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*Shes A Nympho New Story*

I dont know what made me want to make this story but i am, this whole sex s*** is new to me lol but the story has some kind of meaning. lol Just read it.

Chapter 1

Hello im <a href="">Abigail</a>im 21 years old and im addicted to sex im a nympho.

Thats the line have to say everyday in front of a group of people who get paid to judge me.

"hello abigail" everyone says at the same time.
"why are you a nympho abigail" the couch asked me.
"i dont know cause i like to f*** what chu think" i said snapping at her stupid question.

I forgot to mention my short temper and slick remarks some say its sexy some say its obnoxious but i really can care less.

"if your not willing to participate you can leave" the couch said to
"oh my gosh fine im sorry" repeat the question i said rolling my eyes
"why do you feel your addicted to sex?" she asked
"maybe because i was molested when i was younger" i answered truthfully
"dont doesn't that normally back people refrain from sexual contact?" she asked
"i was different, i didn't like it at first but it happened so often after awhile it didn't phase me, and i grew to like being touched" i said as everyone stared at me.

Aside from my Nympho "support group" i am a college student trying to be something in life.


"abby me, you, party tonight what chu say?" <a href="">Aaron</a> asked me as i opened my locker.
"sound tempting" i said smiling get closer to him
"enough for you to say yes" he said getting closer to me
"mmm yes" i said wanting take him right then and there forgetting where we were.

No he wasn't my boyfriend but he to fine to pas up, beside who needs a boyfriend. Call me a hoe call me a slut, but i get what i want.

i walked in to my first class of the day and sat in my seat by the window, regardless of what anyone thought of me i was a damn good student.

"class we have a new student with us say hello to <a href="">Kevin Walker</a>" he said as the the new kid waved.

*praise the lord he made a good one* i thought to myself.

"take a seat over" the teacher said trying to avoid the only open seat next to me "i guess next to me Abigail Santiago" he finally said as everyone looked at me.

"what the f*** yall looking at damn" i said getting annoyed
"hello" kevin said sitting down next to me
"hi" i said smiling at him

"dude you dont wanna do that" my friend <a href="">Mike</a> said
"do what?" kevin asked as i just laughed
"shes a nympho" mike said laughing as kevin looked at me
"really?" kevin asked me
"so they say" i said shrugging my shoulders
"trust me i know" mike said
"how you know" kevin asked him
"shes my best friend, and from experience" he said
"you mean yall" he asked
"yuup" we both said
"your still friends" he asked
"yuup" me and mike both said again
"wow" was all that came out kevins mouth.

"abby, you going to that party tonight?" mike asked me
"yeah, Aaron asked me to go with him" i said laughing
"not this kid again" mike laughed
"you gonna f*** in arent you" kevin asked me
"if he wants to i dont see why not" i said laughing with mike.
"you should be ashamed of yourself" kevin said shaking his head
"excuse me" i said looking at him
"your acting like a hoe" he said
"call me what chu want babyboy" i said
"alright, your a hoe, a slut and whore a-" i cut him
"you neew watch your mouth when your talking to me" i said standin up and looking at him.

"that enough" the teacher said but we didnt listen
"why you dont watch your mouth when you sucking d***" he said
"f*** you worried about me for, im not your girl nigga" i yelled as the teacher pulled as away from each other
"i would never in a million years date a dirty b**** like you" he said as we both got kicked out of class.