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Blue mobile phone love story

He and she are friends from college. Four years with four years time. Simple four-time, four
Like children, his carelessness, will forgetful; love playing basketball, like to sleep late, holding the guitar to sing love, love, and <a href="">links of london</a> beautifulThe Shimei chat. And she is a ordinary girl links silver jewellerycarefully, she loves to dream, love fantasy, love to watch boys play basketball,Far shy love them some cheer. He is the most common with her friends, meet friends just nod.But the nod, she will be the heartbeat, it will blush. links of london sweetie bracelet jewellery How the She asked myself in my heart, I ... ... like him She shook her <a href="">links</a> head, do not recognize links silver jewelry their own feelings. She carefully closed the feelings of their own, carefully watching his heartIn the prince. And he took no notice. He had a beautiful girlfriend. Yes, he was tall,Not pay attention to her ordinary. The links of london sweetie bracelet salestory begins before graduation. San Huofan that year, we all like mad, desperatelyTo drink, tried to sing. There london links jewelleryare so many happy graduates, there are so many problems. He and his girlfriend finallyBroke up, and <a href="">links london wholesale</a> graduation so that they parted ways. He kept drinking and friends for their love withered. SheIndividual, in a corner and gently links of london sweetie necklacesfilled up a glass of wine for himself. She never drank, but this time, shePoured himself a full glass of wine. london links jewelryTo their own drum in the heart and encouraging, and she to him. I wish you boundless prospects. She put it in a hurry, her heart had been <a href="">links london charms</a> jumping. He may not see in front of her, put that cup to drink.He looked at the front of the ordinary shadows, all messed up, the world's all messed up.Is my princess He was drunk, drunklinks of london necklaces in his hand held her. And she, the tears poured out forEmbrace of this error. Yes, wrong is wrong. We soon graduated, the warm embrace,This is her first time back in the arms of a boy, which she secretly love ah Prince for four years. Have theNot as novel as written, many students links of londonare still single. He occasionally talked about her very tired. His angerAnger that the capitalist exploitation of people, he was just late again, he was deducted a Friday  s consumption.Talk <a href="">new links of london</a> about work, talk about the weather. He was always grateful to her. Deliberately avoid her, and she was afraid he might see through their minds.Secrets is not their own, said she felt she links of london bracelets salehad a pride. And she more clearly, he is not his own. In thisLike, they use a very lax way linked. They do not understand each other's lives. She was sick, the oldYears, but she still has not forgotten <a href="">links of london charm bracelets</a> their mission.Every day, use their cell phone and dialed his cell phone. Listening to the other side of his vague answers, she SecurityHeart. She earnestly fulfill their tasks, she also know that such days were numbered. The identity of his tall, handsomeShadow has always been the most worried about her things. Her links of london watchs sale illness more and heavier. She <a href="">Links of London Chain</a> began a coma, she died from getting closer.The most pleasant voice, the preparation of the most credible lie. Good to carelessness, he did not notice anything. His IT industry to do moreBetter, are rising popularity, the knowledge seems to have become heroes in Zhongguancun. People say he is a dedicated punctual, only Reprinted from: