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Happiness Equations

Whether the right answer? Happiness equations you first calmly began to answer the following four questions: 1 you whether energetic, with flexible and open mind-set to change? 2. Whether you with positive attitude in <a href="">oakleys</a> the future, can be quickly recover from the setback, to feel their own strength to empty life? 3. Life basic needs if you achieve? - for example, a healthy body and mind, good financial situation, personal security, have the freedom of choice. 4. Whether have close friends in time of need, by your powerful support?
No matter what I do,. You can immerse inside, and do not suffer interference among other things? Can you reach the level of <a href="">oakley glasses</a> expectation to yourself, and encourage ourselves to achieve threw goals? Psychological cigar Carl and Pitt design the above four questions and after visiting more than 1,000 people later, psychologists reaches a conclusion. They think, only love, great fortune or a good job and not bring the real happiness. True <a href="">oakley frogskins</a> happiness can use a formula to summarize: Happiness = P + 5E + 3H. Here, P representative character, such as your outlook, adaptability and resilience. It first, two issues corresponding is P namely personality, your personality of happiness; affect self-evident The third question it corresponds to E, survival, The fourth question it corresponds to <a href="">oakley clothing</a> a higher level. The world's most strange guide in Italy, they will bring you monuments in front, takes 40 minutes for you explain historical background, and then say: "good, now you can go to visit, 20 minutes later set." "Since come to visit, why do you bothersome so long, delay us much time?" Then someone not happy, to the next monuments, he wouldn't listen to explain myself go sightseeing. If it is <a href="">oakley sunglasses</a> you, you are too will be like this? But you know what? According to the survey, first listen to 40 minutes of explain again to stroll, compared to those who did not listen to commentary an hour himself visited person, see the humor. 60 minutes later, return to big bugbear, first heard explaining person, will say they saw this statue smile, the fountain of characteristic, a certain corner murals, a stone stairs of defect, and they can even follow the guide says stories, to imagine millions years ago in the palace happened in the fight, to meet the marble splashed the blood. Hence, the monuments <a href="">Oakley Active Sunglasses Discount</a> become more vivid sentient beings, that tour become more profound interesting, as to those people, see the stroll east ruins, west a residual like, stroll after each of the ancient arenas, Italian impression almost exactly the same. Whatever scenic or historic sites, museums, like a man. You don't know him, he is a personal, big deal is a out looking special person, but when you know him, after that, he is by strangers becoming your friend, become a real and make you understand and sympathy "lovers". Visit places of interest, also like you to the forest bird. If somebody tells you, where there is a <a href="">Oakley Dirt Bike Goggles Discount</a> bird, followed his advice, you can see many in a short time. Conversely, if no one show, you may see a forest, heard many birds' singing, but I can't find it anywhere, even if found, also do not know that the behavior of birds, even do not know what that is a bird. The ancients say true of, adept see doorways, dilettante watch the scene of bustle.
Next time you go bird-watching, to travel, go to visit the museums, before use hard, read the introduction there! Use your heart, your <a href="">Oakley Lifestyle Sunglasses Discount</a> feelings, you know about them, go in unto them, to find all! You can certainly have greater touched, and leaves more profound memory. For the advent of emotion between wu4?