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They we're different. All of them, they didnt have the same characteristics as you and me. Nope. They took the zodiac to a different level. Thats why they we're all put away. Where you say?. The school of astrology.

"honey sit down. We have to talk to you" her mother said as she sat down.

"your mother & I talked and thought about this thing for a long time" her father said. " the suspensioms from school has to end. And your outbrakes just wont . Your dangerous"

What? What u mean by dangerous?" She yelled

"dont be mad baby. Your father. Means well but your changes arent heathy for others." Her mom stated

"stop talking to me like im 5. Spit it out" her goat antlers started to grow out her head. & her fish tail started to form.

"that.! That shiit isnt normal. We're moving u to Miami. The school of Astrology" her dad said

"so ur shipping me away because of my capricorn behaviors"

"yes" they said in unasion. She look at them & smirked. Standing up and walking upstairs.


Love the add! Don't you wanna add again? LOL

run it i love this story very creative

Run IT!

run it

Aye, I thought I had a boy over and that was the boy she met.
I was wrong.
So-I'm gonna ALWAYS be a virgin?
Run it.
And I always wanted some white in my hair...strange.

Lmao her expression from seeing Aj is priceless I love how much details you put about zodiac signs into this story it makes it even more interesting.

Run it!

lmao thats funny.!
Run it.!

I woke up from my nap confused as to where I was. I looked to my right & seen a girl (K.D aurbert) sitting on her bed indian style reading a book & listening to music with her headphones in. I sat up and walked to use the bathroom. I flused the toilet and went to wash my hands. Then a light skin boy walked in grabbing a brush. Brushing his hair behind me. I looked at him bugged eyed through the mirror (O_O). He smirked seeing me stare at him. He leaned closer to me and I breathe in.his scent. He turned off the water from the sink.

"i think your hands are clean now ma"

He walked out on his side on the door. As I walked out on mine. I walked up to my roomates side of the room.

"we share bathroom with boys?" I asked she laughed

"yes. Which one u meet"

"ummm high yellow tall fade. Gorgeous smile" I smiled. She laughed again.

"that was aj. Im Unique Love"

"Kiani Gambino"

"are you spanish" she asked

"purto rickian(sp) & black"

"cool. I was about to ask if your dad was apart of the mafia"

"my papa is. My dads a square" I laughed.

"what sign are you?"

"capricorn. Your virgo right" I asked looking up at her wall.

"yup" she smiled proudly

"some guys help me get to my room. Lorenzo & Drayson & they changed back & forth from their sign. Can u do that too"

She smirked. "yes" her outfit changed into a white long gown. Her hair changed white also. " my change is pretty simple. Im just a virgin." She changed back. Everyone can change you can too"

"idk how to control it on and off. Idek when it happens."

"you'll learn in class. Especially when it's your house. Its still the house of Libra so u have 2 MORE HOUSES TO GO.

"oh ok" I started walking to my bed getting ready to unpack.

"hey kiani"


"you wanna come to dinner with me and my friends? I mean you already met Lorenzo & Dra. And Aj in the bathroom lol. You should come with me"

"okay. Let me take a shower & change. Oh and can you tell Aj not to bust in".


I hopped in the shower. Excited & scared shiitless of the other new people imma meet. Smh its gonna take a while for me to get use to this.

sexy drayson.!!!
Run it.!

Unique...that's me!!
Run it.

lmao. Lorenzo and Drayson sexy af ! And i wouldve been scared too seeing them sexy mofos transform . I love them already and lets see how this work for her rooming with a Virgo... I like this plot too... Not what i imagined. Which is good. RUN IT.

Omgosh!! I love this idea!!
It`s soooo different and intruiging and amazing!!
I like watching these kinda movies lol..
aww this reminds me of Fruit Baskets kind!! slash X-Men of course!!

How dope thoughhh they change back and fourth!


This is so interesting and different I love it!
The whole plot to this story has me wanting to know more.

Run it!

Happy thanksgiving everyone.

I stood outside the school. My hair blowing in the wind. My mind running in deep thought. As a tear ran down my cheek.

They really didnt want me?

I said to myself walking up the long stairs. I was their daughter. They we're to love me unconditionally. And they gave me away Different. I shook my head as I shook the thought of my mind and open the door.
There we're students everywhere. The lobby was feild with chatter. I looked over my right shoulder and seen office sign and a lady sitting behind the desk. I walked up to her.

"welcome to the school of astrology, house of Libra the Scales. Name?" She said greeting me

"kiani Gambino"(cassie)


"capricorn". She handed me a paper asking me to sign & date.

"your element is earth, room 306"

"okay. Thank you" I said walking away my nose deep in student conduct as I bumped into someone. They flared into a half scorpion half man

"omg im sorry, im sorry , im sorry, im soooo sorry" I said scared for my life. He just looked at me & laughed.

"you must be new" he smiled changing back. "i'm Lorenzo Collins"

"ummm. Kiani Gambino. Nice to meet you. hey can you help me"

"sure . Whats sup"

"im. I guess earth element "i said showing him my paper.

"capricorn huh?" He (tyga) smirked "c'mon.. I got you. This way" I followed him up the stairs passing students. I was getting ready to ask him a question as a guy ran up on him putting him in a head lock. He was half man half horse. Than lorenzo changed into a scorpion again fighting him.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH" I screamed causing them to stop and look at me.

"she's new" lorenzo said as they both changed back.

"i see" he chuckled " i' m drayson smith" (trey songs)

"kiani Gambino. Yo wtf is this place" I asked as I followed the both of them

"it's where were accepted. Not judged. Or picked on. Thousands of years ago. In the greek word. The Gods & Goddest reproduce by the animals. Which are most of the signs. They birth humans with special powers to transfer back & forth to the zodiac. Which are called breakthroughs. We started to get extinct. Until dr. Xavier created this school. We all come from different parts of the world." Drayson said as we walked down the hall.

"so basically we just reproduce" I asked very confused

"we live. Go to school. Graduate.. Go to college. Become teachers or workers at the school. Get married and have kids" lorenzo said

"do we marry & have kids by the same sign?"

"no thats an atomatic miscarriage. It has to be by someone your compatible with" drayson said "well heres your room"

"thanks guys. Hopefully i'll see you later?" I asked

"yea. For sure" they smiled walking away.

I walked in my new room & looked around. My suitcases where already their on m my side of the room. I looked at my roomates side of the room. It said U N I Q U E. big lettering on her wall. Than it was a pic of a lady under it. It said virgo.

Virgo the virgin.
I said to myself. This shiit is too weird. I shook my head climbing in my bed. I had to take a nap.!

I really like where you are going with this story and the way the characters really bring out their zodiac signs!

--I updated my info aswell.


Ooohh...this creeped me out.
Lol. Run it.

run it


run it sugarfoot.!

Any more runs before I update again..?

Run It!

Wow... I get along well with Capricorns... Run it.