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Hey everyone im new to the board and I wanted to write a story nothing here it is.!

**I Wanna Be**
*Lamari, Renee, and Chris going away party*

"okay on the count of 3 everyone say Clark Atlanta University" my mom said snapping a pictuee.
"Clark Atlanta University" I said smiling with my two best.friends as everyone started cheering. We was in my back yard at this going away party. Everything was just soo surreal I cant believe in 2 days I will be leaving Ohio and moving to Atlanta for school. As I look into the crowd I noticed my best friend Renee chatting it up with my aunt. Thats my ace right there. Renee Brianna Franklin. She been my bestfriend since kindergarden standing at 5'4 wearing a pink loose halter top and a jean skirt she look very beautiful. Her light brown smooth skin sang in the sun. And her shortt hair was styled in a cute cut. I still couldnt believe she cut her hair a month ago for her 18 birthday. But it fit her beautiful face and thick shape perfectly. That was my girl. Brains and beauty. She was gonna be my roomie in CAU majoring in nursing. So u know im proud of my girl. As I keep looking through the crowd I saw my boy Chris dancing with some girl lol smh. Thats my Breez always with some chick. Christopher Mariuce Brown. Been my bestfriend since kindergarden also. He going to CAU majoring in sports management. Lol that my boy. The ladies man. As he shoukd be standing tall at 6'1 long lean body. Light buttermilk skin (well only in the summer. Winter he pale) lol he had pretty light brown eyes and a gorgeous smilehe looked good in his red aeropostale shirt. Tan cargo shorts and red.chucks. Yeaa that was chris for u. Nobody understood our relationship except for family & Renee. And even with that our family said we would get marries lol. Never chris just my bestfriend. And he got too many hoes... As I was past the patio into the hoise I went into the bathroom to check myself out.
Yeaa everything was still in place lol as I looked myself up and down in the mirror I ciuld help but say damn. Lamari u bad lmao.

**Chris POV**
I was staring at Yonnie looking at herself in the mirror. Damn she look good. Stand short 4'11 lol haha withe her thick frame chocolate skin gray eyes and long hair that was in a curly style. She was beautiful. With her off the shoulder shirt that showed her belly button ring and shorts that hugged her hips and fat ass . Yeaa Lamari was badd. And she knew it. But thats my bestfriend since kindergarden. We put in some years 13 to be exact. But she dont look like the chubby girl with pigtails im her hair. Naww lil mamma cold but I just started feeling a different way towards her this spring. Nobody knows except Renee. And im not sure if I can tell yonnie.

"yonnie what u doing?" I asked her as I walked in the bathroom standing behind her
"nothing just.checking myself out" she said smiling in the mirror. Damn her eyes and smile are soo beautiful
"well.u look fly ma" I said moving her hair back on the right side showing off her tattoo under her coller bone. " man I swear I needa steal this tatt" I' said laughing
"nahh Breez u got enough" she said laughing" this party hype huh" she asked me
"yeaa it'll go harder once I let this weight off" I said laughing
"what u mean" she asked me with a confused look on her face
"i.gotta piss yonnie" I said smh " oh and im leaving tonight for CAU" I told her
" whyy? I thought we were leaving all together" she said with a sad face
"ikr but the basketballl coach called me saying theirs a meeting tomorrow for freshmen and I have to be there" I told her
"oh well ok" she.said still looking said but just standing there
"yonnie... Im getting fat over here" I said laughing
"ohh yeaa im sorry lol" she said as she closed the bathroom door.

Ok yall tell me what u think?


Loving the comments.!

Just wish more ppl will read it:(

But i'll post soon. Next post CAU.! Whoot whoot lol

Oh btw im soooo rude my name is Asia u guys:)

I think she would take him seriously run it

lmao at that nickname, ha ha
i wonder how yonnie/lamari feel about chris
maybe it wouldn't mess anything up if they
was both on the same level

run it

Later that night

*chris pov*
Man today been one hell of a day.. I unpacked everything with treys help.. And my meeting went good too... And nihha guess what trey playing ball here too. Boy college slapps. And all the fine girls out here. Im dipping in something soon. This girl walled up to me and trey ealier inviting me to a dorm party... But I knew ill be tired so we both declined. Shawtyy was bad doe. But ima text yonnie and see what time they.coming tomorrow.

yo yonnie..

Hey.Breez whats sup


Just got home jus chilling, how it down there

Girl I love it soo manu hoes to choose from yonnie it great


What time yall coming

We leaving at 2 so we should be there about 10. 11

Ok thats whats sup

Yeaa I should get some rest. I'll txt u or something when we leave. Good night. Love you till the death of me

Ight yonnie. Love u till the death of me.

"yo trey. Wyd tomorrow" I asked him

"nothing much man whats sup" he asked

" u wanna help be unpack my best friends stuff. They coming tomorrow about 10 dey girls and they weak" I said lhaughing

"haha yea bro.ill help u" he said and paused for a min

"yea bro they bad" I said answering his question

"how u know I was gonna say anyyhing" he laughed

"bro.i peeped yo swagg. Remember we shawty came and invites us to that party. Nigga u peepped her like I did" I said laughing

"yeaa man u know we gonna be bros" he said

"right yo can I be all 100 wit u" I asked him

"please do fam. thats all I asked for" he said

" ight bro my bestfriends thats coming they names are Lamari and Renee... I been bestfriends with dem since kindergarden. Bro love em to death. But yonnie im feeling her on another level" I told him

" man thats a long time... But whos yonnie bro" he asked me

"aww my bad fam thats my pet name for Lamari when we was kids she woild be on 10 for nap time... I mean running to her coult. And she would have the biggest yawn ever than drop. Dead sleep. Outta dere. Lol so every since den I called her yonnie lol" I replied to him

" haha that coo bro... When did u realize u was feeling here" he asked

" idrk. But when I really reconized it was prom season... See freshmen.year.. Me and yonnie made a ptomise that if we didnt have a date to prom 2weeks before. We'd go together. I had a girl. But I made a big fuss and broke up with her just so I can take yonnie. I mean I still could have any gorl to be my date... But I wanted her" I said

" aww man thats deep. U cant do nothing but tell her" he said

"nahh man it'll fuxk up our friendship. I ran around with too many girla.. Yonnie wouldnt take me seriously" I said as I got on my laptop and logged into facebook.

"brah but u'll always have that what if" he said

"yeaa.. But I just cant do it.. Atleast not now.

**Renees POV**
I just logged out of facebook looking at chris page talking about how he made it to CAU and how his roomate cool and cant wait for classes to start. :/ whatt? Since when tunechi.xouldnt wait for school lol. But as I look on his page I seen all these girls write on his wall... Aww chris ima miss u... I love u... Dont forget about me... Cant wait till u come home...Daxm can u say thirst.! Smh

Im soo happy this my last night in Ohio. Im soo ready for a change its crazyy... I decided to update my fb & twitter via mobile

*** hey everybody. big day tomorrow going to my new home at Clark Atlanta University. Soo going to bed. Good night everyone & blessings -- Nae

Hope everything go alright


I hope college goes well for all of dem run it

*** Aug. 23. 2011 10:00am***

As the sun sneaked past the window and landed on my face my eyes fluttered open.

"wake up nae" I pushed her"u wanna makr breakfast," I asked her

" u want me to tell you the truth or u want me to lie to u" she said as she walked to the bathroom lol haha I laughed as I walked downstairs to the half-bath... I smelled food anyway

"ma what u cook?"i asked peaking my head through the kitchen

"pancakes eggs grits & sasauge" my mom replied

"mmmm smells good" I said as I went into the bathroom. After I came out I ran back up stairs to see Nae washing her face & brushing her teeth. "ma cooked" I yold her as I walked in grabbing my wash cloth

"thats whats sup" she rinsing her mouth. We both walked downstairs and sat infront of our food & prayed. While we was eating my mom was talking to us.

"i watch both of u grow into beautiful young woman and yall both was raised in chur,h.. So what is the plan when yall leave for atlanta

"ma u have nothing to worry about... They have a chapel their and we'll go evey sunday" I said reassurring her.

" and we'll be working out. I aint tryna get fat. I got enough meat" renee said laughing

"i kno.thats right... I aint tryna catch freshmen15" I said laughing

"okay and I know yall will make a smart.decision about these boys" my ma said

" aww dont worry ma thats why Chris there" I said as Renee started chocking on her sausage

hmm hmm. Mmhmm that why he their"she she raised her eye brows and drink some juice.

"ok girls. I trust yall" my ma said as we finished our breakfast and ran up stairs to get in the shower.

"hey tunechi said he made it safe" renee said as I got a towel

"thats whats sup" I said as I walked in the shower.

**2hours laster=Noon**
Me and nae was soaking our toes in the spa seat rexaling and just talking about nonesense as my phone started ringing

"hello"i said into the phone

"wyd" a male voice said unto the phone

"getting my nails & toes done" I replied

"aww u tryna look good for me" he asked

"nahh im tryna look good for myself. Idek if ill see u today" I said

"damn girl why u leaving me" he whined in the phone

"james im bettering my education.... & it shouldnt matter where not together anyway" I said

" the only reason we not together nomore is cause of that hate'n ass nihga Chriz" he said

" noo we not together cause u cheated... I dont have time for the bs. And Chris helped me put... Made it easietr to get other u.

"i bet that nigga did" he said

"u know what... Let back" I said hanging up

" who is that" renee asked

"james bro... On that bs " I said

" aww we aint got that to do" renee said smh

"tell me about it" I said flipping through the magazine...

*** chris p o v***

Ohhh wee thats why its called hotlanta.. Man ima end up so tan... Ima be brown skin. Smh... I walked to the stundent union to check in and get my door room key.

"hey welcome to.CAU. Name and can I have ur student id.card" the lady said

"Chris. Brown and here u go" I said handing.her my as she whipped it and handed my a paper and key

" you.know u look just like the singer boy" the lady said

"yes ma'am I said walking out of the room. Okay washington hall" I said looking at my map... It wasnt that far from the student union. As I walked into the building and up one flight of stairs I walked in my dorm to see my roomate there

" yo whats sup man im Tremaine Neverson but u can call me Trey" this brown/caramel dude said giving me dap

"whadd up Christopher Brown.. U can chris lol" I said & we both laughed

" yoo ya stuff outside" he asked me

"yea man" I said

"c'mon I.ll help u unpack" he said as we both walked outside

"iight coo thanks" I said

ok girl. can't wait. thx nic. go read my new story too when u get a chance

run it

O ok well run it n @soso go run strangers island

I tend to let my readers bring their imagination to the story. The boys of the story are ofcourse celebs.! But the girls I decribe so I can let my reader picture it.

Lamari/yonnie: deep hershey chocolate color. She is.4'11 with.gray eyes. She has long pretty hair. Her mom is jamacian her dad is white . She thick. Umm 36dd slims waist big hips and butt lol

Renee:: brown skin but not as dark as mari. She has a short haircut btown eyes. Big boobs. Slim waist thick hips.. She about 5'4. and she just black

Their other girla in the story some southern bells..but I describe them when they part come

I'll update again in a couplr min cause I wanna get the regulars out the way. I cant wait to post when their in school:)

run it!

Run it I wonder what they look lik I know Chris plays Chris brown Bt who does mari n Renee play as? But run it love it

** Later that night**
*lamari's POV*

Everybody left about a hour ago. && its now 1 in the morning aug 23. We leave tomorrow for school... Whoo can I tell u butterflies are in my stomach going 10! Well Renee is spending the night helping me pack....

"why do u always wait last min to pack" renee asked me packing up my shoes

"girl if I knew I wouldnt be packing late" I said picking up some of my gifts from today. "ohhh im soo happy grandpa got us that big scream tv for the dorm" I said stacking up crates

" Ikr me too and daddy bought that microwave. We set" renee said" aye u know why chris left early?" She asked me

"yeaa he had to leave for CAU already. He got some basketball meeting tomorrow" I said relaying the message Breez told me

" Dang gucci. We all ways suppose to ride together" renee said shaking her head putting my shoe box by my door.

"tell me about it. Too salty.! " I said wrapping my hair up

"hey who was that girl dance raping chris on the dance floor" renee said cracking up

"lmao idk but by the way she was dancing she gonna end up prego" I said crack up" is that the last box" I asked her sitting on the bed

"yeaa" renee said putting it by the door

"yess.! Omg nae ur a life saver.!" I said smiling hugging her

" tell me about it :/ smh. Mari today our last full day in Ohio girl. What are we doing" she asked me putting a scarf on here head.

" girl idk I wanna die the bottom half of my hair brown so I can get that two-tone look poppin" I told her

"ohhh that'll be cute. Soo whole day hair/ nail pamper" she askdd me

"ohh offical" I said as my phone started ringing

Look at me now, look at me now (ohh)
Im getting paper
Look at me now (oh) look at me now (yeaa)
Fresh than a mutha f3cka

"hey Breez" I said answering the phone chris was calling

"whadd up yonnie is nae with u?" He asked me

"yeaa" I said

" ok coo, put me on speaker " he said as I put him on speaker & put ma phone down

" what sup tunechi" renee yelled to the phone

" call me tunechi baby. Lol but umm im on the road I just left" chris said

" why u just now leaving. u left here. @ 9" renee asked

" I had to finish packing" chris said as renee dropped her.head than looked at me smh. "ayo what yall doimng today" he asked

" getting our manis pedis nd hair done" I said

" whyy yall niggas still gon be ugly" he said laughing

"aww dont stunt u know we badd" renee. Said

" whatever I was just callung to check in. I call yall later when I get their. Love yall to the death of me" chris said

" we love u too. Till the death of us" we said in uniason and hung up

We went to lay down cause today is a long day.... We gotta get fresh for atlanta tomorrow.!

Keep the comment coming hope yall enjoying it soo. Far :)

Ur welcome hope we can become treat friends n cnt wait till u run his lol

Thanks nic $ soosoo.! && ill date more... Im on my phone :/ lol

Let me introduce my self I'm Nicole but everyone calls me nic I'm cool sweet caring n if u ever need someone to tlk to or advice I'm yo girl I dnt start shxt I dnt lik shxt starters or fake ppl n I dnt Tak no bs but I hope u enjoy ur time on here. N o this story seems good so far I wonder what will happen next run it

well first off, i'm soso
welcome to the site.

i really like it
it's cool. i wonder what
will happen once they get to college
if they'll stick together or
if their relationships will fall apart.
it's good.

i think u should
Run It