Two years ago, she married, marry a <a href="">swarovski bracelet</a> wife. A year ago, when she came to the hospital after the surgery of Swarovski bangles, doctors at regular routine examination, she is pregnant three months.
Life is a woman, for his life is a challenge, besides the limit is she, once appear, liver failure, with her death will <a href="">swarovski rings</a> again hand in hand. All this, she certainly knows, but she really wants to do the mother. What you need to give, she is willing Swarovski pendant, she wants, just the result.
On March 18, 2004, doctors found that <a href="">swarovski necklace</a> fetal quickened significantly reduced, and she had homeostasis syndrome, may cause fetal death, for she did act decisively hospital cesarean section. As a boy, just like a cat, fragile life only 2 kg weight, height and centimeters. Although <a href="">swarovski jewelry</a> there is no obvious Swarovski necklace, but because there is no abnormalities may appear at any time and spontaneous breathing, brain damage, and pulmonary hemorrhage by breathing machines to sustain life.
But all this, she has no knowledge, because she can spend all postpartum crisis, and safety. She wanted to see <a href="">swarovski beads</a> the doctor, the husband and children, children born prematurely, need mirrors in intensive care ward care Swarovski earrings sale.
One is not to see her children, with her husband for her daily reminder to see. Such husband came home, she was <a href="">swarovski</a> kept asking Swarovski necklace sale, son, what exactly like? He is now? One day, she says, but a dream to dream, the son of her son.
7 days passed, she grew up, son to see every day roared. But the children are at stake, without the slightest improvement. How <a href="">swarovski charms</a> do? The doctor and her husband were stranded Swarovski crystal pendant. But, don't let her see children, has said it. I wish that she is strong.
And on the eighth day she came to the intensive care unit. See the oxygen, wrinkle, son of blue skin all the pipes, she quietly <a href="">swarovski crystals wholesale</a> into tears. Ward silence, everybody does not know how to comfort the heart's mother, don't even know how to explain it.
She opened the door, and hand in stroked his <a href="">swarovski authemticity</a> small body and the son of Ke Ying hand holds little feet. Once, she carefully, as in touches a favorite’s rarity. At that moment, the air seemed to be frozen.
Suddenly, the miracle, a coma after birth, the baby in her mother gently touched the first opened his eyes. Medical personnel <a href="">swarovski crystal jewelry</a> with joy, the seven days, while anxious for son to only in front of his wife and the man Boethius observed Swarovski crystal earrings, at this moment, sobbing. And she, Hawaii, patiently and eye contact was a son.
The ninth day, little baby <a href="">wholesale swarovski accessories</a> from the ventilator, vital signs began to recover Swarovski crystal hoop earrings.
One day, the little baby from the start time only drinks the milk of 2 mils to drink milk under 70 ml. And he began to normal <a href="">swarovski accessories</a> skin as baby pink, and one can stretch oneself, gape, and limb activity freely, crying loud.
Ten days, she hugged her son, she Yong Ming for son, her love, peace, the son of awakening. The major newspapers have <a href="">swarovski crystallized</a> news, the first after liver transplantation pregnancy and production of mother today. Every day there are similar to the news