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The regret in life

A chance to see this text: as a young man hasty decision may bring a heavy pain in life. This
Words touched my heart very deeply hidden in a back, a silent remorse slowly diffuse away.Sometimes I would assume <a href="">links of london</a> that classic links of london heart necklace if the sunset in the evening, I have not opened the drawer, is not Cut will change Almost habitual action, I ran opened the bedside drawer on the bedside of my cassettes areA box of Tommy's, my heart still disc charm braceletlaugh, I am with you is so forged.Passport is the first time I saw it, readily rolled, feeling very fresh. I never dreamed his love for two years you actually a <a href="">links london</a> divorced man!Flashed confusion in the minds disc charm braceletof the fragments fell in love we met, my heart sank gradually, over and over again just thinkingSentence: You lied to me! links london sweetie bracelet heart charmNotice any such an important life experience but also hide it I can not calm down, walking around in impatience, even anger to want to do at the tableGood food are all drained. I slumped to Yi Zuo on: Why do you refuse to confess your past I was so strongSet to love you. To you, I hesitate <a href="">Links of London Watches</a> to leave their parents, quit his job, came to this strange city,However, you actually lied to me! All about us warm sweet fade lenses, only one voice:Fraud! I love how I can tolerate those who deceive me Your silence has been little word, links london charms sweetie bracelet but how can you even so important &quot;words&quot; are no mention of it Is their lovePeople who have intentions <a href="">links london charms</a> to calculation My heart is cold, almost numb brain, to just sit until you came home from work. I was notGood disguise, you found the door, links of london sweetie watchmy mood disorder, I just said, do not feel perfunctoryimproved,But I eat uninteresting, I put my head buried down low, it all would <a href="">jewellery</a> not look at you. Wishing that you had to doA lifetime of meals, I am afraid no longer true. It was at this house, have had a busy hostess figure, as you prepare meals, get some tea for yoWater, mopping the floor for your links of london sweetie bracelet jewellery laundry. Marriage is how you start and how did it end Why do you closely guarded secret, aNot to mention the word How we met links of london necklaces by chance, then the love is how difficult twists and turns, and finally I broke through layers of <a href="">links bracelets</a> resistancePower come to you, want to start our new life, but I was actually faced such a situation,All prospects have become a better plot a After dinner you concern to the dreamer links of london sweetie bracelet jewelryI say it comfortable to sleep early. But I do not sleep. Was removedI looked at your room <a href="">links of london sweetie bracelets</a> lights as silent tears. How can you be my happiness links of london sweetie bracelet sale I could be so blind. How can you be my happiness I'm actually struggling to recoverBy. I travel long distances to links of london sweetie necklaceswalk alone you elaborate trap, and this is the whole night with my conclusion. Dawn Reprinted from: