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The wind blows away falling leaves

The wind, the original strike in ramshackle tree leaves to say...happy up like a grain of dust, with leaves in my sight disappear as the deep night. This is <a href="">links</a> in my eye autumn leaves. You and I are also poetic, like links of London jewellery, if you are in, you will say the wind and marked smell flew to the ends of <a href="">links london</a> heaven, but my eyes are wind relentlessly destroyed trees and leaves. Perhaps we had not a world, so now I have only one person! The autumn is so pure and without a flaw, as links of London silver jewelry. The night <a href="">links of london sweetie bracelet</a> wind blast cool water, and even cold meaning attacks, I still open arms to the wind chill for my soul. So it was a night of night, links of london charms let me miss you, your smiling face almost filled with my <a href="">links of london friendship bracelet</a> visual range of the sky, the eyes shining stars ornament perturbation, fetch the radian was never seem to without the piercing wind aloof, you face side slowly disappears, like gems are still the most beautiful <a href="">links jewelry</a> sky stars, but after the attire is not your eyes stars, it even again two will never have enough in your eyes that swing.This autumn, I spent five, I don't know how I fall spent several, more do not know that <a href="">links bracelets</a> I have for you, links of london pendants decorate life, but I am deeply felt that isn't too cold autumn gave me, because this is a chill autumn in you!Five years of waiting finally let me understand love is love at <a href="">links of london charm bracelet</a> first sight, at links of London store, that love is pure, and love is long and lonely to compromise results. Love is a long wait for a lover's biggest sorrow, such as a lifetime is more without results, and how to calculate?