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Beause of Her...

"<a href="">Xavier</a> what words do you have to say to Andrew before you two go off to college in a few months?"

Xavier adjusted himself in his seat and stared at the camera lens.

"I just wanna say, I hope he does well. I can't say I wish him the best, but whatever, I just hope his past doesn't catch up with him because I know I sure won't. For all I care, it's his life and he's living it the way he wants to, even if he made it by backstabbing and turning his back on people."

<Strong>In the next room</strong>

"<a href="">Andrew</a>, Do you have any words for Xavier before you two head off to college?"

He bit his lip and thought to himself before staring into the camera.

"I guess, i'd like to say I hope he does the best in life because I know he will. If anything I hope he does well and succeed and that whatever he does i'm supporting him. No matter what, we're still brothers and always will be, even if you don't consider me one."