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The competition is cutting throat.

In the market, P opened a small shop. This is to store, P, suddenly heard move beer in the midair transmit a loud noise, like explosion. Ah P didn't guard, jumped out of hand, "wow" beer box fell a sound. I would like to the Links London Chains. The orchid also is beside his wife have v <a href="">links of london</a> been terrorized, a little white Links London Charm.Slowly, only hold steady state of mind, p. a passer-by, ask what is going on, someone told P, opposite the great restaurant someone put catering, in that the person can frighten break gall ware. I will choose the Hear, o P, look at the broken bottles, then, squinting his eyes see a wife, stratagem. He said: "don't work orchid, lay down!"I feel
<a href="">links</a> strange, said: "in broad daylight, what you crazy?" Ah P but say: "the wealth of the chance to! You just said, I find my chest hurts the pendulum feast of accounts, let them have a loss, this time for the big cheap, I quit! Less." I would like to the Links London Watch.Ah P ran into the restaurant, a door loudly rang: "good, good! Deadly!" Is it behind, will hear someone cried: "ah P!" I would like to the Sweetiec <a href="">links of london UK</a> Bracelet with one star charm.Look back, P, ah! Not really, it is not meet friends of his rival week section. This week's chief, the former unit P is his immediate superior, fry squid, P. I will like to the Sweetie Bracelet with one Gold Heart charm.See section weeks, hold over excited, P, hand or: "ah P, I had never expected that you would come!" Said, the man called, "come, I give you introduce, this is my best friend and I o P, before a department. Now, somebody is else sea into <a href="">links of london bangles</a> small boss, making a fortune." I will choose the Flip Flop 3-Flowers Charm.The gang is beside the awe, and shake hands, o P around, and business card, return in mouth call short boss long boss, have the o P, don't <a href="">links of london charm</a> say that just had no temper, even his surname is forgotten. I would like to the Big Rock 'Diamond' Ring Charm。Ah P so be able to hold the restaurant. The passing of time suddenly saw P everyone in the hand into weeks section, who is responsible for registering envelopes and <a href="">sale</a> gift were counted. I also like to the c**ktail Glass with Cherry Charm.Ah P a trembling, stand the physique involuntarily bent, he happened to see a lift eye, opposite his chief weeks in a smile, boss, hand into pocket, P, prepare the 500 took out: "no, no, respect.I would like to the Black Friendship Bracelet.A man admires thumbs-up, straight quart: "what is the boss, generous!" I will choose the links London sweetie bracelet heart charm.Ah P until after drinking to make understand what it is, he sadly home, an ass sitting on the sofa.The wife that didn't require orchid, P, then advise to the <a href="">links of london earrings</a> indemnity way: "if people don't lose money, but are free meal, and still not satisfied!" Hear, o P a really laugh and cry: "eat? I also like to the links of London sweetie watch.The context, P, probably a case orchid also think: "you look your life, respectable!Two suddenly eyes shone, said: "a next month, I daddy had sixtieth birthday, we also please weeks. He will certainly come to section. We will not send five hundred suffer." "You know what a gift, I <a href="">links of london silver</a> didn't know, after 6 weeks section of wine. They are moved to immigrate to Canada to the London links jewelry is cheaper, this has not said anything back." I will choose the links of London sweetie necklaces.The P is sent to bed room, at dawn, o P suddenly thought of: I didn't send a week section 500?