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Happy Holidays From

Hey Chris Brown fans, just wanted to wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season from everyone at Keep coming back here for more great Chris Brown news, videos, and music.

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  • <3 <3 <3 <3
    by CBFan2011 on Gen 15, 2011 pm31 1:01pm
  • Hey yall! Guess what I got for Christmas? A Chris Brown shirt! Yeah, that's right, a Chris Brown shirt.
    by CBFan2011 on Gen 15, 2011 pm31 1:01pm
  • ollá chris eu dejo um felliz ano novo para voocê também é noiis sempre eu curto suas musicas bastante e q esse ano se ja ho mellhor pra vc bllz,vllw chris
    by rodriigo on Gen 1, 2011 pm31 2:02pm
    by msdme on Dic 31, 2010 am31 11:11am
  • Chris Just wntd to wish you a Happy New Year!!!!!!!!! And please keep your head up and stay focussed please don't answer back to any bad publicity you'ved worked so hard this year plese just keep it positive. One luv!1
    by jocelynortiz on Dic 31, 2010 am31 11:11am
  • you to chris brown HAPPY NEW YEAR ASWELL!!! hey i was wondering if you could please please please follow me on twitter i would really really really appreciate it! and it would mean the world to me or even a DM woul be the s88T too!! thanks my twitter is @dominicholguin
    by dominicholguin on Dic 30, 2010 am31 9:09am
  • happy holidays chris, ily sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. yur so sexy n yeah ILY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by lal2015 on Dic 29, 2010 pm31 11:11pm
  • i luhv yew soo much chris brown!! i hope yhue have a happy holiday!
    by Christine_Chris... on Dic 29, 2010 pm31 3:03pm
  • by Christine_Chris... on Dic 29, 2010 pm31 3:03pm
  • Oh yea i will hope you do too Chris i'll be happy to tell you i had "This Christmas" as my holiday movie ;) <3
    by kaykay brown on Dic 29, 2010 am31 1:01am