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Yo Side Of The Bed: Chapter 10 (01/16))

*~Yo Side Of The Bed~*

~our bed our sheets our pillows get lonely on yo side of the bed yo side yo side yo side yo side gets lonely on yo side of the bed yo side yo side yo side yo side its not the same without you here~


another lonely night for christin.she had this romantic evening planned for herself and her boyfriend cameron(wiz khalifa)but once again he put tbe streets before her and stayed out all night with not even a phone make matters worst it was their 1-year anniversary. sometimes christin wondered why she stayed with him for this long but then she always thought back to all the wonderful times they have shared and she figured the good out weighed the bad so she stayed.but how long would she be able to put up with it.?
laying across her bed pondering her thoughts christin's phone started ringing,thinking ot was cameron she jumped up like a ninja to get to it but it was her sister lania(toya carter).
"hello" she answered kinda disappointed.
"well dont get too excited that i called" lania responded
"im sorry i thought you was cameron calling."
"oh boy.! where is that f***ass anyway" she asked smacking her lips
"hell if i know.!all i know is he better get his ass home soon or else he gonna get his feelings hurt"
"sis you aint gonna do shyt but cuss him out then he gonna get yo spot and yall gonna have some make up know the process so stop frontin." lania said laughing her ass off
"not this time lay-lay im gettin so tired of his bullshyt and something has gotta changr or else im puttin him out.!"
"yea that sounds bad i dont believe you. " she started laughing even harder
"fuxk you.!" we both laughed.right then she heard cameron come in the house.
"lay-lay he just walked in imma call you back."
they hung up and christin walked straight in the front room ready for war
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WTF Trey an illegal alien. No way and Cameron was the one to expose em. Please let Chrissy let him explain

as christin wlked down the aisle she was still searching for trey. half way down lania motioned for her to stop and she just knew that meant trey wasnt coming. just then she heard his voice
<cite> all my life, i prayed for someone like you, and i thank God that i, that i finally found you, all my life, i prayed for someone like you, and i hope that you feel the same way too oooooooo, yes i pray that you do love me too ooooooo</cite>
trey came put from be hind the alter and walked towards christin singing to her. then they walked the rest of the way to the alter together. they exchanged their vows and then came the time for any objections an d just then the doors opened and cameron walked through the door.
"i object.!" he yelled and everyone gasped. "aw shut up like yall so surprised im here. chris baby you cant go through with this."
"cameron please dont do this."
"no baby listen to me. remember when i saw youu and we talked about rebecca what did i say to you.?"
" you said in due time."
"yes baby i was having a background check down on trey and he is not the man he claims to be."
"what are you talking about."
"baby his name isnt even trey."
"i know it tremaine."
"no its not. it alonzo del goto. he is an latin alien without a green card. he's only marrying you so he wont be deported next week." cameron exposed waving papers."
"your lying trey wouldnt do me like that." i said then turned and noticed trey sweating like he stole something. "trey.? he is lying isnt he.?"
"look baby i was going to tell you." trye began saying.
"you son of a bytch.!" i said slapping the fuxk out of him. i began to walk off but he grabbed my arm. " you better let go of me and do it fast." i said giving him he deadliest stare in had in me. i ran out the church beyond hurt and embarassed. how could he do me like this.? afetr everything i went through to be with him and it all was a lie. i just couldnt believe it.!

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i really like it
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p.s where is trey?!

Awwww s*** we're the hell is trey run it

Aww they're finally getting married. these heffas taking shots in church and cussing wth lol. A happy day indeed, but wheres Trey at? He better pop up on that alter. RUN IT!!!

*chapter 10*
~Wedding Day~
christin was beyond nervous and over joyed at the same time while looking at heself in the mirror. it was her wedding day and she was about to marry the love of her life. she couldnt believe God blessed her with such an amazing man but she was glad He did. just as she was putting the finishing touches on her make-up lania and diamond walked it.
"aw sissy you look beautiful." lania said smiling and fanning away tears.
"yea momma you are rocking that dress."
"thanks ladies. did everyone come who we invited.?" christin asked curiously.
"girl this church is too packed." gigi said walking in.
"theres your answer." diamond said laughing.
"alright how much time do we have left.?" christin asked.
"enough to take on more shot and a glass of champagne before we give you to terrence." lania said pulling the shot glasses and filling them with patron.
"lets make a toast. to the love of our sister."
"the love of our sisters." they all said together then drank there shot.
"DAMN.!" diamond yelled.
"dia we are in a church. you cant say that." gigi said popping diamond's arm.
"my bad dang.!"
"whose for me to be taking off the market."
"uh honestly i been waiting this my entire lif." lania said.
"what do you mean.?"
"dude i was tired of you being miserable all the time. im glad you found trey."
"me too. i dont know where i'd be righ now without him."
"ladies you have more minutes beg=fore we have to start." an usher member came in and said.
"welp looks like no champagne will be drank today.
as the bridesmaids walked in i noticed trey was no where to be found. does he plan on leaving me at the alter.? im so worried.

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Aww the wedding partys outfits are nice. Im so glad that Karens crazy ass did pop up. Now the truths out, Chrissy beat her ass and now she going to jail for a long long time. Hopefully Trey and Chrissy get there happily ever after.

christin stood there in her <a href="">dress</a> for what seemed like an eternity as they all jst looked at he.
"well is anybody goa say anything.?" she askd beaking e silence.
"im sorry sis o just look so beautiful." laia said walking owards her sister with tears forming in her eyes.
"thanks nia. well what about the rest of you.?" she asked with her hands on her hips.
"its gorgeous christin." diamondz said and gigi nodded in agreement.
"thanks guys im glad i finally found my baby." chris said turning around and staring at herself in the mirror.
"damn i coulda sworn i got rid of you months ago." a voice said as the all whirled around towards the female at the door.
"excuse me.?" chris said walking towards her.
"you heard me very clearly." the woman responded.
"who the fuxk are you.?" laia asked stepping in front of her sister.
"aw dont tell me yall forgot abou me already." the lady snickered saying.
"bytch i never knew you." chris said walking back ino he changing room.
"oh ya but cameron but cameron is fully aware of who i am. he even gave me a key to YO house." the girl laughed holding up a set of keys. chris, ot even fully dressed yet, came out he dressing room.
"look baby girllets get something straight cameron is no longer a thought in my mind in fact he hasnt been for a while so i suggest that if you dont want yo ass beat up in here you get out now."
"tough talk but baby girl i got you once i can get you again."
"WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT.!" chris yelled obviously irritated our her word games.
"one word...BANG.! hi my name is karen." she said giggling.
"aw shyt chris this the bytch who tried to murk ou in front of your house." diamondz said catching on as soon as she metioned her name.
"oh really.?" chris said turning her attention back on karen.
"in the flesh. i saw you in here and had to just pop in and say hi. so hows trey.?"
"bytch you got the nerve to be tryna talk to my sis like yall cool. you better get the fuxk on before you lose yo life up in the bridal shop." lania said walking up on her but gigi grabed her arm.
"aw lil momma chill out. im goin. oh by the way chris. heard you lost a child that day. think of it as a blessing cuz ow you wont have to wonder who the daddy was." after hearing her say that christin pounced on karen and began pounding her in the face over and over again. you can tell by the way her eyes looked that she had completely blacked at this point. it took seven people to break her off of karen and even after sh just had to kick karen one good time in the face before being excorted to the police car.
chris was later released and after the bridal shop turned over the surveillance camera footage they were able to arrest karen for one count of attempted murder on christin's life, agravated murder, felonious assault on chistin's baby. further investigatin tey found coke and weed i her syste and her car so she was beig charged for that too.
watching her get drove away in the back of the police car christin noticed her mouthed the word 'this aint over bytch' but in christin's mind the whole situation was just so that that chapter of her life could be completely closed and her and trey can have a fresh start together as husband and wife.
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*Chapter 9*
it had been four months since trey proposed and christin was still feeling like it just happened hours ago. she loved trey with all of her heart and soul and she was glad she was given the chance to spend the rest of her life with him.
the night that he popped the question christin invited all her girls over to the house to break the news to them.
"iight this better be good because i was just about to go another round with chris," lania said walking in and flopping down on the couch.
"shut up you pervert. i promise it will be worth the wait." christin said waving her off while popping the top of a champagne bottle and pouring us all glasses.
"chris now you know i can never get enough of my daddy dicc so dont even front." lania said giggling.
"anyways," diamondz chimed in saying, "what did you call us over her for christin.?"
"well first grab your glasses ladies." christin said walking over and placing the tray of glasses on the table then sitting down and taking a sip.
"ok are you ready for this.?" christin asked tryna act silly and prologe the news.
"come on christin just spit it out," gigi said whinning."
"ok ok ok fareal. IM GETTING MARRIED.!" she yelled holding up her hand so they could see the ring.
"OH MY GOODNESS" they all said in unison.
"im so happy for you chris, wait whose this ring from.?" diamondz asked with her hand on her hip.
"its from trey silly.! why would you even asked that.?" christin replied shocked by her comment.
"im just saying. yu were so pressed about cameron poppin that question i would assume you 'd say yea no matter what he has put you through in the past." she said taking a slip of her drink.
"damn dia that fuxked up." lania said shocked.
"im just telling it like it is. christin we den had plenty of talks when i thought for sure you were going to go back to cameron no matter what because you love him so much."
"LOVED HIM diamondz, past tense, and those talks were before he tried to have me killed and actually succeeding in killing my baby. yes i will always have love for cameron because he was my first in everyway possibly but he has hurt me in the worst way and there aint no turning back. when im with trey i feel like im floating through the air. nothing can break what we have and he cares for me with his all. he loved me fully before i even took my heart back from cameron. trey is my everything now." christin's eyes were tearing up as she poured her heart out to her girls and that night each of them realized trey and christin were meant to be.

here it was four months before the wedding they were doing the final fittings for their wedding dresses. the wedding colors were black and white but for the twist the groomsmen were wearing white and the bridesmaids were wearing black. christin picked a simple <a href="[2].jpg">all white tuxedo</a> for them and as for the girls they had to make a scene in their <a href="">little black dresses</a> then there was <a href=""> lania's dress</a> whom was maid of honor and trey's best friend aka studio buddy <a href="">Aubrey</a> was his best man and christ found a nice <a href="">suit</a> for him. now the only thing was christin and trey still hadnt found anything for them to wear. its sad because they are both picky when it comes to how they want to be seen period and it being their wedding day it did make it no better.
"comeon now chri we dun been in this store for seven hours." gigi said obviously ready to go home.
"oh well i need the perfect dress. its my freaking wedding.!" christin yelled back at her.
"chris this is crazy." diamondz yelled out.
"shut up.!i think this might be the one anyway" chris yelled while zipping up the dress she had on. she walked out the changing room and their mouths dropped.
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*with trey8
trey was too excited about today. he had to play it off to christin but he knew today was the day he was gonna ask her to become his bride. pulling up to the studio he noticed the fedex truck pulling up to so he rushed in so that he guy wouldn't leave. once the guy walkedd up trey signed for the package and hopped back in his car. he opened the box and there it was. the beautiful 2cart pink diamond engagement ring that cost him $7,200 plus shipping. he didn't even care about the price because there were no limits he wouldn't go to so that he could please christin. he drove off and headed back to his mom's house to find her and christin, and his little sister in the kitchen talking and laughing.
"hey babe your back quick." christin said looking at trey.
"yea i just had to add a hook right quick and that was it."
"oh ok. well your mom has been letting me see all your little baby pictures and babe you were so adorable." chris said holding up his <a href="">middle school picture</a> and giggling.
"wow mom fareal.?"
"hush up boy its cute." his mom said waving him off.
"chris can you come here for a second.?" he asked.
"whats up.?"
"chris you know how much i love you right.?"
"yea and i feel the exact same way about you trey."
"well here i am standing in front of you and the other two women in my life and i asking you chris," he paused, got down on one knee and pulled out <a href="">the ring</a> and looked back up into christin's eyes. "will you be my wife.?"
christin's heart sank she was speechless. in all the time she was with cameron thats all she ever wanted from him but here trey is asking and she knew she couldn't say no. she loved this man with all of her heart and soul and couldn't imagine herself with anyone else.
"ofcourse i will marry you." trey slipped the ring on her finger, hopped up, and scooped his woman up in his arms kissing her over and over. this was the happiest day of his life and he was glad he met christin and couldn't wait for her to come his bride.

but what they didn't know was that someone else knew about this little celebration and vowed to make sure this little wedding never happens....
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christin and cameron stod there staring at each other not knowing what to say. the intensity waqs thick and you could tell either wanted to be the one to speak first.
"what up cam.?" trey said breaking the silence.
"shyt just bout to grab something to smash on he hit my cut. whats good with you.?"
"shyt you know just out doing me."
"i feel it dude. hello chris." cam said looking down at christin.
"hey cam." she said in a low tone.
"i seen rebeeca and she told me to tell you whats up. you know her mom just passed a few months back.?
"oh really thats crazy. i thought she was really gonna beat that cancer. babe rebecca was my best friend in college. her mom had been battling breast cancer for the past six years."
"damn baby thats so sad."
"did you get her number.?" christin said turning back towards cameron.
"yea uh yet me write it down for you." cameron and christin walked in the resturant and cameron wrote the number down on a piece of paper.
"do you still have the same number because thats the number i gave her.?"
"yea its still the same. i'm glad i saw you today and imma call her as soon as i get home. thanks cam."
"anytime chris." christin began to walk away. "aye chris.!"
"yes cameron.?"
"in due time." not knowing what he meant by that christin just smilled and walked away towards her man and they headed to trey's mom's house.
the whole rude christin replayed cameron's last words in her mind *IN DUE TIME* she had to know what exactly he meant by that.
"chris why you so quiet.?" trey said breaking her train of thought.
"huh.? oh i'm just thinking about rebecca. her and her mom were so close i wonder how she's dealing with her loss. i just wish i woulda known about her passing sooner so i could have been there for her."
"babe i know its rough but all you can do is get with her now and be there for her in the future."
"i know." with that chris pulled out the number cameron wrote down and called.
"hello.?" the person answered.
"hi this is christin. may i speak with rebecca.?"
"uhh she no longer lives here."
"what do you mean.?"
"she's incarcrated."
"since when.?"
"uhh its been about three weeks now."
"oh wow what happen.?"
"she shot her stepfather."
"your kidding."
"i wish i was. lisa is taking it hard tho."
"whose lisa.?"
"her daughter."
"i didnt know rebecca had any kids."
"yea thats a long story. who are you to rebecca.?"
"we were close friends all through college but lost touch a while back. i was just informed about her mother's passing and i wanted to see how she was doing."
"oh well im her sister next time she calls i'll let her know you called. what was your name again.?"
"its christin."
"ok i'll let her know."
"thanks. bye."
christin hung up the phone completely shocked. this was not the rebecca she remembered. she would have never been capable of doing something like this. not even thinking twice christin calls cameron on the phone.
"hey cam when did you say it was that you talked to rebecca.?"
"uhh like a month or so ago why.?"
"she's been in jail for the past three weeks.!"
"your kidding me.! for what.?"
"she shot her stepfather."
"no way.!"
"thats what i said but her sister told me its true."
"damn poor becca."
"i know but her sister said next time she calls she'll tell her i called for her."
"thats whats up."
"iight cam thats all i wanted. bye."
"iight baby girl."
christin hung up the phone and looked over at trey who for some reason had a very disturbing look on his face.
"whats wrong bae.?"
"im good."
"ok. so what mom got planned for us.?"
"its just gonna be you and her. i gotta go to the studio real quick."
"oh ok then."
trey drove up into the driveway letting chris out the car and leaving without even saying a word to her. it was obvious he was upset but the reason behind it was unknown.

there's bout to be a hell of
a twist coming up.!!!!
RUN IT.!!!

So glad they made up. And I wonder how Camerons gonna react after bumping into Chris.

*With Cameron*
leaving christin that note was the hardest thing he ever did. he loved that girl with all his heart and he couldnt believe the love she had for him was really gone. in a way he always knew this day was gonna come along but he just wasnt expecting it to be this soon.
cameron was leaving the point, he had just reuped with his dude and was ready to hit the block HARD.! there was no need to leave the block now, he aint have no woman to go home to so he was about to go all out and hopegully sell most of his shyt today. after about four hours at his usual spot he noticed this same gray car keep circling around the block every so often and right away he knew it was an undercover which meant it was time for him to bounce up outta there. he headed towards the alley and proceded to hide his stuff behind a brink in the wall that he broke out when he was a kid and walked on to his car. before getting in he noticed the gray car again and just to me an a**hole he blew the person a kiss and got in the car and drove off. what he didn't know was that it was karen's cousin derrick and a couple of his boys. after that ass whopping cameron layed on her that night derrick vowed that he was gonna give cameron a little wake up call. even though karen somewhat deserved what cameron did to her nobody puts their hands on his family and derrick was gonna show cameron what the consequences are for fuxking with his people.

christin wasted no time getting to trey's house and as soon as he opened the door she hopped in his arms and passionately kissed him, pushing him back in the house and closing the door.
"damn baby what was that for.?" trey asked setting her down on her feet.
"just because your my man."
"well in that case let me get a little more."
following orders christin started back kissing him. trey then picked her up and carried her to the couch and got on topp and started slowly kissing down her chest until he reached his destination in between her legs.
"so you wore a skirt and no panties just for me huh.?" he said sitting up laughing.
"actually i took them off in the car." christin replied.
"you so nasty babe."
"but you love it."
"you damn right i do."
trey went back to what he was doing and began to devour her pussy. with every lick an chill ran up christin's spin and she was lovong every moment. he knew just how to get her and in no time she came all in his mouth and he lapped up every bit. then with no hesitation christin flipped trey under her and pulled his manhood out his basketball shorts and took every inch into her mouth. deep throating him she began to humm a little causing trey to go wild.! she had him right where she wanted him and he knew it. once he came she swallowed every bit then they went to the bathroom and brushed their teeth then decided to go out to a nice lunch and a day on the town enjoying each other's company. chris knew this was how it was suppose to be and never wanted the day to end. just as they were walking out of chipotle chris bumped right into cameron causing him to drop his phone.
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running soon :)

Aww Cameron let her go finally. Shocked tho. I'm glad Cristin realized Trey is the one yay. Get your man girl.

*Chapter 8*
~six weeks later~
christin's hasn't been home since she got out the hospital b/c she's been too afraid of what might be there. she hadn't heard from cameron since that horrible day at the hospital and although she shoulda been glad she actually was worried about him and in a way she kinda misses him. she loves trey with all her heart but in a way she's still slightly holding on to cameron. its not her fault, he was just her first everything and she couldn't forget that, no matter how hard she tried.

after being at her sister's house app this time christin knew it was time to go so she packef up what was hers and left while lania was still asleep. she drove straight to her house and cautiously walked to her door once there she speedily took out her keys, unlocked the door, and rushed in. to her surprise her house was completely spotless.
walking through she noticed alot (if not all) of her pictures with her and cameron were gone making her wonder if cameron had been back here and done this.
she walked on through to her room and saw a brand new bedroom set in there and her flat screen tv was replaced by a wall mounted 42" tv.
on the bed was a note that read::
i am sorry for all the pain and heartache i ever
put you through i was caught up in this lifestyle
thinking that it was okay b/c you were always
there but now i see that with me is a place you'll
never be again and in a way i respect that. i can't
even front no more, trey is a good dude and i
know he's gonna take care of you in a way that I
never could. i will always love you doe babygirl
and trust me when i say i will never step in the
way of your happiness again.
with real love and respect::
after reading that chris climbed in her bed and cried. she didn't know why but she just couldn't stop. she knew cameron really loved her and that note just touched her heart because he was actually letting her go. she knew exactly where she had to go when she left her house. to the man she loved, trey.!
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