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Hey everyone im new to the board and I wanted to write a story nothing here it is.!

**I Wanna Be**
*Lamari, Renee, and Chris going away party*

"okay on the count of 3 everyone say Clark Atlanta University" my mom said snapping a pictuee.
"Clark Atlanta University" I said smiling with my two best.friends as everyone started cheering. We was in my back yard at this going away party. Everything was just soo surreal I cant believe in 2 days I will be leaving Ohio and moving to Atlanta for school. As I look into the crowd I noticed my best friend Renee chatting it up with my aunt. Thats my ace right there. Renee Brianna Franklin. She been my bestfriend since kindergarden standing at 5'4 wearing a pink loose halter top and a jean skirt she look very beautiful. Her light brown smooth skin sang in the sun. And her shortt hair was styled in a cute cut. I still couldnt believe she cut her hair a month ago for her 18 birthday. But it fit her beautiful face and thick shape perfectly. That was my girl. Brains and beauty. She was gonna be my roomie in CAU majoring in nursing. So u know im proud of my girl. As I keep looking through the crowd I saw my boy Chris dancing with some girl lol smh. Thats my Breez always with some chick. Christopher Mariuce Brown. Been my bestfriend since kindergarden also. He going to CAU majoring in sports management. Lol that my boy. The ladies man. As he shoukd be standing tall at 6'1 long lean body. Light buttermilk skin (well only in the summer. Winter he pale) lol he had pretty light brown eyes and a gorgeous smilehe looked good in his red aeropostale shirt. Tan cargo shorts and red.chucks. Yeaa that was chris for u. Nobody understood our relationship except for family & Renee. And even with that our family said we would get marries lol. Never chris just my bestfriend. And he got too many hoes... As I was past the patio into the hoise I went into the bathroom to check myself out.
Yeaa everything was still in place lol as I looked myself up and down in the mirror I ciuld help but say damn. Lamari u bad lmao.

**Chris POV**
I was staring at Yonnie looking at herself in the mirror. Damn she look good. Stand short 4'11 lol haha withe her thick frame chocolate skin gray eyes and long hair that was in a curly style. She was beautiful. With her off the shoulder shirt that showed her belly button ring and shorts that hugged her hips and fat ass . Yeaa Lamari was badd. And she knew it. But thats my bestfriend since kindergarden. We put in some years 13 to be exact. But she dont look like the chubby girl with pigtails im her hair. Naww lil mamma cold but I just started feeling a different way towards her this spring. Nobody knows except Renee. And im not sure if I can tell yonnie.

"yonnie what u doing?" I asked her as I walked in the bathroom standing behind her
"nothing just.checking myself out" she said smiling in the mirror. Damn her eyes and smile are soo beautiful
"well.u look fly ma" I said moving her hair back on the right side showing off her tattoo under her coller bone. " man I swear I needa steal this tatt" I' said laughing
"nahh Breez u got enough" she said laughing" this party hype huh" she asked me
"yeaa it'll go harder once I let this weight off" I said laughing
"what u mean" she asked me with a confused look on her face
"i.gotta piss yonnie" I said smh " oh and im leaving tonight for CAU" I told her
" whyy? I thought we were leaving all together" she said with a sad face
"ikr but the basketballl coach called me saying theirs a meeting tomorrow for freshmen and I have to be there" I told her
"oh well ok" she.said still looking said but just standing there
"yonnie... Im getting fat over here" I said laughing
"ohh yeaa im sorry lol" she said as she closed the bathroom door.

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Lol run it

breezy in the shower! say what?!
lemme sneak-a-peak! lol

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Run It! I love this story! One of my favs!!!

" omg mari it" she sxreamed.. Lol

"my turn"breez said

"wait.let me go.first yo gift gonna be better den mine" I said handing him 2 boxes one was medium size and the other one was a small box. He opened thebigger ome first. It was a black snapback with the words BREEZ ingraved in the front in white

" yo yonnie this hat says my name?" Breez asked me

" yess breez" I said laughing

" yonnie this hat doesnt say breez" he said

" nigga u cant read den. How u get in college" nae said laughing

" gucci shut up" he said as he gave me a tight hug "thank you yonnie" he said

" its coo just stop hugging me so hard" I said

" ma bad... I just wanted to feel yo titties again my chest lmao" chris said laughing

" shut upp..u gotta nother box" I told his as he open it to see a gold diamond circled watch

"ohhh shyt yonnie" I said as I hit him... Cussin infront of the kids " ohh... My badd... This ish hot" he said as I hit him again ",oops" he said as I smh " iight ur turn as he put a big boxx infront of me I opened'see theae gray goregous sued high heel knee high boots. Black . And red pair.

"omg these had to cost u like 300 dollars" I.told him

" u close" he said amiling and I frownes face " dont worry yonnie I got it. Now open your other box" he I opened it and see a personalized necklace that said Mrs. Brown traced in diamonds. As chris came and whispered in my.ear "whenever u feel comfortable wearing it" thwn kissed me on my cheek.
The whole day we just chilled and skyped trey & sofia. They christmas was going good so that was coo.

***2days later***

Well its my birthday 19years old:) I woke up to a missed call and a text message the missed call.was from renee at 6:30 in the morning... Wtf? And.the.text message.was.from.chris at 11:30 in the morning

Good morning beautiful. Happy 19th birthday. I woke up thanking God for creating someone so beautiful and perfect. I tanked him for his.non selfish ways because today 19years ago he brought u to earth so I can have u. We're going to dinner at 9. Be ready. Love u till the death of me .

I hurried and got in thw ahower dresaesd ans out the door. I went to.go.get my hair done. Nails and toea... And do somerhing different. Got my nose peirxed. Qhen I was done it was 6:30. So I headed home to get ready. Everyone I know was showing me birthday love. But.i was' just looking foward to tonight. I got dressed in the gray heel boot breez got me for christmas. This black off the shoulder dress. My hair was alrwady curly so I was coo. I already knew I was gonna freeze my.ass off. But I disnt care. By the time I was done getting ready. He was here. And should I.tell u I.was'shocked at what I seen. He.was dressed in these black jeans. Black dress shoes. White button up and his hair - blonde. But he.looked awzy ass hell.

"you look beautiful" he said and kissed me on the cheek

"u look amazing yourself" I replied as we walked out the house.
Dimmer was lovely is was. We talked about everything and he flirted about everything. And change.everything I said It was 11:45 by the time I got home and I headed straight to the shower. ma wasnt home so I.decided some music. 10 mins shower I heard the shower curtain open I turned around to see chris coming into the shower. He looked soo good wet. As he grabbed mw and we kissed each other passionetly. And exploring each other with our hand. He started going lower kissing every inch of my body ring . Then he.keep going lower until he found where he wanted to be. He put one of my.legs over his shoulder and hia tounge made love to my second lips. I tried hard to hold on

"ahhh...ssssss...mmmmmm yes" I moaned as he' keep going faster and faster. My.legs atarted shaking as I.knew I was entering a climax already ... Damn. As chris.raised up he laughed

"baby ya body just told me ots been wanting me for.a while but.u.been.denying me" he laughed

" I cant feel my legs" I.yold him holding to the shower rail.

"i.know" chris. Winked and turned off the water. Than picked up and to my room. As he layed my wet body down our bodies touching turned me on even more. Yet he teased me kissing every inch of my body

"baby stop.teasin me. I want it" I said

"nahh I wanna take my time" and that he did. When he felt like it was time to enter me he did slowly. Which was great seeing how tight I.was
" aww baby u feel so good" he said grunting and biring my ear

" I love you" I said

"i too baby" he replied going faster.all.night the love making weade was beautiful. And it was what I needed to tell me I. Was ready to be more than a friend. As the sun rays from the.morning sky woke me up. I realized all of that was a dream... FUXK.!
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***3 weeks later***
Its christmas break we back in ohios freezing azz weather.! Ughhh. Atlanta been spoiling us fareal we could leleave with a sweatshirt and call it. A day.! Renee keep on complaining about.missing trey. Ughh.. His cousin Sofia is mad coo.. I like her. Me and breez. Wellll were still not together. But I am still thinking about it. And he's waiting like he said. . Well today is christmas eve. Tomorrow is chriatmas. && the 27th is ma bday. Can u say busy... I.can

Dont know what ill ever do without ya from the begining to the end. Always been their right beside me so I call you my bestfriend. From the good times to the bad ones whether I.loose or if I win. I know one thing that never changes and thats you as my bestfriend -bestfriend by brandy

"whats sup nae" I said answering the phone

" happy merry christmas eve" she yelled into the phone

"do people really say it like that" I asked her

"well I just did" she said

"oh wow" I said shakibg my head

"what u doing today" she asked me

"studying until family comes over" I said

" ughh u suck" she said laughing " iight when fun comes back into ya body call me" she said hanging up

Well like I said today I was studying until family came over. We eat christmas cookies and eggnog .

**christmas morning**

I gotta phone call at 8 in the morning from Renee

"good morning.! Happy merry christmas" she yelled into the phone

"whaat renee omg " I said huffin in the phone

"wake up tuenchi about to pic me up so we can come over and give u your gifts" she said

" okay" I said as I hung up rolled off the bed and walked to the bathroom pee. Wash my face & brush my teeth. I had on a red tank top and these tight pajamas on that said santa on the butt. As I walked downstairs to see my neices and nephews playing wither their toys by the tree. And I smelles ma cooking breakfast in the kitxhen.

"hey ma.merry christmas" I sais

"merry christmas to.u to baby" she.said as I went to the livingroom before I sat down the doorbell ring

"merry.chriatmas" I seen nae and breez yell outside smiling

"come on yall it cold" I said as they came in " yall outside posing and such" I saidclosing the door

"well we know who the grench is thia year" nae said sitting down

"whater. Good morning" I said to chris as he gave me a kiss on the cheek and we walked into the livingroom

"mmm I sure would like to be santa on that ass... Mmm makes no sense" he said ahaking his head

"lol tunechi u.ignorant" nae said laughing "okay open my gift first" renee said as ahe handed me a lil box as I opened it. It was a half broken heart that said RL - Sep 8.1998 with a pic of us kindergarden year.

"awww nae. U my girl" I said hugging her than having chris put the bracelet on me. "okay open mine" I said giving her a small long box. She open it to see a heart. Necklace with diamonds making the heart and a pearl inhe middle. Ahe was a cancer so her birthstone was a pearl.

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Lmao!!! I almost fell out my chair at what Chris text Trey back....but uhhh Trey...Nae gone get in yo ass nigga!

lol i wuda told him what i said lik yea i said its some cuties they jus not on yo level love ya babe lol jus to get out of him tlkn n i hope mari says yes and soon run it

i'm cryin at what chris did
tears is streaming mad down
my face right now, lol

*my boo*
since i'm hispanic
can i have lloyd, the singer
and the old long
pretty boy hair lloyd though?


Chris pov

"yonnie can I talk to u" I asked her

" umm nahh I gotta take care of something..... This thing... I gotta do... I gotta go to it.. . And take care of it... The thing... Something" she said stumbling over her words so I knew she was lying. as she turn to walk away I grab her hand

" why you always running from yo problems" I asked her as she turned around and looked at me. "come on" I said as I pulled her out the room down the hall && into my room. Vibrations rushed to my head causing my headache to come back. " FUXK" I yelled sitting on the bed

" whats wrong she said

"i got this headache from this hangover" said holding my head

" I told u about that drinking" she said as she went into the fridge and got a cold pack. Damn why didnt I think of that. She came over and gave it to me

" have u thought about last night" I aaked her

"i cant stop thinking about it" she said sitting at the end of the bed. Ahe held her head down and her hair rain down her face. "you was pretty drunk. Did u mean to kiss me?" She ask

I smiled. What kinda queation was that "i didnt know I was going too. When I walked to the hall something just dragges me to ur room & did that" I told her.

"this isnt right. " she said and jumpped up " why did u kiss me. Where dis this xome from. We cant do this we been friends for 13years thus isnt right" she said planting back and forth in my room she didnt even notice that I got up. I grabbed her and pulled her close to me. Just to kiss her again

"shut up. You talk to much. Sit down so I can tell you everything" I told her as she said down and I kneled infront of her.

"i love u. More than a friend. I wanna be with you. I was us to get married have kids grow old together" I told her

"chris" she said looking at me

"too much too soon, my bad. Ok look. I knew I wanted to be more than friends when I took you to prom. I broke up with Ashley just so I can be with you. Im tired of you always crying to me when a punk ass nigga did u wrong. Let me take care of you. I wanna be more" I said letting everything out

"chris.... I-i dont know... This is all too much to take in... Where friends we cant be together" she said as a tear came down her left eye.

"and why cant we? Who telling us we cant? Isnt it better to enter a relationship as friends first? I know you better than you know yourself yonnie" I told her

"but if it doesnt work? What happens then I cant have u than thing go back to where they were" she said as I started shaking my head

"no no no yonnie dont even ponder that thought. Theirs no need to cause once I have u. Im not letting you go" I said

she stopped. I knew ahe was thinking about asking me something. Just didnt know how to say it "and the sex" she said as I chuckled

"oh you know i'll get in that ass"i said as I smirked. She smiled. And it look as if alot of stress was relieved of of her

"i need time to think about this breez" she aaid

"i.understand. U need to consume that the most handsome nigga on earth told u he wanted to be with u. Take as much time as needed yonnie I will wait as long as u need me too" I said as she laughed

**renees pov***

Me and trey was just sitting eating pizza

"i'll be soo happy when they make it official" I told trey

"lol ikr babe . Im mad it took for chris being drunk to do something" he said laughing "i wonder are they fuxking" he said

"naww I.know mari. Hes not smacking" I said laughing

"baby I got someone I.want meet" he.said as he took my hand and lead me out the room acroaa the hall

"took u long enough" a beautiful caramel skin hispanic open the door. He long wavy hair hung to her lower back and she.had a wife beater and black leggings on

"shut up. Renee this is my older cousin Sofia. sofia this is renee" trey said introducing me

" hello mama. Im so happy to meet you. I heard nothing but good things about you. And you are as gorgeous as trey described" sofia said

"lol thank you. Do you need any help unpacking" I asked her

"sure i'll appreciate it so I wont be up all night" she said

"naww its coo" I said "come on babe" as we started helping her unpack. Sofia is really coo ppl. She.s a sophmore majoring in psychology. The only reason why she was put on feeshmen floor is because they didnntt have enough room at any other halls. I told her about myself and Lamari. Caught her up on game about her and chris.

"ohh wow yall about to be cool ass shyt to chill with" she said laughing.

"yeaa it something else down here" I said

"where the cuties at tho" she asked me

"dont worry about it " trey said walking out the bathroom

"boy shut up. U smacking something why cant I" she said

"oh no we having had sex yet" I told her

"whaat u was able to make this man right here wait and still be with u?? Ohhh girl u badd"she said as she gavw me a high fice. I raised my eyebrow at trey

"i aint tha bad" he said kissing me on the forehead

"girl he a player"she told me laughing

"SOSO SHUT UP.!! That was before u babe" trey yelled from the bathroom. We started laughing

"girl their.some cuties down here"i. Told her

"what u say" trey yelled

"i said I wouldnt know of no cuties here babe" I yelled

" no.she.didnt she said their some cuties down here. So suck it up" soso said laughing

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awww.....Trey is so sweet n thats my favorite song

awwww that was cute!

Awh that was toooooooo cute n yea he betta not cheat on her again n Chris need to tlk to mari for real dey need to figure that out run it

hope i'm coo with the girls
thx g for putting me in
they needa get it together
fxck rihanna ol hoe ass
even tho i stay in her room

run it with quickness!♥

**!*saturday dec. 3rd 1:00pm***
Its was raining & very dark outside, im not really a favor of thunderstorms. But right now thats the least of my worries. I cant believe last night. Or early this morning. I was in breez asrms, legs wrapped around him. His hands carressing my ass. My hands around his neck full blown kissing him. I couldnt have been. Maybe it was a dream. Nahh it felt too real. Why did he kiss me? Does breez like me? Or was he just tryna fuxk? Did hr know he was kissing me? He was pretty drunk maybe he knocked on the wrong door.

" soo what happen" nae said smiling

" I asked whats going on. He picked me up and started kissing me." I told her

" whaaaat" nae said laughing

" nae its not funny. I mean its chris my bestfriend for 13years. Like how could I let this happen" I said

"did u like it"nae asked

" I was turned on but that doesnt matter. Our friendship is like tainted now" I aaid it

"how u ever looked at chris that way" she.asked

"no. But now that im thinking aboit it. It couldnt work. He is a serious player all them girls on his team. Im not tryna be that. U know why I xall him breez. He fly by relationships and girls he never had a long term relationship or ever been in love before" I said

"well time will tell... Everything" nae said smiling

***trey pov***

It was rainning outside and I was playing call of duty qhile chris was in the bathroom dealing with his hangover lol ha. I couldnt sleep tho cause I was thinking about renee. Man I could smack rhianna axross her face for what she did. Well renee already did. I just hope she dont loose her scholarship and have to leave CAU. I hope I dont loose her. Period. My thoughts were interruppted by chris coming out the bathroom

"how u feeling fam" I ask him as he sat on the bed

"man like shyt" he said holding his head this hangover is a bytch and on top I cant stop thinking about that kiss with yonnie" he said

"what u worried about brah u started the process now u jist gotta tell her how u feel" I told him

"shyt man" chris yelled

" come on man I need to apologize to nae anyway" I said as I got up and we walked out the door to see my cousin sofia standing their

"yoo soso what u doing here" I said huggin her

"i.transfered fromMSU (Michigan state university) that coldness is for the birds" she said laughing

"thats whats sup this is my boy chris. Chris this is sofia but everybody calls ger soso" I said introducing her

" nice to meet u" they said meeting together

"where yo room" I asked her

" right their she said point to rhianna room "they said some girl got kicked out this morning for causing a disturbance" she said as me and chris started laughing

" yo we gotta take care of something eeal quick ima get at chu later" I told her

"wait wheres nae. I wanna meet her she said as we started walking her to her room

" thats what I gotta take care of, I fuxked up" I said knocking on the door

"iight well good luck cuzz. Cal me later" she aaid going into her room as yonnie opened the door. Damn she look like she havent been to sleep as we walked him I just stared at her.

"baby im sorry i apologize I didnt mean to hurt you" I said as she started crying and walking towards me I held her and began to sing

%My whole life has changed, since you came in I knew that then
You were that special one. Im so in love so deep in love
You made my life complete, u are so sweet no one could be
Glad u came into my life, you are the only one. % I stopped when she grab my face and kissed me. Than I started singing again this time looking her in her eyes

%you are all I need and i'll never let gooo% I said than kissed her

"damn bro u should of told me u was gonna sing I would of had u back up fam" chris said and.everyone including nae.started laughing
Im never gonna hurt her again
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***chris pov***

Trey and I was on our way yo the frat party the Ques was throwing for the.Delta. Man I cant believe yonnieand nae did it. Im soo proud of them
im.happy its finally the weekend so I can just.chill and relax. My classes been lowkey beating my.azz. But we goyt to the party and it live. So u kno me and trey doing our thing

After the initiation ceremony we came back to our dorm to get deessed for the partyy. I seen trey and chris in the crowd with big koolaid smiles. Im proud of myself as well as yonnie. As I finish up my short hair. I look over at yonnie and'she still getting dressed

"yo yonnie wtf why does it always take forever for you to get dressed" I asked her

"idk" I told her now curling her hair.


Yo man this party going ham real talk. Im enjoying myself and female company. Im still single so u know im on the prowl. I mean Lamari cool and all. And im proud of her for becominf a delta and all... But she just waiting too long for a brotha. I aint never have to wait that long to get with a girl ao I might as well fall back on that.


So we came up to the party about an hour later thanks to me. Nae xaught an attitude but she'll get over it. Alot of people walking up to ys telling us congrats. So tonight we're just gonna enjoy ourself. As we walked in we spotted breez and trry getting it on the dance floor. Of course they was dancing with girls which caused naes face to turn up :/. But she quickly changed it. It was just dancing. And she knew as soo as trey spot her. He'll make his way over therr. The music was booming and everybody was just flowing until we heard barking. Oh Lord the Ques are about to step. With that being said breez and trey spotted us and made they way other.

"congrats yall" they both said giving hugs. And trey and nae kissed

" you look beautiful yonnie" chris said in my ear standing behind me I could smell a hint of alcoholo but I was tripping. We watched as the ques killed it on the floor. Chris & trey started talking to some guys. All of a sudden rhianna was standing infront of us

"congradulations ladies" she yelled

"thank you" we yelled back as nae rolled her eyes rhianna giggled

" hey renee how is trey doing" she asked

" he's fine" she said

" well tell him whenever he want me to inhale his dixk again im rwady" she said

*punch*aww shiid we aint even been here 2hours.! Chris grabbed nae off rhiana and we left the party and headed back to the dorm

"she gonna be ok" chris said as nae was crying in the bathroom

"i think so. Ill take care of everything" I said

"its not as bad as rhianna making it" chris said

" im aure its not. I'll talk to her" I said

"iight txt me if u need me" breez said giving me a kiss on my cheeck "and tell nae she actually look pretty toniggt stop crying" he said laughing

"breezl" I said pushing out the room

"iight im gone" he said as I closed the door && walked to the bathroom

" nae he left" I said as she came out. We sat on her bed and I held her

" im not even mad he let her do it" nae said sobbing

" idt it happen just like that maybe tomorrow if you feel better u should talk to hom" I said making her feel a lil better

"mari thank u for being here for me" she said.

" nahh u kno u welcome" I said as we both feel asleep.

I heard a knock on the door. It was 3 in the morning
it was breez & he was drunk.

" breez what going on" I asked he picked me up and started kissing me passiometly.. We was kissing for 10mins until it clicked on me who I was kissing... Oh no I was kissing chris
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I read the whole thing! Funny, yo ' name Asia, my name Asia. You gotta character in yo ' story named Yonni, I gotta actual friend thats on here named Yoni! Lol

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