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Constant dripping wears away a stone

A long time ago, when I was eight or nine, I saw this programmer on tally about the history of the Beatles. Jen liked the Beatles, so she was the one who made me watch it, but I didn't mind. (I probably told her I did mind, though. I probably made a fuss and pissed her off.) Anyway, when Ring joined, you sort of felt this little <a href="">links</a> shiver, because that was it, then, that was the four of them, and they were ready to go off and be the most famous group in history. Well, that's how I felt when JJ turned up on the roof with his pizzas. I know you'll think, oh, she's just saying that because it sounds good, but I'm not. I knew, honestly. It helped that he looked like a rock star, with his hair and his leather jacket and all that, but my feeling wasn't anything to do with music; I <a href="">new links of london</a> just mean that I could tell we needed JJ, and so when he appeared it felt right. He wasn't Ring, though. He was more like Paul. Maureen was Ring, except she wasn't very funny. I was George, except I wasn't shy, or spiritual. Martin <a href="">Links London Bracelets</a> was John, except he wasn't talented or cool. Thinking about it, maybe we were more like another group with four people in it.
Anyway, it just felt like something might happen, something interesting, and so I couldn't understand why we were just sitting there eating pizza slices. So I was like, maybe we should talk, and Martin goes, what, share our pain? And <a href="">links of london charm bracelet</a> then he made a face, like I'd said something stupid, so I called him a winker, and then Maureen totted and asked me whether I said things like that at home (which I do), so I called her a <a href="">cheap links london</a> bag lady, and Martin called me a stupid, mean little girl, so I spat at him, which I shouldn't have done and which also by the way I don't do anywhere near as much nowadays, and so he made out like he was going to throttle me, and so JJ jumped in between us, which was just as well for <a href="">links of london</a> Martin, because I don't think he would have hit me, whereas I most definitely would have hit and bitten and scratched him. And after that little fluffed of activity we sat there puffing and blowing and hating each other for a bit.
And then when we were all calming down, JJ said something like, I'm not sure what harm would be done by sharing our experiences, except he said it more American even than that. And Martin was like, well, who's interested in your experiences? Your experiences are delivering pizzas. And JJ goes, well, your experiences, then, not mine. But it was too late, and I could tell from what he'd said about sharing our experiences that he <a href="">sweetie bracelet</a> was up here for the same reasons we were. And he didn't say anything, and Martin and Maureen looked at him. And Martin just goes, were you going to jump with the pizzas? Even though Martin was joking, it was like Juju’s professional pride had been dented, because he told us that he was only here on a race, and he was going downstairs to deliver before <a href="">links of london charms</a> coming back up again. And I said, well, we've eaten them now. And Martin goes, Gosh, you didn't seem like the jumping type, and JJ said, If you guys are the jumping type then I can't say I'm sorry. There was, as you can tell, a lot of, like, badness in the air.